İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first settled   (ilk yerleşti)

Ada Township was first settled in the early 1880s.

The community was first settled in the early 1800s.

The area was first settled in 1659 as "Penacook".

settled down   (yerleşti)

They then pressurized the LM and settled down to sleep.

His descendants settled down in Transdanubia.

They then settled down for their first meal on the surface.

eventually settled   (sonunda yerleşti)

She eventually settled on one act with six scenes.

They eventually settled in King George, Virginia.

The family eventually settled in Beare Green, Surrey.

family settled   (aile yerleşti)

The family settled in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The family settled at North Adams, Massachusetts.

The family settled in Toronto in the late seventies.

finally settled   (sonunda yerleşti)

They finally settled in Jefferson County, New York.

Like Reginald she finally settled in Merionethshire.

They finally settled in the area of Ban Luang.

later settled   (daha sonra yerleşti)

His son Elahi Shah Muhammad later settled in Delhi.

Wolff's mother later settled in Washington, D.C.

The case was later settled for $30 thousand.

then settled

He then settled in Los Angeles in the early 1850s.

He again broke poorly, then settled in fourth place.

They then settled down for their first meal on the surface.

settled near   (yakınına yerleşti)

Savvaty settled near a chapel on the Vyg River.

As before, workers and traders settled near the station.

In 1938, the couple settled near Taos on the Talpa ridge.

settled here   (buraya yerleşti)

They have settled here and have grown cassava roots.

In 1270 German colonists settled here.

After the Napoleonic Wars, Count Aleksander Fredro settled here.

settled around   (etrafına yerleşti)

Sannai-Maruyama was first settled around 3900 BC.

During the Ottoman era, Turkmen people were settled around Ağva.

South Grafton was first settled around the same time as the main Grafton townsite.

originally settled   (başlangıçta yerleşmiş)

He originally settled in Windham, New Hampshire.

Ghasm's inhabitants were originally settled Bedouin.

Solomon was originally settled by the Fish River tribe.

area was settled

The area was settled by early pioneers by 1854.

The area was settled by the Zaporozhian Cossacks in the 1740s.

Minimay Post Office opened on 1 November 1877 as the area was settled.

case was settled   (dava karara bağlandı)

The Richard Spoor-run Gencor case was settled in 2003.

The Richard Meeran-run Cape Plc case was settled in 2003.

The case was settled on undisclosed terms.

settled along

According locals of Voi Town, Kivoi settled along Voi River in the mid 1800s.

Many settled along Lombard Street, which was named after the Italian town of Guardia Lombardi.

He later moved southwards and settled along the Chobe River which is called Ikuhane in Subiya.

not settled

The Carlyle group is the only hold out that has not settled yet.

It's not settled on old issues, especially as distant as those."

The matter was not settled until the following year by the pope in person.

settled permanently   (kalıcı olarak yerleşti)

After a year they settled permanently in Iserlohn.

Friedrich settled permanently in Dresden in 1798.

By 1492, Vespucci had settled permanently in Seville.

couple settled   (çift yerleşti)

The couple settled in Shediac, later moving to Rimouski.

In 1938, the couple settled near Taos on the Talpa ridge.

The couple settled in Boulder, Colorado.

already settled

The area of modern Afragola was already settled in ancient times by the Samnites.

For the first and second millennia BCE there were already settled farming communities.

Archaeological findings have showed that the area was already settled in the Copper Age.

settled the area

Bantu migrants settled the area beginning in the 14th century.

Several Native American bands settled the area in prehistoric times.

European-Canadians first settled the area around Russell around 1880.

lawsuit was settled

The lawsuit was settled in favor of the plaintiff.

On July 19, 2013 the class action lawsuit was settled.

The lawsuit was settled on 4 November 2008.

people settled   (insanlar yerleşti)

These people settled most of the Pacific Islands.

Most people settled by the Bang Pakong River and along canals.

Between 4000 and 3000 B.C., farming people settled in the area.

immigrants settled

German immigrants settled in the Bohemian periphery in the 13th century.

Between 1925 and 1933, some 600,000 Han Chinese immigrants settled in Vietnam.

Catholic Lebanese immigrants settled here, originally calling themselves Assyrian.

initially settled

It was initially settled by Turks and later by Muslim Albanians.

The area was initially settled in 1839, with the town laid out in 1849.

The Arabs initially settled in the garrison towns rather than on scattered estates.

settled upon   (yerleşti)

Maria Fortunata's father settled upon her a dowry of one million livres.

About half her money was settled upon her son Eric when he married in 1913.

After considering several themes including a lion and a dinosaur, a bird motif was finally settled upon.

ultimately settled

The meeting ultimately settled on 27,000t.

The lawsuit was ultimately settled in 1999, with its records sealed.

The underlying claims between the parties in that lawsuit were ultimately settled.

permanently settled   (kalıcı olarak yerleşti)

Nirenska permanently settled in D.C. in 1952.

There they permanently settled.

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman were not permanently settled until 1833.

families settled

Most of the families settled elsewhere never to return.

All but one of the passengers' families settled their cases.

A few miners' families settled around the mine, calling their settlement "Grass Creek".

settled areas

In more settled areas, they are commonly found roosting under roofs, or inside attic spaces.

In densely settled areas like Hierakonpolis and Naqada, there was also heavy demand for pottery.

They also visited Benque Viejo del Carmen and San Jose Succotz, the westernmost settled areas in Cayo.

settled in what

He settled in what would become Rock County, Wisconsin in 1843.

In 1953 several Baháʼís settled in what was then South Rhodesia as pioneers.

In 1839, he settled in what would become Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where he was an attorney.

suit was settled

The suit was settled out of court in December 2015.

The suit was settled in 2008 for $39.5 million.

The Kettleman suit was settled for $335 million in 2006.

first settled around   (ilk yerleşti)

Sannai-Maruyama was first settled around 3900 BC.

South Grafton was first settled around the same time as the main Grafton townsite.

Old Basing was first settled around 700 by an Anglo-Saxon tribe known as the "Basingas", who gave the village its name (the meaning being "Basa's people").

more settled   (daha yerleşik)

Those in what became central Chile were more settled and more likely to use irrigation.

In more settled areas, they are commonly found roosting under roofs, or inside attic spaces.

He wrote that compared to the previous "Bayreuth" cycle that featured pain and anger, Witt had become more settled now.

sparsely settled   (seyrek yerleşmiş)

Much of the area around Leavitt is sparsely settled.

Before the Ostsiedlung, Pomerania was rather sparsely settled.

In the 1880s and 1890s Dunning's rolling landscape remained sparsely settled.

settled during

Nabada was first settled during the Early Dynastic period circa 2600 BC.

The territory of present-day Cameroon was first settled during the Neolithic Era.

However, the urban nucleus on which the population later settled during the Middle Ages did not exist as such.

dispute was settled   (anlaşmazlık çözüldü)

The contract dispute was settled in September 2006.

The dispute was settled out of court.

The dispute was settled by a five-a-side football match that February.