Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

small settlement   (pequeño asentamiento)

Dolyhir Dolyhir is a small settlement in Powys, Wales.

Psathi, Ios Psathi is a small settlement in Ios, Greece.

Dousland Dousland is a small settlement in Devon, England.

new settlement   (nuevo asentamiento)

A new settlement was built in the upper village.

Their new settlement even extended beyond the river Koel.

A map of the new settlement shown in charts drawn by Capt.

first settlement   (primer asentamiento)

The first settlement at Acoma was made about 1905.

The first settlement at Jefferson was made in 1847.

The first settlement at Coin was made about 1869.

former settlement   (antiguo asentamiento)

It is named for the former settlement of Armboth.

There is a spring at the site of the former settlement known as Cold Spring ().

The former settlement of Dickson was directly across the river on its eastern shore.

human settlement   (asentamiento humano)

Traces of human settlement go back to the Stone age.

The village has signs of very early human settlement.

(It survived into the 15th century as a human settlement.)

permanent settlement   (asentamiento permanente)

The first permanent settlement began around 1668.

During the Nordic Bronze Age permanent settlement began.

The permanent settlement was not defined.

largest settlement

Its centre and the largest settlement is Tolmin.

It is also the largest settlement on the island.

The largest settlement on Folly Island is Folly Beach.

early settlement

The early settlement was on the edge of a moor.

It is the site of an early settlement.

The history of the parish is tied to the early settlement of Terceira.

main settlement   (asentamiento principal)

The main settlement on the river is Ismael Cortinas.

The main settlement is at Xinmin (, "Xīnmín Jūwěihuì").

The main settlement in the region is the town of Sepahua.

original settlement

This area was the hub around which the original settlement developed.

Old Saltburn is the original settlement, located in the Saltburn Gill.

The original settlement of Dickson was composed of 17 Danish individuals.

settlement was changed

The name of the settlement was changed from "Prapretno-Sv.

The name of the settlement was changed to Stamford on April 6, 1642.

The name of the settlement was changed from "Log" to "Na Logu" in 1951.

reached a settlement

They later reached a settlement.

The two reached a settlement.

Ohio Edison reached a settlement with the EPA to implement pollution controls.

white settlement

This time to annex it and occupy it for the purpose of white settlement.

In 1892, Congress opened up part of the reservation to white settlement.

He led several raids against Indians who were hostile to white settlement.

urban settlement

In 1963, the urban settlement of Abovyan was officially founded.

In November 2005 he was elected head of the urban settlement of Vereya.

The combined deforestation and urban settlement aggravated flood and drought conditions.

settlement between

Swarland is the highest settlement between London and Edinburgh.

The castle was used as a civilian settlement between the 1890s and the 1960s.

A consumer proposal is a negotiated settlement between a debtor and their creditors.

million settlement

It has been reported that a $6 million settlement was under consideration in the 1980s.

Arizona brought an ACFA case against Theranos, reaching a $4.65 million settlement in 2017.

In April 2014, Murdoch and Packer agreed to an 40 million settlement over the failure of One.Tel.

settlement called

A separate settlement called New Town was founded ca.

The town was founded in 1965 as a workers' settlement called "Jantarne" ().

In the 14th century a German settlement called Hanshof existed in the area.

rural settlement   (asentamiento rural)

Until the mid-19th century Misterbianco was a small rural settlement.

Many Slovenian surnames are linked to Medieval rural settlement patterns.

The entire settlement has been named a national historic rural settlement.

peace settlement

The British occupation ended as part of the peace settlement of the Seven Years' War.

The Korean War of 1950–1953 ended with an armistice agreement but not a peace settlement.

The peace settlement of the First Balkan War proved unsatisfactory for both Serbia and Bulgaria.

settlement near   (asentamiento cerca)

Aythra Aythra is a settlement near Leipzig, Germany.

Gore Bay, New Zealand Gore Bay is a coastal settlement near Cheviot, New Zealand.

Another longer residence of Bückler was the settlement near Dickenschied Scheidbach.

settlement was reached

In September 2017, a settlement was reached.

A settlement was reached in 2010.

A final settlement was reached with the Tullamore soccer club in 1970.

settlement began

The first permanent settlement began around 1668.

During the Nordic Bronze Age permanent settlement began.

Beginning in the 1980s, Latino settlement began in Avondale.

settlement agreement

The settlement agreement allowed Geppi to keep the art, with no money changing hands.

In 2016, YouTube and GEMA, who represents 70,000 composers and publishers, reached a settlement agreement.

The cable states, In February 2009, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda announced a settlement agreement.

work settlement   (acuerdo de trabajo)

On December 18, 1997, Sebezh-5 was renamed Sosnovy Bor and transformed into a work settlement.

Population: Balezino had work settlement status until it was demoted to a rural locality in March 2012.

To the north of the work settlement of Loknya it turns southeast, and further downstream turns northeast again.

dispersed settlement

Scargill is a dispersed settlement consisting of a number of farms scattered over a wide area.

Soča, Bovec Soča (, ) is a dispersed settlement in the Municipality of Bovec in northwestern Slovenia.

Povodje Povodje () is a small dispersed settlement south of Vodice in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.

ancient settlement

Ballyroan is an ancient settlement, though its origins are obscure.

It is an ancient settlement whose roots reach back to the early Stone Age.

The ancient settlement of Charklik was located in what is today Ruoqiang County.

settlement status

Urban-type settlement status was granted to it in 1958.

In 1938, Idritsa was granted urban-type settlement status.

Bashtanka was granted urban-type settlement status in 1963.

settlement is dedicated

The church in the settlement is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

The parish church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Anne.

The local church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Giles.

settlement was established

The first settlement was established in Tinputz.

A Roman settlement was established in the first century C.E.

The squadron sailed to Surabaya, where a settlement was established.

settlement was founded

The settlement was founded in 1496 and occupied until 1562.

The first permanent European settlement was founded in 1784.

The settlement was founded in 1923 under the name Stergres ().

settlement located

Hvanneyri Hvanneyri is a small settlement located in western Iceland.

Kampong Mulaut Kampong Mulaut () is a settlement located in the western part of Brunei-Muara District, Brunei.

Jangsak Jangsak is a settlement located on the western outskirts of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei.

injury settlement

He was waived with an injury settlement on August 27.

He was released with an injury settlement on August 28.

He was released with an injury settlement on September 9.

final settlement

The FTC approved a final settlement with TRENDnet in February 2014.

A final settlement was reached with the Tullamore soccer club in 1970.

This caused a few days’ delay between the trade date and final settlement.

fortified settlement

The whole complex denoted the nature of a fortified settlement.

Unable to take the heavily fortified settlement, Edward withdrew to Bordeaux.

A first fortified settlement at the site was founded in the late 7th century.

settlement area

Their settlement area was largely stable by the 8th century.

Sheding used to be the settlement area of the Paiwan people.

It was also the first settlement area of early Christians of Tiruvalla.

settlement house

This approach was developed originally by the settlement house movement.

J.A.P., or "Jay-ay-peez", focused on religious education and settlement house work.

These early efforts reflect the settlement house concept organized at the turn of the century.

settlement along

Bonawe is primarily a linear settlement along on the B845 road and the coast.

The first settlement along the creek by European colonists took place between 1770 and 1776.

Transport in Egypt is centered around Cairo and largely follows the pattern of settlement along the Nile.

negotiated settlement

The grievance was resolved in an undisclosed negotiated settlement.

A consumer proposal is a negotiated settlement between a debtor and their creditors.

The Derg decided in November 1974 to pursue war in Eritrea rather than seek a negotiated settlement.

settlement grew

The settlement grew from the small hamlet of Weavering Street.

People worked and the settlement grew.

More prisoners arrived from India and Burma as the settlement grew.

incorporated settlement

The village itself was first mentioned in 1424, though an incorporated settlement Malé Dvorany was first mentioned in the end of the 12th century.

settlement is located

The settlement is located in census division No.

The settlement is located in the central part of Brunei-Muara District.

The settlement is located in the Tuhinj Valley, on the road from Kamnik to Celje.

peaceful settlement

It ended by calling for co-operation at all levels to find a peaceful settlement in the country.

This warfare contradicts the popular and at times academic "myth" of peaceful settlement in Australia.

On July 3 Chiang Kai-shek arrived in Beijing and met the representative from the Fengtian clique to discuss a peaceful settlement.

first permanent settlement   (primer asentamiento permanente)

The first permanent settlement began around 1668.

The first permanent settlement at Blountsville was made before 1817.

The exact time period for the first permanent settlement in the area in not known.

penal settlement   (liquidación penal)

At the close of World War II, the British government announced its intention to abolish the penal settlement.

Two years later, the Japanese seized the islands, transforming the penal settlement into a prisoner of war camp, incarcerating the British warders.

From August 1889 Charles James Lyall served as home secretary in the Raj government, and was also tasked with an investigation of the penal settlement at Port Blair.

colonial settlement

Cookhouse was an early colonial settlement.

The treaties opened most of Kentucky and West Virginia to colonial settlement.

During the early days of the colonial settlement, people brought with them contagious diseases.

near the settlement   (cerca del asentamiento)

The Castle of San Giorgio Morgeto was built in the 9th or 10th century AD on the summit of a rocky peak near the settlement.

The major inflow, at the west, and outflow, at the northeast, is Haines Creek, which flows to the Chilcotin River near the settlement of Hanceville.

Tolokonnikova was serving the remainder of her two-year sentence in the "IK-14" women's penal colony near the settlement of Partsa (), Republic of Mordovia.

agricultural settlement

For centuries Wörishofen was an agricultural settlement.

Giv'at Ada was established as an agricultural settlement.

Once agricultural settlement and the railway came to the region, Macleod boomed.

settlement became

Their settlement became known as Camp Caldwell.

In this period, settlement became more stable.

This settlement became known as Capranica, capra meaning goat.

settlement patterns

Consequently, traditional settlement patterns, i.e.

Many Slovenian surnames are linked to Medieval rural settlement patterns.

Civilizations have distinctly different settlement patterns from other societies.

settlement known

The mill was built on a settlement known as Little Mill.

This was the beginning of the settlement known as Powder River Crossing.

There is also a spring south of the settlement known as Blessed Spring ().

settlement around   (asentamiento alrededor)

It was succeeded by a Philistine settlement around the 12th century BC.

The average of 4 Radiocarbon dating results suggested inhabitation of the settlement around 8000 BC.

The Domesday survey of 1086 shows a small settlement around the church although no trace of it remains.

large settlement

Borenore soon became a large settlement.

In the Viking era there was a large settlement here, with only some ruins left today.

Journey also recorded and released the song and Scandal was given a large settlement in the legal aftermath.

settlement was named

The settlement was named Meyerton, after Captain H.A.

The settlement was named for its first postmaster, A.W.

The settlement was named Santiago de Mapimí.

settlement within

This was intended to be followed by negotiation of a complete settlement within five years.

These have led some to suggest the existence of a Bronze Age settlement within the city's territory.

Prior to any settlement within Haystack, it's close proximity to good fishing grounds it served as a seasonal base for fisherman.

major settlement   (asentamiento importante)

The major settlement in the region is the town of Otok.

The Romans built a major settlement called Vindonissa, near the present location of Brugg.

At first, hopes the town would develop into a major settlement in north-western Queensland were high.

divorce settlement

Heard dropped the lawsuit in the aftermath of her and Depp's $7 million divorce settlement.

Because he gave bone marrow, the ex-husband now has a much more favorable divorce settlement.

The estate was included as part of the divorce settlement between Abramovich and his second wife.

financial settlement   (arreglo financiero)

The financial settlement of this matter was slow.

Schuur received a financial settlement from her birth hospital for her loss of vision.

Marie and George received a large financial settlement ($200,000) from Marie's father.

only settlement   (solo asentamiento)

Adaven is the only settlement in the mountains, now abandoned.

Dourarnenez is the only settlement of importance on the banks of the bay.

Its only settlement is the small town of Whittier, located near the head of the bay.

through the settlement

Currently, around 2,000 tourists pass through the settlement each year.

The main road from Kamnik into the Tuhinj Valley runs through the settlement.

Merchants from as far afield as Indonesia and Malaysia passed through the settlement.

old settlement

East of the cemetery some remains of an old settlement are saved.

The village was founded on an old settlement (probably a part of ancient Tyana.

It is an old settlement, with its earliest mention in documents dating to AD 973.

political settlement

Serious civil disturbances led to an agreement between the government and opposition factions to work toward a political settlement.

The weakness of both Germany and Russia after World War I empowered Finland and made a peaceful, domestic Finnish social and political settlement possible.

Serious civil disturbances and violent repression led to an agreement between the government and opposition factions to work toward a political settlement.

settlement named

Near the village in a lower altitude there is a settlement named Kaluvia of Astras.

The Oakland neighborhood originally formed out of a settlement named "Cleaverville".

Around 150 AD, a local settlement named "Luppia" was mentioned in the "Geography" by Ptolemy.

settlement dates

The first settlement dates back to Roman times.

The community settlement dates back to 1870s.

The oldest settlement dates back to the 1st millennium B.C.