villages and settlements

Sangam, Schools and Temples sprang up in different villages and settlements.

In fact, the town of Hrazdan was formed through the merger of a group of separate villages and settlements.

Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, after establishing the city of Manila on June 24, 1571, ordered the exploration and pacification of the surrounding villages and settlements.

human settlements

Early human settlements were typically based on low-lying hills or mounds.

Early human settlements are believed to have been established on Achill around 3000 BC.

In the Guidelines for action, various elements of a human settlements policy are defined.

other settlements   (その他の集落)

The British quickly began to build other settlements.

The only other settlements are Kynosoúra (pop.

Kalives is the base of the municipality of Armeni, covering 12 other settlements inland.

former settlements

It incorporates both the former settlements of Dolnja Topla Reber () and Gornja Topla Reber ().

Virtually between the two former settlements, though actually part of Easter Aberdour, lies Aberdour Castle.

Investigations at several former settlements have indicated that their most important foods were maize and fish.

small settlements

The town originally contained three small settlements.

Only small settlements lie along its track.

Besides, they made small settlements in Dhaka in about 1580.

settlements include

Neighbouring settlements include Rurki and Manak.

Neighbouring settlements include Chhajwali and Rurki.

Nearby settlements include Auchtermuchty and Falkland.

rural settlements   (農村集落)

They live mostly in rural settlements.

There are 22 rural settlements in Armenia with Yazidi majority.

Two major rural settlements grew in the area: Rescalda and Rescaldina.

settlements along

Boats connect settlements along the fjord and its sidearms.

Agricultural settlements along the river include Studtis and Sandvlakte.

Alicante Tram connects the city with outlying settlements along Costa Blanca.

permanent settlements   (永住)

There are no permanent settlements in the area.

In 4000 BC first permanent settlements are recorded in the area of "Fischbeker Heide".

It was one of the earliest permanent settlements in Wexford County and was the first county seat.

new settlements

These new settlements were regularly contested and destroyed by the Spanish authorities.

Kino constructed nineteen rancherías (villages), which supplied cattle to new settlements.

In 1914 Megali Mantineia became an independent community which included the new settlements.

following settlements

Mandria Mandria is the name of the following settlements :

The municipal unit of Desfina consists of the following settlements:

Ludworth Ludworth is a name for the following settlements in the United Kingdom:

smaller settlements

Other smaller settlements nearby are Balkeerie, Kirkinch and Kinloch.

In the United States "city" can be used for much smaller settlements.

In the countryside share taxis are in operation between smaller settlements.

settlements within

There are 11 settlements within Ana e Malit.

There are 10 settlements within Guri i Zi.

Other settlements within its borders were Arsuk and Neria.

urban settlements

The method is mostly used for cities and urban settlements.

It is one of the earliest urban settlements in Scandinavia.

In 1910 8,5% of the population of Croatia-Slavonia lived in urban settlements.

first settlements

In the Iron Age, about 2300 years ago, the first settlements arise.

The orders of Louis XIV made the first settlements true Norman colonies.

According to the chronicles, it was one of the first settlements of the island.

nearby settlements

Other nearby settlements are Eglwyswen, Hermon, Pentre Galar and Hebron.

After Stalin's death, Lithuanian exiles from the nearby settlements moved in.

Over 120 Polish railway workers from nearby settlements were killed in the rubble.

major settlements   (主要な集落)

Farmland exists around the major settlements on the island.

It is named by the two major settlements, Duino ("Devin") and Aurisina ("Nabrežina").

The nearest major settlements are Carmarthen to the South and Newcastle Emlyn to the North.

settlements such

Fortified settlements such as the Gelbe Bürg at Dittenheim controlled the new areas.

Other high-status settlements such as Tintagel seem to have been reconstructed during this period.

A real estate boom has followed the development of new settlements such as Gulshan, Banani and Motijheel.

settlements around   (周りの集落)

First settlements around the Roman roads of the area developed around the year 1000.

In the history (beginning by Hitites) there had been several settlements around Dinek.

The present location of the village formed the nucleus for smaller settlements around it.

main settlements   (主な集落)

The village contains two main settlements.

The main settlements along the fjord include Kalvåg and Berle on the western shore.

The main settlements in the parish are Redford, Greystone, Guynd and Milton of Carmyllie.

coastal settlements   (沿岸集落)

They kept them in the fortified coastal settlements where the trading took place.

A French fleet destroyed each of the queen's coastal settlements and captured her palace.

The A930 links the city with coastal settlements to the east, including, Monifieth and Carnoustie.

list of settlements

List of settlements in Phocis This is a list of settlements in Phocis, Greece

List of settlements in Phthiotis This is a list of settlements in Phthiotis, Greece:

List of settlements in the Arta regional unit This is a list of settlements in the Arta regional unit, Greece.

several settlements

Bung consists of several settlements and Hamlets.

Baku consists of several settlements and Hamlets.

Preserje Preserje is the name of several settlements in Slovenia:

oldest settlements

Yomjinda Road bisects one of Rayong's oldest settlements.

The city is among the oldest settlements in Central Asia.

Nevlje is among the oldest settlements in the Kamnik area.