İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

early settlers   (erken yerleşimciler)

The DeGuire family were early settlers in Silverton.

Other early settlers were largely slave-holding families.

It is also believed the early settlers originated from Mt.

first settlers   (ilk yerleşimciler)

The first settlers on the site lived in pit houses.

The first settlers of the city were from the Inca Empire.

His family would be the first settlers of Vernon, Wisconsin.

white settlers   (Beyaz yerleşimciler)

By 1800 white settlers were pouring westwards.

The Coushatta claim was disputed by white settlers in 1859.

He was one of the first white settlers in Clarke County, Georgia.

settlers arrived   (yerleşimciler geldi)

A second group of Irish settlers arrived in 1620.

In May 1606 the first wave of settlers arrived.

The first Italian settlers arrived in 1880.

new settlers

Railways arrived in 1880, bringing new settlers.

Moros, Lumads and Visayans now share with new settlers a homeland in Mindanao.

Plots of land were then sold to new settlers and businessmen coming to the area.

original settlers

An original settlers cottage is also onsite.

Later in the 1780s, they became the original settlers of Chicago.

A large proportion of these original settlers came from Old Saxony.

settlers came

At the same time French settlers came to the French Bay.

Spanish settlers came to Argentina in 1536.

The main body of settlers came in one large group in 1636.

earliest settlers

They are among the earliest settlers of Barbour.

They were among the earliest settlers of Lawrence County.

The earliest settlers came from the British Isles, Eastern Canada, and the US.

settlers began

Early settlers began by fabricating log structures and shacks using available materials.

In the 1890s more settlers began arriving on the news of pending road access from Port Alberni.

The prehistoric settlers began clearing the forest, and established the first farming communities.

other settlers   (diğer yerleşimciler)

Most other settlers were ranchers who established their own homesteads.

The other settlers gained the fort, from where they fired at the Red Sticks.

Rattler began to loot towns and other settlers in the vicinity of the circus.

settlers moved

Landing at what is now Vuda, the settlers moved inland to the Nakauvadra mountains.

The first settlers moved from villages east of the Red River to the west, looking for fertile farmland.

After the removal of the Hull River Aboriginal Settlement, European settlers moved to the area to farm.

group of settlers

In 1640, Bell led a group of settlers to Saint Lucia.

Will himself joined the group of settlers in late 1914.

Parson Harrison Sneed, a clergyman and mason, led a group of settlers from Oklahoma to an area by the Athabasca River.

pioneer settlers

Fiander Lake has the name of Richard and Betsy Fiander, pioneer settlers.

Her grandparents were among the pioneer settlers in that part of the country.

This forest industry provided year-long employment for the pioneer settlers of Metis.

more settlers

By 1900, more settlers had moved to the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The mills flourished, attracting more settlers, and the village of Orion was platted in 1838.

In the 1890s more settlers began arriving on the news of pending road access from Port Alberni.

many settlers

Conflicts with the Maspat tribe forced many settlers to move to what is now Elmhurst in 1643.

They killed many settlers on the frontier, especially in Pennsylvania and New York's Mohawk Valley.

It was an autonomy charter similar to that of Lübeck, which was also the primary origin of many settlers.