İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

seventh season   (yedinci sezon)

The seventh season premiered on July 16, 2017.

Red Parker served as head coach for the seventh season.

Eddie Teague served as head coach for the seventh season.

seventh place   (yedinci yer)

In the AL MVP voting, he was tied for seventh place.

He came in seventh place, and voted for Lisa to win.

The team finished in seventh place that season.

finished seventh   (yedinci bitti)

In May, she finished seventh on vault in Tianjin.

He also finished seventh in the Men's Road Race H5.

In 1928 she finished seventh in the high jump event.

seventh studio   (yedinci stüdyo)

In 1997, Brooks released his seventh studio album, "Sevens".

It is the group's seventh studio album.

The tour supports his seventh studio album, "Out of the Game".

seventh studio album   (yedinci stüdyo albümü)

In 1997, Brooks released his seventh studio album, "Sevens".

It is the group's seventh studio album.

The tour supports his seventh studio album, "Out of the Game".

seventh round   (yedinci tur)

In the seventh round, the team lost to Tunisia.

McElroy was selected in the seventh round (208th New York Jets).

Campbell was selected in the seventh round by the Green Bay Packers.

seventh century   (yedinci yüzyıl)

It became a city-kingdom by the seventh century BC.

Overall, it was his seventh century in 14 Tests.

The site is even older, as seventh century rock carvings attest.

seventh album

Fonk", which on his seventh album "Bumpin' Voyage".

In 2018, Volbeat announced plans for a seventh album.

Conya released her seventh album "Seven: VII" in 2015.

placed seventh

van der Walle made the quad scull which placed seventh.

In 1956 he placed seventh over 10000 m.

She placed seventh in the 400 m final.

seventh overall   (genel olarak yedinci)

He was ultimately chosen as the seventh overall pick.

Krpálek finished seventh overall.

It was Seles' first Tier I title of the year and her seventh overall.

finishing seventh

He lost by ippon, finishing seventh place.

He never threatened, finishing seventh.

After finishing seventh in 1958, the Dodgers rebounded in 1959.

seventh inning   (yedinci atış)

Neither team scored in the seventh inning.

The Cardinals scored again in the top of the seventh inning.

The Twins received a scare of their own in the seventh inning.

seventh and eighth

In seventh and eighth grade, P.E.

In May 2019, Chef's Table was renewed for a seventh and eighth season.

Future installments will appear on seventh and eighth generation consoles.

sixth and seventh

The film adapts the series' sixth and seventh volumes.

Tagalie and Lomomd finished sixth and seventh.

The sixth and seventh seasons each featured 13 episodes.

seventh episode

The seventh episode aired on Saturday, 11 April at 9:15 PM.

is the seventh episode in the first season of the FX series "Atlanta".

In the second season, she was allowed to direct "Veritas", the seventh episode.

seventh and final

Thomas MacDonagh would later become the seventh and final member.

For the seventh and final season, the producers moved Hunter and Capt.

She was promoted to series regular in seventh and final season of show.

seventh edition

The album is the seventh edition of the (U.S.) "Now!"

By 1749, the seventh edition was printed.

The 1997 seventh edition was edited by Robert H. Perry and Donald W. Green.

seventh grade

She dropped out of school in the seventh grade.

This was shortly prior to her seventh grade at school.

Students study Latin starting in second grade and Greek in seventh grade.

seventh consecutive   (yedinci ardışık)

Marked seventh consecutive Pro Bowl selection.

The team made the playoffs for the seventh consecutive year.

It is sponsored by Doodson Sport for a seventh consecutive season.

finished in seventh

On the balance beam, Douglas finished in seventh.

The team finished in seventh place that season.

He finished in seventh place at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

seventh game

This was followed by another in the seventh game and Murray sealed the set.

This was the third time the Tigers had lost a World Series in a deciding seventh game.

His best game came in the seventh game against the Philadelphia Eagles with 14 tackles.

seventh year

The students were invited back for a seventh year in 1997.

Ezra came to Jerusalem "in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the King".

This was the seventh year of football at A&M and the first under Ed Parry.

seventh time

However the college was, for the seventh time, refused funding.

It was only the seventh time in NCAA Tournament history that a No.

It was the seventh time that this system of picking a song had been used.

ranked seventh   (yedinci sırada)

Krannert ranked seventh in 2011 and 13th in 2010.

The debut album ranked seventh on Finnish charts albums.

The single sold more than copies, and ranked seventh on the Top 50.

seventh series

The seventh series was announced in 2018 and premiered in 2019.

The hospital features in the seventh series of ITV's "Prime Suspect".

By the end of the seventh series, he had been promoted to a producer.

seventh day   (yedinci Gün)

It collected on the fifth day, on the sixth, and seventh day.

Robertson and Scadding survived and Magill died on the seventh day.

It is recalled memorably with the phrase "... and on the seventh day they rested."

became the seventh

With the win, Assault became the seventh Triple Crown champion.

It thus became the seventh low-cost carrier based in South Korea.

Špotáková became the seventh woman in the world to reach the 67 m mark.

seventh largest

It is the seventh largest dam in the world.

Hungary is world's fifth hops and seventh largest triticale producer.

By 1925, the company was the seventh largest gas undertaking in the British Empire.

seventh seed

He made the final by beating Ivan Ljubičić, the seventh seed, 7–5, 6–2.

The seventh seed, Maria Kirilenko, had to withdraw because of a viral illness.

College of Charleston earned the seventh seed by winning the season series over Davidson.

seventh best

listed Andreoli as the seventh best bassist in the world.

His goal-kicking tally was seventh best in the competition.

Elle magazine voted the song the seventh best song of the summer in 2018.

seventh chord   (yedinci akor)

For convenience or by necessity it is often approximated by a minor seventh interval or a dominant seventh chord.

12, the technique required in the opening bars is playing long, loud descending runs, which forms a dominant seventh chord introductory build-up to the main theme.

The opening repeated words "Lasciatemi morire" (Let me die) are accompanied by a dominant seventh chord which Ringer describes as "an unforgettable chromatic stab of pain".

seventh generation

The youngest pandas now belong to the seventh generation.

The series has continued into the seventh generation with "Gradius ReBirth".

The seventh generation ES is the first to be sold in Europe, replacing the GS.

seventh son

I am a descendant of Khazar, the seventh son.

He was a seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son.

seventh position

and seventh position (59.40m.)

fifth and seventh position.

At Junior Eurovision, Belgium performed in seventh position, before Bulgaria and after Georgia.

seventh child

Every seventh child born in Russia died from smallpox.

She died later that year, after giving birth to her seventh child.

On October 28, 2013, Philip and Tiffany welcomed their seventh child.

seventh most   (en çok yedinci)

he is the seventh most cited ecologist in the world.

making it the seventh most popular domestic film that year.

Brazil is the seventh most important country in the auto industry.

seventh single

November 13, 2002 saw the release of their seventh single, "New Paradise".

He also released his seventh single, "Save Me" featuring Park Jimin (15&).

Jump Down "Jump Down" is a song by Irish girl group B*Witched, released as their seventh single.

tie for seventh

They finished the season 16–17, 7–9 in C-USA play to finish in a tie for seventh place.

They finished the season 16–20, 6–12 in the Pac-12 to finish in a tie for seventh place.

They finished the season 12–19, 4–14 in Big East play to finish in a tie for seventh place.

seventh track   (yedinci parça)

It is the seventh track on their tenth studio album, "¡Dos!"

It is the seventh track on his 2006 studio album "Living with War".

It is the seventh track and second single from their third studio album, "Dookie" (1994).

finish seventh

Tscherniawsky threw 27.52 to finish seventh.

Last year they finished the season 12–19, 6–12 in Horizon League play to finish seventh overall.

She went on to finish seventh in the race, earning her sixth top-ten finish in six West Series races.

during the seventh

In 2001, her character came out as gay during the seventh season.

"The Power of Us" fell off the top 10 during the seventh weekend, but was still screening.

The last emperor to take the name was eastern emperor Constantine IV, during the seventh century.

seventh book

It is also the seventh book in the Gray Man series.

It is the seventh book in the Honor Harrington series by.

It is the seventh book in the 17-volume Rocksburg series.

seventh week

In its seventh week, "Red" climbed back to No.

It became the most played song in Australia in its seventh week, where it remained for two weeks.

The test is administered during the first and seventh week of the training program at the Academy.

finish in seventh

Vic Parsons scored his best NASCAR finish in seventh place.

They finished the season 6–5, 4–4 in CAA play to finish in seventh place.

They finished the season 13–18, 9–9 in CAA play to finish in seventh place.

dominant seventh

One prelude in Act 2 uses Smetana's fondness of switching between the dominant seventh and the tonic.

For convenience or by necessity it is often approximated by a minor seventh interval or a dominant seventh chord.

Often melodies require playing buttons from different rows because they cannot be decomposed into tones from the tonic and dominant seventh of a given key.

seventh and last   (yedinci ve son)

This is the seventh and last chapter starting with the letters ha-mim.

During the seventh and last season, Detective Hunter drove a new silver 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria.

He played a single match at the tournament; his seventh and last games for the under-21 national team.

seventh straight   (yedinci düz)

The team missed the playoffs for the seventh straight season.

This is Andy seventh straight qualificationand his sixth appearance withdrawing in 2005.

Despite the early struggles, the 2008 champion Detroit Shock reached the playoffs for the seventh straight year.

seventh through

From seventh through twelfth grades, students select a week-long Winterim experience.

2" picks up where the previous album left off, including tracks from the band's seventh through tenth studio albums.

The seventh through twelfth grade students take Bible, Science, Heritage Studies, Mathematics, Writing, Grammar, Literature, Vocabulary, and Foreign Language.

seventh floor

The police found a scattered trail of blood that led to the seventh floor of Block 12.

As of June 27, 2010, construction was 37% completed, with the final pour of the concrete roof above the seventh floor.

Located on the seventh floor of a house on Nagymezo Street, it was meant to be the Hungarian equivalent to the Bauhaus.

came seventh

Dick Johnson came seventh in a production aircraft.

He also competed in the synchronized event with Mark Shipman and came seventh.

Wolfshohl came seventh in La Flèche Wallonne and as a result won Le Weekend Ardennais in 1962.