shallow water   (浅い水)

Sambar prefer to attack predators in shallow water.

It is suspected to only live in shallow water.

It is suspected only to live in shallow water.

shallow waters   (浅瀬)

It is found in shallow waters in the Caribbean Sea.

It inhabits warm, shallow waters close to shore.

It lives in shallow waters off the coast of New Guinea.

very shallow   (非常に浅い)

They can also be found in very shallow water on reef flats.

Most of the Delta is very shallow water.

It can be lifted up into the case when in very shallow water.

relatively shallow   (比較的浅い)

The lake is relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of .

The hull was long and narrow, with a relatively shallow draft.

It is also relatively shallow and warmer than the other Finger Lakes.

found in shallow   (浅いで発見)

It is found in shallow waters in the Caribbean Sea.

It is found in shallow water in the Indo-Pacific region.

It is found in shallow, inshore habitats.

shallow seas

At the end of the Triassic, shallow seas transgressed over all of the Triassic basins.

These sedimentary rocks formed in or near shallow seas roughly 300to 350million years ago.

It is the smallest of the shallow seas around the continental shelf of Europe, covering an area of some .

too shallow

Her shallow draught allowed her to operate in waters too shallow for the enemy U-boats.

However, the water in Tucker Bayou next to the park was too shallow for the boat to dock there.

Swamps and rivers made travel by land difficult, and the inlets and sounds were too shallow to allow big ships.

shallow marine

The formation has been deposited in a shallow marine environment.

The formation has been deposited in a shallow marine environment in an oxygen-poor basin.

The Imperial Formation preserves many corals as well as shallow marine invertebrates and vertebrates.

shallow sea

The southern mountain ranges drain to the south and west towards the shallow sea.

The Tethys Sea was a shallow sea between the Asian continent and northward-bound Indian plate.

This would have been in a warm, shallow sea which covered much of the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire areas.

shallow draft

The hull was long and narrow, with a relatively shallow draft.

They were typically very long and narrow and had a shallow draft.

The later Mk II model offered an optional shallow draft keel of .

shallow depth

The Meare was dug to a shallow depth for safety reasons.

The station is of shallow depth, in a pillar by-span design.

They are recognizable for their nutmeg dusting and shallow depth in a disposable aluminum pan.

shallow lakes

It breeds in ponds, wet rice fields, shallow lakes, drainage ditches and similar habitats.

The habitat consists of savanna, "Brachystegia"-"Julbernardia" woodland, marshes and shallow lakes.

"O. aquaticum" is endemic to the eastern United States and is found growing in ponds, streams, and shallow lakes.

shallow coastal   (浅い沿岸)

The species occurs in shallow coastal habitats to deeper offshore.

Atlantic sharpnose sharks prefer to live in warmer shallow coastal waters.

The West Indian manatee inhabits mostly shallow coastal areas, including rivers and estuaries.

shallow lake

The shallow lake (maximum depth is ) lies at an elevation of .

The Ljubljana Marsh was inhabited in prehistoric times, when it was a shallow lake.

On the west side of the island there is a small shallow lake that produces salt in the dry season.

shallow grave   (浅い墓)

Finally she was buried in a shallow grave.

Brisbane was buried in a shallow grave.

Berry and Lozar then buried Mitroff in a shallow grave near a bridge and stole his van.