İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

size and shape   (büyüklük ve şekil)

Rastacaps range in size and shape, as well as uses.

The size and shape of the cake might vary with region.

The petals are similar in size and shape to the lateral sepals.

took shape   (şekillendi)

Three groups took shape within the Silesian population.

The ski resort took shape in the 1960s.

As the story took shape, Leafe became the symbol of the apple in the story.

helped shape   (yardımcı şekil)

Hellenbrand claims that these men helped shape Jefferson's thinking.

Populist ideology helped shape the design and use of the public space.

Such works helped shape memories of the antebellum years and the Lost Cause.

body shape   (vücut şekli)

The body shape is rounded and the dorsal and anal fins nearly surround the body.

As it changes sex, its body shape, color intensity and pattern vary considerably.

The instrument has a body shape with constructional features similar to a viol or modern guitar.

take shape   (şekil almak)

With this, an "embryonic soul" begins to take shape.

The Des Moines skywalk also began to take shape during the 1980s.

The small town began to take shape, becoming self-governing in 1829.

shape and size

Their structures are varied in shape and size.

Lemlawi is the family of jaw harp but the shape and size are different.

Albanian men traditionally wore hats of various designs, shape and size.

oval in shape   (oval şekilli)

The mantle is muscular, large, and oval in shape.

The sparse leaves are oval in shape and edged in dull teeth.

The shell is smooth, shiny, and is an elongated oval in shape.

rectangular shape   (dikdörtgen şekil)

The mosque is in rectangular shape in the plan.

The original church was of a simple rectangular shape.

The building had a rectangular shape.

rectangular in shape   (dikdörtgen şeklinde)

All of the outer towers were rectangular in shape.

Ten of the known stone settings are rectangular in shape.

Fafda is rectangular in shape and yellowish in complexion.

good shape   (iyi şekil)

The steel industry remained in relatively good shape.

Beck is back, and in pretty good shape too."

The defending champion, André Leducq, was not in good shape.

similar in shape

The black oreo is very similar in shape to the warty oreo.

The molar teeth are similar in shape, but of varying sizes.

It is similar in shape to the Ancient Greek letter alpha, from which it derives.

same shape

The upper leaves of the stems are the same shape but smaller than those below them.

Also, the and are not the same shape as the , since they are pure spherical harmonics.

Thus each triangle formula_141 is in a similarity class of triangles with the same shape.

oval shape   (oval şekil)

The leaves are mostly oval shape and up to about long.

The body has an oval shape and is compressed laterally.

The horny operculum has an oval shape.

triangular shape   (üçgen şekli)

It has a triangular shape with two observation towers.

Currently package of this product is in triangular shape.

The ears tilt forward, and the face has a triangular shape and pale skin.

circular shape   (dairesel şekil)

The Gohad fort is in circular shape.

The flute is the part of the column that is indented in with a semi circular shape.

Its circular shape indicates the animal lives under conditions of relatively calm water.

triangular in shape   (üçgen şeklinde)

It is triangular in shape, with the Río Virilla as its northern boundary.

Île Saint-Paul is triangular in shape, and measures no more than at its widest.

This is traditionally triangular in shape, but varies with the type of billiards played.

conical shape   (konik şekil)

The solid, imperforate shell has a conical shape.

It has a conical shape with an elevated spire.

The rather solid shell has a conical shape.

irregular shape   (düzensiz şekil)

Its irregular shape measures 2.00 m in area.

The town occupied an irregular shape of ca.

The irregular shape is produced by the shifting of meniscus.

overall shape   (Genel şekil)

They share a very similar overall shape with the Atlantic Blue Crab.

The overall shape of the blade is oblong, drawn out at length at the tip.

The overall shape of the blade is narrowly triangular, from long and wide.

bad shape

The entire jute industry is in a bad shape.

I could have wound up in pretty bad shape."

The road from Neum to the rest of Herzegovina is in a bad shape.

taking shape   (şekil almak)

Meanwhile, a conspiracy led by General Mola was taking shape.

However, it was then that the club's modern identity started taking shape.

During her years at Saint Martins her real debut film, "The Alcohol Years", began taking shape.

shape when   (ne zaman şekil)

Usually ribs incorporate the airfoil shape of the wing, and the skin adopts this shape when stretched over the ribs.

The printed Russian alphabet began to assume its modern shape when Peter I introduced his "civil script" type reform in 1708.

Unusually, the aircraft's wing bracing struts also carried the aircraft's floats, forming a "W" shape when viewed from the front.

original shape   (Orjinal şekil)

It was reconstructed in its original shape in 1997.

The pupil can disorient itself in different ways before it returns to its original shape.

the ability to "read" some features of the original shape from the skeleton) is valued as well.

change shape

Its hole could change shape, thus explaining lunar phases.

Tapers commonly change shape linearly, but a variety of other profiles may be used.

What makes it so interesting is that neither the pieces nor the frame change shape or size in any way.

helped to shape

(1942), Many other films helped to shape the popular image of the nation at war.

While Artaud would eventually break away from surrealism, the movement helped to shape his later theories on the Theatre of Cruelty.

His first successful film, "" (1927), helped to shape the thriller genre, while his 1929 film, "Blackmail", was the first British "".

round shape   (yuvarlak biçimde)

The strips were twisted and then rolled into the round shape we call wire.

The base of the leaf has a round shape and the tip of leaf is smooth wave.

The legs are positioned under the body to accommodate the round shape of the disc.

elongated shape   (uzatılmış şekil)

The forewings elongated shape is distinctive.

The lake has an irregular elongated shape.

The asteroid has a rotation period of 10.3 hours and probably an elongated shape.

help shape   (yardım şekli)

The band felt that this mutual interest would help shape their musical direction.

In doing so, they amplify the marketing power of the influencers and help shape business trends.

With the goal of helping teens getting involved in theatre can have their opinions help shape the future.

spherical shape   (Küresel şekil)

The side lobes have tufts of white hairs in an almost spherical shape.

Bodies take on a conical to almost spherical shape and are attached posterior with a stalk to the main stalk.

The inflorescence bears two or more nodding flowers, each with its petals curved closed into a spherical shape.

different shape

This generates an entirely new waveform with a drastically different shape.

The animal, they learn, was none other than Dracula taking a different shape.

"Haliotis asinina" has a somewhat different shape, as it is more elongated and distended.

linear in shape

The petals are a linear in shape and similar in size to the sepals.

The dorsal sepal is erect, linear in shape, long, wide with a pointed end.

The leaves are 5 to 15 centimeters long and linear in shape with lobes near the ends.

similar shape

Yaranga has similar shape, but have internal yoronga-room inside the dome.

The tower would be a similar shape to the Swiss Re "gherkin" tower in London.

The eggs are of a light blue-green color and have a similar shape to that of robin eggs.

square shape   (kare şekli)

It has a square shape with two round towers on its north-western and south-eastern corners.

These changes consisted of the floor around the "irori" being dug-out into the ground in a square shape.

The natives are worshiping the square shape and speak the English language of the Antebellum United States.

skull shape

The species is thought to be insectivorous due to their occlusal dentition, general skull shape, and skull size.

Some authors assumed that the gharial evolved earlier than the other crocodilians because of its distinct skull shape and dentition, indicating a more advanced level of specialisation.

The species is characterized by a body mass and stature similar to small-bodied human populations, a smaller endocranial volume similar to "Australopithecus", and a cranial morphology (skull shape) similar to early "Homo" species.

cylindrical shape   (silindirik şekil)

Rounded sides, giving the structure a cylindrical shape.

It has a characteristic main building in a cylindrical shape.

The term refers to the elongated, cylindrical shape of the clusters.

distinctive shape

The distinctive shape of the DRLs has become a trademark of sorts.

Due to its distinctive shape, it is referred to colloquially as "The Beehive".

The distinctive shape and historic usage of the dagger have made it iconic and symbolic.

general shape   (genel şekil)

The general shape is oval, tapering somewhat towards the tail.

Only its general shape and a few small harbors such as Nootka Sound had been charted.

It gets its common name from its lobed lip which mimics the general shape of a monkey's body.