İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

irregularly shaped   (düzensiz şekilli)

It is highly irregularly shaped with many deep bays and islands.

The side lobes are erect, irregularly shaped, long and about wide.

It is irregularly shaped and is located within Chesterfield Inlet.

oval shaped   (oval şekilli)

Its body is oval shaped, spherical and relatively elongated.

The flowers are generally oval shaped.

It is a large oval shaped mango which is extremely sweet and aromatic.

shaped charge   (şekilli şarj)

Inside is an armor-piercing shaped charge.

The Condor's linear shaped charge warhead detonated on impact.

The PG-28 round is a 125 mm tandem shaped charge with a weight of 12 kg and a range of 300 meters.

oddly shaped   (garip şekilli)

One suggested cause for the failures was the oddly shaped and located oil filter.

Hills, lakes (such as Lake Tanganyika), large trees, oddly shaped rocks, groves of trees, could all be the home of a spirit.

The middle part of the tail had "double beams" (oddly shaped chevron bones on the underside, which gave "Diplodocus" its name).