shares the same   (同じを共有します)

The (small) MoEDAL experiment shares the same cavern.

It shares the same campus as Pine-Richland High School.

Eltham North shares the same postcode as Eltham (3095).

shares many   (多くを共有します)

It shares many of its performance characteristics with ext3.

The game shares many similarities with the television series.

It shares many common mechanical components with the Le Sabre.

million shares   (百万株)

The IPO raised $380 million, selling 8.84 million shares for $43 each.

It then issued 30 million shares, some of which were claimed by creditors.

In 1991 Tetra Tech issued 1.4 million shares of stock on the NASDAQ exchange.

remaining shares

The remaining shares are considered free float.

The State of Paraná held the remaining shares.

as first step in purchasing the remaining shares held by others.

shares its name

It shares its name with a park of the same name.

The foundation shares its name with the Signal messaging app.

It shares its name with the Palm River, a waterway sided with trail.

number of shares   (株式数)

The basic count is the current number of shares.

This gave him the controlling number of shares.

There are several useful public sources to find the number of shares outstanding of a given corporation.

shares of stock   (株式の持分)

The shares of stock of Top Finance Bank Uganda Limited are privately owned.

In 1991 Tetra Tech issued 1.4 million shares of stock on the NASDAQ exchange.

He became quite successful and began buying out shares of stock in the speedway.

new shares

The case concerned the power of the directors to issue new shares.

On June 16, 1929, 6,000 new shares of capital stock were released.

Trans Polar issued new shares worth NOK 825,000 on 25 November 1970.

sold his shares

In 1976, Peter Traynor sold his shares and left Yorkville Sound.

In 1939, O'Hara sold his shares in Narragansett Park to James H. Connors.

In 2010, Keyes sold his shares of BIMM in 2010 and started DK Music Management company.

shares borders

It shares borders with the Karnataka forest.

It also shares borders with Indian administered Kashmir to the east.

Belgium shares borders with France (), Germany (), Luxembourg () and the Netherlands ().

outstanding shares

EPS increases as the number of outstanding shares decreases.

As of February 2015, Joe Mansueto owned approximately 55% of the outstanding shares in Morningstar.

Beyond stock charts and listed prices, they in almost always also provide the companies' number of outstanding shares.

ordinary shares

PICC issued two classes of ordinary shares: A share and H share.

Yet, twice in 1866, he proposed a 3% dividend on ordinary shares, only for the share price to decline.

That company, Rasmussen Research, was bought by for about $4.5 million in ordinary shares in 1999.

shares a common

The choir shares a common history with the Vienna Boys' Choir.

At present it shares a common campus with Government Polytechnic,Imphal.

A molecular basis for feeding behavior has been determined in "Drosophila melanogaster", which shares a common insect ancestor.

shares a border   (国境を共有する)

Brunei shares a border with Malaysia and has a coastline.

Ecuador shares a border with Peru.

It shares a border with every South American country except Ecuador and Chile.

common shares

Most importantly, this includes the value of the common shares themselves.

The company raised $400 million selling 7.6 million common shares at $14.00 each, $125 million in preferred stock, and $160 million in Senior Subordinated Bonds.

Mezzanine capital In finance, mezzanine capital is any subordinated debt or preferred equity instrument that represents a claim on a company's assets which is senior only to that of the common shares.

market shares   (市場シェア)

Following 3 different scenarios, we explored the relative market shares of the single actors.

In 2007, it achieved record market shares of 71% for London–Paris and 65% for London–Brussels routes.

ComScore investigated the market shares of different web mapping services in the United States using polls.