sharp contrast   (形成鲜明对比)

He is a dreamer, in sharp contrast to Katie, whose view of the world is realistic.

In sharp contrast, decolonization was an entirely different process of state formation.

David casts them in a soft light, not in the sharp contrast of Brutus or of the Horatii.

sharp decline   (急剧下降)

After the 1977 season Shadow entered into a sharp decline.

The film saw a sharp decline in its second weekend, dropping over 50%.

During the recession, there was an extremely sharp decline in industrial production.

sharp turn   (急弯)

But their fate takes a sharp turn with the sudden intervention of a third person.

At this point, the road takes a sharp turn northwest and heads towards Lower Jemseg.

The road continues east until a sharp turn north right before the final intersection.

sharp increase   (急剧增加)

In 2012, there was a sharp increase in stock theft.

3G/4G mobile internet usage has been on a sharp increase in recent years.

There is a sharp increase in methane concentrations due to methanogenesis.

very sharp   (很尖)

The river is deep with very sharp rocks.

Its bill is slender and very sharp.

The very sharp strictures of Scripture on homosexual practices (Gen. 1; Rom.

sharp curves

With this axle little trouble was experienced from the sharp curves.

The appropriately named Crooked Creek Road includes a number of sharp curves and turns along its length.

)<br> Grenada's roads can pose hazardous driving conditions, including aggressive drivers and sharp curves.

sharp teeth   (锋利的牙齿)

However, it should be accorded respect due to its powerful jaws and sharp teeth.

Redjack has a brown mohawk and filed-down sharp teeth, while Blackbeak has a peg leg.

There are many sharp teeth, and the dorsal surface of the head has a patch of enlarged scales.

sharp point

The snout is pronounced and has a comparatively sharp point.

The female fruit-producing flowers have associated bracts which end in a sharp point.

They taper to a sharp point, which is typically more yellow than the rest of the leaf.

sharp edges

It is usually macular with sharp edges and not itchy.

Instead, it had sharp edges.

The leaves are large, palmate and often with spines or sharp edges along the petioles.

sharp rise

Another sharp rise leads up again to a ridge almost as high as Stoppel Point known unofficially as Arizona due to its dryness.

Due to a sharp rise in economic relations with Turkey, interest in learning Turkish, in particular among young people, has been growing on a yearly basis.

Concerns that competition in the coal industry could decline as a result of these changes were heightened by a sharp rise in coal prices in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis.

sharp criticism

was a sharp criticism of the system of "wage-slavery" found in the north.

Sastri's comments evoked sharp criticism from the nationalist poet Subramanya Bharathi.

This decision came under Congressional review in 1955 and drew sharp criticism from Congress.

makes a sharp

The Columbia makes a sharp bend to the west at the Washington–Oregon border.

At this point, Highway 300 runs south-southeast and makes a sharp turn to the east-northeast.

At Old Queen Anne Road, Route 137 makes a sharp turn to the northwest and enters downtown East Harwich.

sharp drop

The first week of April saw a sharp drop in enemy contact in the Quyet Thang operational area.

Also, women experience menopause at an average age of 48.8 and a sharp drop in the hormone estrogen.

There was a sharp drop in turnout for the election - falling into the twenties for only the second time in post-war history - to 29.6%.

sharp curve   (尖锐的曲线)

At the shore loop the distance between the inner rails was , which necessitated a very sharp curve.

The shorter down direction line followed the originally planned alignment, and made a sharp curve rising at 1 in 49.

He had two fastballs, one of which regularly hit 95 MPH and occasionally hit 100, a sharp curve and an occasional slider.

sharp edge

The rim is not significantly worn, and displays a sharp edge.

The sharp edge of the CIA's sword has been let loose with few strings attached.

The rim along the east and southeast flanks displays slumping, producing a sharp edge.