when she became   (彼女がなったとき)

She remained at WGCI until 1989 when she became WNUA's morning host.

Kamlabai was 25 when she became a widow, pregnant with her third child.

They married in 1982, but he left her when she became pregnant with twins.

when she won   (彼女が勝ったとき)

She looked like a monster when she won her nursery here.

She resumed her duties as First Lady when she won the Senate race.

In 2002 she had her breakthrough year on tour when she won three ITF titles.

whom she married   (彼女が結婚した人)

Around this time she met Kartolo, whom she married in 1934.

At Stanford, she met Alejandro Toledo, whom she married in 1972.

In Texas she met her husband John Pylant, whom she married in 1991.

when she returned   (彼女が戻ったとき)

It jumped to 3 million when she returned after the boycott.

She remained in North America until 1973 when she returned to England.

Shaw then began working at Gilbreth, Inc. until 1930 when she returned to the UK.

when she died   (彼女が死んだとき)

As was Ron's mother, Sis Raper when she died at 86.

She was two weeks in foal to Hector Protector when she died.

He was by her hospital bedside when she died the following year.

whom she met

In 1945 she married Jack Thomas, whom she met while on service in India.

She is a frequent duo partner with Huw Watkins whom she met at university.

On 3 October 2011 Williams married Matthew Henaughan whom she met in 2009.

when she began   (彼女が始めたとき)

She was 19 years old when she began.

Evelyn was fifty-five when she began her travels with the Doctor.

That is when she began her study at Brigham Young University (BYU).

when she joined   (彼女が参加したとき)

His mother went from a good to a bad person when she joined the Pungsan Dog Cult.

Tyler's career began when she joined the cast of "Les Misérables" at the age of 20.

She became active in politics, when she joined the Glasgow Anarchist Group by 1914.

before she died

Cida's mother, Dolores, was Sonia's maid, before she died.

She and Mitchell had two daughters before she died in 1867.

Her reign began on July 26, 2008, and ended 22 days before she died.

position she held

Nancy Faust became the White Sox organist in 1970, a position she held for 40 years.

She was later promoted to deputy chair, and then to chair, a position she held from 1943 to 1978.

In 1949 she became Director of Studies for Mathematics at Girton, a position she held until 1969.

when she moved   (彼女が動いたとき)

She left Albania in 1994 when she moved to Swizerland.

Daniels remained at WCFL until 1964 when she moved to WSDM.

She lived with her mother until age 14 when she moved to Shukjung Monastery.

when she finds   (彼女が見つけたとき)

Sienna is left shaken when she finds someone in her flat.

Sienna is left unsettled when she finds a countdown on her laptop.

She is devastated when she finds out that Kirito is Asuna's crush.

when she married   (彼女が結婚したとき)

Ann Hawkins was 19 when she married Richard Gentry.

Neetu was 26 when she married Kapoor in 1980.

Libbey was 36 years old when she married.

because she did   (彼女がやったから)

Xin's early days in London were difficult because she didn't speak much English.

She went to the to register for ordination, but was turned down because she did not have a master.

She initially decided not to attend the audition because she did not think she would get the part.

when she left   (彼女が去ったとき)

Everybody was crying when she left.

"U-558"s eighth patrol began when she left Brest on 29 July 1942.

She stayed in that role until July 28, 2014 when she left WFLD after a 27-year run.

when she sailed   (彼女が出航したとき)

"Prince Henry" remained in the Mediterranean Sea until March, when she sailed for Gibraltar.

She completed her second tour of duty in Korea on 3 July 1952, when she sailed from Yokosuka.

The transport remained off the beaches until the 24th when she sailed to Eniwetok and Pearl Harbor.

when she sees   (彼女が見たら)

Christine’s memories return when she sees Adam.

Nora is clearly uneasy when she sees him.

She becomes convinced when she sees Casey's cache of weapons.

when she took   (彼女が取ったとき)

She made the news again in 1911, when she took up driving a car.

However, when she took her first chemistry class, she fell in love with the subject.

In the following spring he recorded her biggest victory when she took the 1000 Guineas.

when she first   (彼女が最初に)

She was only 14 when she first appeared on "Eat Bulaga!".

Kahoko also called her "bishōjo", when she first met her.

She was also called "bishōjo", by Kahoko when she first saw her.

what she wants

She is known for getting what she wants via scheming.

She does what she wants."

Vas also believes Mishti "certainly knows what she wants and how to get it."

level she played

On club level she played for Beijing BAW in 2015.

On club level she played with Minas Tênis Clube.

when she appeared   (彼女が現れたとき)

She started acting in 1799 when she appeared on stage for the first time.

Baldwin's first big break came when she appeared in The Beatles music video "Free as a Bird" in 1996.

She started her career in 2008 when she appeared in the fashion magazine "Ranzuki" until October 2010.

when she discovers   (彼女が発見したとき)

She is shocked when she discovers a bloody Parker hiding in her house with her mother's permission.

Alice changes her mind when she discovers Vincent is ill. She takes care of him and develops a crush.

Anna is dismayed when she discovers that her landlord Jerry Morton (Michael Starke) is planning to sell No.

until she died

She remained in the post until she died 47 years later.

Ahern was a member of the party's Albert Park branch until she died on 7 April 1969.

He lived in New York City with his wife, Antoinette, until she died in December 1945.

when she got   (彼女が得たとき)

Fowler's wife petitioned for divorce when she got to know of Jensen.

But when she got there, it was only her bladder, And nobody knew she was there.

She remained at Oahu until 29 May when she got underway and proceeded to Roi Island.

when she learns   (彼女が学ぶとき)

Chloe refuses his advances when she learns he left her to pursue Brenda.

Her love for him is halted when she learns that he is Fernando Maldonado’s son.

But she is soon caught unprepared when she learns that her mother has grown ill.

when she went   (彼女が行ったとき)

She was at the zoo until March 1933, when she went on a rampage.

Te Aroha - Her curse was when she went back in time into the past years of Killian High.

After everyone pretended to ignore this, the two girls beat Okomo when she went to get water.

when she started   (彼女が始めたとき)

She was 18 when she started a romance on the side; later, she divorced.

It took eleven years from when she started writing to getting published.

This is when she started to write and sing songs while teaching herself guitar.

although she did   (彼女はやったけど)

This can only have been "U-585", although she did not report any attack.

The ensuing turmoil intrigued Goldman, although she did not fully understand it at the time.

The Canadian frigate lost of her stern and although she did not sink, was declared a total loss.

when she came   (彼女が来たとき)

My mother began learning English when she came over.

The old lady passed out and when she came to he was gone.

She had a holiday and then when she came back Ryan won on her at Kempton.

though she did

Marvin was often seen flirting with Holly, though she did not appear to reciprocate the feelings.

In 2005, she maintained a blog on the NHL website, though she did not post for most of the season.

Jane says she feels as though she did her best and is disappointed in her “shitty wife” reputation.

when she played   (彼女が遊んだとき)

She made her film debut in 1988, when she played Laura in Gonzalo Justiniano's '.

Tobin's first acting performance was at age four, when she played a Christmas tree in her school's holiday pageant.

Her final medal came in 1955 in the mixed doubles with Ladislav Štípek when she played under her married name of Krejčová.

when she met   (彼女が会ったとき)

Josephine was 35 years old when she met Swamiji.

She was already a teacher when she met William Drew Robeson.

Her second bout was on January 6 of '98, when she met Cinthya Prouder.

when she received   (彼女が受け取ったとき)

Candice then became the sixth HouseGuest to be evicted when she received seven eviction votes (7-0-0).

Her scientific interest in the Arctic was stoked when she received her first Alaskan Malamute at age eleven.

She won the title of Miss Texas on July 7, 2012, when she received her crown from outgoing titleholder Kendall Morris.

because she felt   (彼女が感じたから)

She turned to working in glass because she felt it was more "exciting" to work with.

The track, titled "When I Dream", was not included on the album because she felt it was too dark.

She and Dan did not hit it off right away, because she felt he was not doing enough to find her father's killer.

when she arrived   (彼女が到着したとき)

However, when she arrived she knew no one there and had only $10 on hand.

Williams was giving up hope of finding Judy when she arrived in his new camp.

"Eliza" had left with 40 crew men and still had 37 when she arrived at Dominica.

what she did

“She received so much respect for what she did.

Came back to Sadhna and told what she did.

It is not known what she did there, as she never spoke about it.

because she wanted   (彼女が欲しかったから)

She agrees, but only because she wanted to steal the Moscram Ray Gun.

She obtained a degree in German because she wanted to become a German teacher.

It was an experiment to see if Gabrielle would seduce him because she wanted the money.

what she called

Over time, the children began to exhibit what she called "spontaneous discipline".

It was here that she was introduced to her husband Prem Seth, and had what she called a 'semi-arranged' marriage.

Krystal eventually moved back home to Indiana for what she called "a time of restoration" and to reassess her career.

when she made   (彼女が作ったとき)

Ann Miller was only 15 years old when she made this film.

Bartholomay was nine years old when she made her first doll.

Arati Devi was a Jewish girl of 19 years when she made the film.

when she ran   (彼女が走ったとき)

She was sailing in heavy weather when she ran aground on Knife Island.

She was elected in 1975 but was defeated when she ran for reelection in 1981.

B A Inc., was an electrical company from when she ran out of the back of her house.

because she does   (彼女がやるから)

She sends him 25 rubles back because she does not need it.

She is upset because she does not want to be alone, but Kashi convinces her.

Charlotte is afraid to leave him because she doesn't think she'll ever get someone as good as John.

when she saw   (彼女が見たとき)

He eventually took Williams to meet Porter, who fainted when she saw him.

Teresita, his daughter, cried when she saw him, also resisted hugging him.

There was a moment when she saw her picture on the monitor and said 'I'm her.'

year she won

Same year she won gold in Taekwondo and Muaythai.

That year she won the 2014 IAAF Combined Events Challenge.

The same year she won the Ivor Novello Award for best songwriting.

when she departed   (彼女が出発したとき)

Her only patrol began when she departed Kiel on 21 January 1943.

Her only patrol began when she departed Kiel on 8 September 1942.

"U-270"s first patrol began when she departed Kiel on 23 March 1943.

what she saw

She used a device to erase Corrine's memories of what she saw and heard.

As Loki breaks down the barrier, Flowa is surprised with what she saw and writes it down.

To stop Corrine from remembering what she saw, Sarah uses a device to erase that part of her memory.

when she gets   (彼女が取得したとき)

She turns into 'Shaniqua' when she gets angry.

She is a real talent and she owns the stage when she gets in her stride.

"Lost Mop" Bobby is busy working on the buses when she gets distracted and loses her mop.

until she retired   (彼女が引退するまで)

She held this position until she retired in 1988.

Robinson taught in the LA schools until she retired from teaching in 1976.

She flew as a missionary pilot in Africa until she retired in 1994 at age 65.

when she entered   (彼女が入ったとき)

She was forced to grow up when she entered the life of Odak family.

Her parents divorced just about the time when she entered middle school.

Rita Lazzarotto is a 29-year-old nurse when she entered on Day 53 as an Intruder.

when she found   (彼女が見つけたとき)

However, Hughes thought it was "insane" when she found out about it.

However, she was relieved when she found out that Gary was alive all along.

She was furious when she found that that Nicola was pregnant with Gary's baby.

whom she later

In 1932 she became a private student of sculptor Alpo Sailo, whom she later married.

Her sister, whom she later liked to insist was "half an hour older", was the other twin.

Together with the flutist Bart Platteau whom she later married, she began to perform in jazz concerts around the world.

when she realizes   (彼女が気づいたとき)

She is also embarrassed when she realizes that he is her client at the spa.

She gives him a blow job and, when she realizes he's not her client, breaks down crying.

Martine visits Xavier and returns disappointed when she realizes things are not the same.

when she retired   (彼女が引退したとき)

She worked as an architect until 1973, when she retired.

Stedman stayed at Radcliffe until 1954, when she retired.

Adair played Kate through to April 1995, when she retired from acting.

when she tries   (彼女が試みるとき)

Sarah is doubtful, but when she tries to find the right dress, Ellie's prediction is justified.

The sniper shoots the mother when she tries moving from the wreckage toward her daughter's position.

Halfway's intimacy issues are explored through his relationship with Whitney when she tries to get intimate with him.

before she became

This was before she became better known as Faye Wong.

In this church in 1137 the 13-year-old Eleanor of Aquitaine married the future Louis VII, a few months before she became Queen.

She appeared at the 1999 Latin Alternative Music Conference before she became famous and was questioned as to why she was there.

what she calls

Isabel gives him a get well card, with a drawing of what she calls a “water kelpie” on it.

Cat confronts members of what she calls the "redneck posse", led by cocky, wealthy, homophobic Tommy Lawson.

Creating what she calls wearable art, da Silva collaborated with artist Ayoola Gbolahan for her 2017 collection.

when she meets   (彼女が会ったとき)

The story follows Ichika Tachibana's life over a summer holiday when she meets Manatsu Kuroki.

Utsusemi returns in chapter sixteen, “Sekiya,” when she meets Genji on her return from the provinces.

A disappointed Jasmeet was about to leave Jagtariya when she meets a woman with whom she shares her sorrow.

when she returns   (彼女が戻ったとき)

Lee finds Coburn when she returns to her destroyed office.

Annapoorani has developed much more hatred for Arjun and Roja when she returns.

However, when she returns home, the night terrors and unexplained blackouts return, and she now experiences nausea.

before she left

One prisoner was found to be insane and was relanded before she left.

She was a Carmelite nun before she left Poland and also for several years in Israel.

She then tells him that she knows Steve was going to propose to her before she left.

when she visited   (彼女が訪れたとき)

Brenda first appeared when she visited Gennie in hospital.

In May 1982, Youens met the Queen when she visited the set of "Coronation Street".

Hammond addressed Queen Elizabeth in a short Latin speech when she visited his college on 9 August 1564.

though she does

Simon confesses he loves Clary, though she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Lloyd falls in love with Daisy early in the story, though she doesn't reciprocate it until later.

One of the possible meanings of this is that Estella, even though she doesn't acknowledge the fact, loves Pip.

when she goes   (彼女が行くとき)

The pair later meet when she goes into his store.

A look at the two different directions a teenage girl's life could have taken when she goes to high school.

At first the mother does not believe Amahl, but when she goes to the door to see for herself, she is stunned.

what she wanted

In her early days Annalise had manipulative tendencies and was used to getting what she wanted.

She was living the American Dream in Los Angeles, California and managed to get what she wanted.

When she first decided to go to art school, Armstrong didn't have a very firm grasp on what she wanted to do.

when she lost   (彼女が失ったとき)

She held the championship until April 2011, when she lost it to Aksana.

She first competed at Wimbledon in 1902 when she lost in the first round to Agnes Morton.

from the University of Pennsylvania law school and was a lawyer until 2008 when she lost her job.

when she did   (彼女がやったとき)

Linda tried to arm herself with a branch, but when she did, blood flowed from the tree.

He tried calling again, at 9:12 a.m. that day, but didn't leave a message when she didn't answer.

A lazy woman did not like to spin and when she did, did not wind onto a reel, but left it on the bobbin.

when she finished   (彼女が終わったとき)

Not everyone noticed because, when she finished, half the seats were empty."

Her best result came in 2012, when she finished 4th in the women's RS-X event.

Kind's final race start came in the Phoenix Sprint Stakes, when she finished fifth again.

when she comes   (彼女が来るとき)

Chitose also lost most of her memory when she comes out of the capsule.

Towards the end, when she comes back to reality, she takes her bag and leaves the room.

Nonetheless Seymour resolves to go to Angie's flat and clean it for when she comes home.

when she decided   (彼女が決めたとき)

It was at age 12 or 13 when she decided to focus on the sport.

1972: Paul's love for Anne was left unrequited when she decided to marry Nick Davis.

Mary was lured in when she decided to look for Bulletgirl and stopped from speaking with a hose.

when she learned   (彼女が学んだとき)

Larson developed an interest in music at age 11 when she learned to play the guitar.

My mother taught me my letters, although I well remember when she learned them herself.

She originally became interested in cycling when she learned that about her diabetes risks.

when she discovered   (彼女が発見したとき)

Lamiai bit into Cassie but recoiled when she discovered that she had god's blood.

This was reinforced in 1946 when she discovered the work of Edvard Munch while on holiday in Norway.

She was to be part of TVNZ's commentary team for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but dropped out when she discovered she was pregnant.

when she defeated   (彼女が敗北したとき)

Whiley created history in 2007 when she defeated Katharine Kruger in Tarbes.

II" when she defeated four members of the Green Lantern Corps single-handedly.

The runner-up subsequently boosted the form when she defeated colts in the Champagne Stakes at Doncaster.

when she sang   (彼女が歌ったとき)

She came to notice when she sang at Covent Garden in November 1745.

In November 2014, Upston stated she is not a feminist when she sang praises of beauty pagents.

Francis' first venture into the music industry came when she sang in a group called My Toys Like Me.

year she appeared

The same year she appeared in films "The Air I Breathe" and "Shanghai Kiss."

The same year she appeared in an episode of the TV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

In 2003 she took part in" Click" and in the same year she appeared in "Dádiva of a wandering soul".

when she heard   (彼女が聞いたとき)

Spears later claimed that she felt excited when she heard it and knew it was going to be a hit.

Spears later claimed that she felt excited when she heard it and knew it was going to be a hit record.

She chose to specialise in pathology when she heard about the shortage of skilled forensic scientists in Honduras.

when she does   (彼女がするとき)

Beloved becomes angry and more demanding, throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way.

Usually when she does meet these men she completely falls apart and makes a total fool of herself.

Later he sees her carrying the puppy he presented and tells why she needs the puppy when she does not need him.

when she wrote   (彼女が書いたとき)

Cookie began to write at age 11, when she wrote a 321-page book about the Johnstown flood of 1889.

Lynn went to a residential school for the deaf, from age twelve to age nineteen, when she wrote this piece.

She worked as a production secretary in the film industry when she wrote an original script, "Undercover" (1983).

year she became

The next year she became a barracks ship.

In the same year she became the face of the brand Andre Tan.

In the same year she became attached to bookkeeper William "Billy" Mabon.

when she performed   (彼女が演奏したとき)

Her career spanned both World Wars when she performed in the uniform of either a soldier or a sailor.

Henderson performed one of the two songs numerous times, book-ending years when she performed the national anthem instead.

In March 1995, he appeared with her on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" when she performed her new single at the time, "My Cherie".

when she fell   (彼女が落ちたとき)

One person drowned in Alexandria when she fell into a draining ditch.

In 1893 Jordan's daughter Eda was sliding down the banister when she fell off and broke her neck.

Ward had a neck concussion because she hit the canvas with her neck when she fell, and she was hospitalized after this bout.

when she tells   (彼女が言うとき)

Halfway and Whitney panic when she tells him that she may be pregnant.

Buffy reports to Giles, and he is concerned when she tells him about the theft from the mausoleum.

She cries when she tells him the children, his half-brother and half-sister, later died in a motor accident.

when she reached   (彼女が到達したとき)

The ship's fifth Far East deployment was concluded when she reached Sydney on 22 June.

She completed her term in the Senate in 2002 when she reached the mandatory retirement age of 75.

She ended her slam failures, when she reached her first slam fourth round at the US Open losing to Naomi Osaka.

because she wants   (彼女が欲しいので)

They added that Chloe initially refuses because she wants to behave professionally.

At the hospital, Ross's mother offers him an engagement ring because she wants him to marry Rachel.

Megan decides to run for school president because she wants to have unlimited power and immediate approval or her every whim.

when she hears   (彼女が聞いたとき)

Tina is taken aback when she hears the person also has a large scar on his tailbone.

She becomes disturbed when she hears an eerie female voice respond, "I love you too."

Her daughter Amy is about to comfort her mother when she hears a noise in the living room.

when she becomes   (彼女がなるとき)

Vicky notices Sapna when she becomes a successful model.

Gambi later makes a special suit for Jennifer when she becomes Lightning.

The text describes Kālī's emerging out of Durga when she becomes extremely angry.

when she gave   (彼女が与えたとき)

She had to take a leave from show business when she gave birth to Wowie Cruz.

She failed to produce a foal until 1918 when she gave birth to a chestnut colt by Polymelus.

Lapa was about forty years old when she gave premature birth to twin daughters Catherine and Giovanna.

because she thought   (彼女が思ったから)

This is because she thought Yulsman only wanted Kerouac in the frame, so she stepped aside.

At a young age, Mercy almost ran away with Sam/Samuel because she thought they were in love.

For example, she only enjoyed music classes, because she thought singing was so natural to her.

until she left

Doherty played the role from 1965 until she left the series in 1967.

She worked as an art teacher starting in 1932 until she left in 1938 to live in Paris.

She served three terms on the city council from 2012 until she left office to become mayor in 2018.

when she worked   (彼女が働いたとき)

Norton began her professional life as a technologist when she worked as a SysAdmin and web programmer.

Her long career began in 1980, when she worked as a Farm Manager, serving in that capacity until 1985.

Sherrill was a Russian policy officer when she worked at the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Navy, Europe.

when she tried   (彼女が試したとき)

Carmel finds him hard to resist and is rejected by him when she tried to kiss him.

The outraged Tyrrel kept Emily imprisoned in his estate, and had her arrested on false charges when she tried to escape.

Padmashali tried her best to conform to the assigned gender identity, failing when she tried to kill herself at the age of 12.

because she believes   (彼女が信じているから)

She tells him to go to Bucharest because she believes it seems right to do.

Elizabeth then tells Paige that she is not afraid to die for her job, because she believes in what she's doing.

Ann is upset because she believes that she can still hear the voice of her late husband Bill, who was killed in the war.