merchant ships   (商船)

He destroyed 37 naval and merchant ships.

Siam was also rewarded with confiscated German merchant ships.

Bulk carriers have a cross-section typical of most merchant ships.

other ships   (他の船)

The survivors were picked up by other ships in the area.

"Mora", larger than the other ships, was also much faster.

This was performed on s, and s and other ships circa 1946-50.

sister ships

The "Michigan" had two sister ships, the and the .

It was one of three sister ships, along with and .

and rescued the crews of their sunken sister ships.

cruise ships   (クルーズ船)

Three-deck cruise ships built in Austria, 1984–1986.

It is frequently visited by cruise ships.

Ship traffic in the area is seasonally busy with cruise ships.

cargo ships   (貨物船)

The ship has a bulbous bow, a standard feature for cargo ships.

Three cargo ships and seven boats ran aground and two other boats sank.

On 24 August the submarine sank two attack cargo ships: "Yoshida Maru No.

sailing ships   (帆船)

This was significant in the days of sailing ships.

Frances (ship) A number of sailing ships have been named "Frances":

The stones were transported from Kowloon, Hong Kong by sailing ships.

both ships

However, both ships would prove to be a disappointment.

The designer and builder of both ships was Blaise Pangalo.

ships sunk   (沈没した船)

Allied ships sunk Allied warships hit U-boats hit

Seamen rescued from the ships sunk by "Admiral Graf Spee" were transferred to "Altmark".

and were the most successful in terms of ships sunk and gross register tonnage sunk, respectively.

enemy ships

They used 1,700 ships, and they captured 2,283 enemy ships.

At 11:25, the light cruiser "Southampton" sighted enemy ships ahead.

Troops were often used to storm enemy ships as used by Romans and pirates.

capital ships   (資本船)

The rest of the German capital ships were without even this innovation.

Several Italian and German capital ships participated in the non-intervention blockade.

On sea, units are either single capital ships or flotillas of small ships such as destroyers.

all ships

Baldr was ceremonially burnt upon his ship, Hringhorni, the largest of all ships.

In Busan, all ships were not allowed access to the docks until the typhoon's passage.

The Prussians lost all ships and as a consequence the Swedes occupied Usedom and Wollin.

new ships

The new ships will be the upgraded "flight III" version.

navy used the port's shipyards to build new ships for the navy.

Her bow-thrusters were upgraded, and new ships' tenders were added.

ships built

Erika was one of eight sister ships built in Japan.

Three-deck cruise ships built in Austria, 1984–1986.

List of ships built by Harland and Wolff (1859-1929)

number of ships   (船の数)

SS Tung An A number of ships have been named Tung An.

A number of ships make up the Chiron IV Colonial Convoy.

SS Celtic SS "Celtic" was the name of a number of ships.

several ships

It suffered from storms and several ships were wrecked.

She also operated off the east coast of Italy, sinking several ships.

"Olive" was only one of several ships that "Sémillante" captured on her cruise.

many ships

She endured many air raids and sent boarding parties onto many ships.

They send out many ships to take the device to Earth but the missions fail.

As a major port in the UK, Aberdeen receives many ships calling at the port.

large ships

He later opened a shipyard and built ten large ships.

They lost three large ships and several boats.

All of the large ships left East Asia, leaving behind only the gunboats.

naval ships

"See list of naval ships of Egypt for a list of vessels in service."

It also inherited naval ships.

It is named for Canadian naval ships that were lost during the Second World War.

ships carried

The ships carried a total of 3,600 rounds for them.

The ships carried of fuel oil which gave them a range of at .

The ships carried enough fuel oil to give them a range of at .

larger ships

Most other nations replied with similar larger ships.

Belfast harbour was dredged in 1845 to provide deeper berths for larger ships.

The larger ships, fewer in number, could then be assisted with an unconventional method.

surface ships

They are used on both surface ships and submarines.

The mini-sub makes it to the surface as the surface ships return.

They were mainly used to attack enemy surface ships and shore-based targets.

ships were built

At total of 37 ships were built at Rybinsk.

45 ships were built for the Soviet Navy from 1970 to 1982.

Over 2,000 ships were built in the city between 1871 and 1881.

ships during

"U-20" did not sink any ships during her service.

"U-30" sank no ships during her brief career.

"U-22" sank no ships during the war.

more ships

Three times these ships replenished forty or more ships of the Eastern Fleet.

After "Leda", the Admiralty had no more ships to this design for several years.

Three more ships were sunk before the submarine returned to Brest on 26 October.

smaller ships

In addition, many (if not most) smaller ships did not maintain passenger lists.

Including smaller ships, bulk carriers have a total combined capacity of almost 346 million DWT.

Guns were thereafter used in single-gun mountings, typically on smaller ships as the main armament.

ships arrived

HG 84 had lost five ships, yet 17 ships arrived safely.

The ships arrived to Nuuk, Greenland, on 31 October 2015.

The ships arrived back in Kiel on 18 March.

includes ships

It includes ships which carry small numbers of passengers in addition to their primary freight cargo.

List of shipwrecks in 2001 The list of shipwrecks in 2001 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 2001.

List of shipwrecks in 2000 The list of shipwrecks in 2000 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 2000.

container ships   (コンテナ船)

They can be transported on truck ferries, but they don't fit normal container ships.

The man is passed by two container ships, which do not see him, despite his use of signaling flares.

Bulk carriers have to wait up to 18 days before being serviced, container ships 36.3 hours on average.

transport ships

Lazenby estimates 30–40 transport ships would be required to carry 1,000 cavalry.

Rowley's squadron and a number of supporting transport ships reached Île Bonaparte on 7 July.

The convoy consisted of eight transport ships (1 Soviet, 4 British, 1 Norwegian and 2 Panamanian).

passenger ships

The port is capable of serving eleven passenger ships daily.

Kupang harbour is a harbour in Kupang that can serve both cargo and passenger ships.

In 2007, a total of 832 passenger ships docked at the port bringing 460,427 tourists.

ships carrying

On her way to Africa, Aminata observes ships carrying thousands of slaves bound for America.

On 10 September 1512, Afonso sailed from Cochin to Goa with fourteen ships carrying 1,700 soldiers.

The Dead Sea was an important trade route with ships carrying salt, asphalt and agricultural produce.

includes ships sunk   (沈没した船を含む)

List of shipwrecks in 2001 The list of shipwrecks in 2001 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 2001.

List of shipwrecks in 2000 The list of shipwrecks in 2000 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 2000.

List of shipwrecks in 1986 The list of shipwrecks in 1986 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1986.

supply ships   (補給船)

However, no further supply ships from England arrived that year, nor the following spring.

The French held their own, but this time the Spanish supply ships were able to relieve the town.

The Allied supply ships that plied the Arafura Sea and Torres Strait were also vulnerable to these attacks.

small ships

The expedition was to use two small ships, "Heemskerck" and "Zeehaen".

In Kulsekarapatnam till 1965 the small ships "Dhoni" operated from there.

Three small ships with 100 soldiers surprised the settlers at Stuart Town.

ships sailed

Union ships sailed south and blocked off one port after another.

The ships sailed from there to Corsica, Spain, Italy and Algeria.

Also in 1602 two merchant ships sailed from the Philippines to New Spain.

ships were designed

The ships were designed as coastal mine hunters.

The ships were designed in 1915 and based on the "Audace"-class destroyer.

Both ships were designed to sail on the Italy-South America route, run with three classes.

ships were sunk

During the war, all their ships were sunk or lost.

Except for Adana, Duatepe and Antares all of these ships were sunk.

Eight of its ships were sunk by the U-boats, another two were left damaged.

ships used

The anti-gravity ships used in this tournament are called 'Gravs'.

Many historically significant ships used Albany as their home port.

In contrast, Schlinghoff interprets the jars to be holding water, and ships shown as Indian ships used in international trade.

landing ships

The government of Singapore deployed two helicopter landing ships there.

All dock landing ships are named after cities or important places in U.S. and U.S.

The RAN's landing ships and , purchased in 1994, were still being refitted, and were unavailable.

first ships

The company acquired its first ships in circa 1820.

There were no women on the first ships.

Among the first ships on the opening day was also a steamboat "Franz Joseph I".

remaining ships

On 9 November, all remaining ships in Pola had the Italian flag raised.

He sent Gaius Sosius down to the south to spread the remaining ships out to the south.

On 9 November, all remaining ships in Pola harbor had the Italian flag raised, including "U-2".

hospital ships

He escorted hospital ships to and from France.

The hospital ships were non-warships converted to serve as hospital ships.

slave ships

She had a vested interest in what happened on slave ships."

They resettled in the Bahamas thousands of Africans liberated from slave ships.

in 1845, the Royal Navy started treating Brazilian slave ships as pirates, seizing the ships and freeing slaves.

ships were ordered

A further ten ships were ordered in June 2011.

A total of 14 ships were ordered from Vosper Ltd in the 1970s.

Two prototype ships were ordered in 1981, with the first ship, "Rushcutter", commissioned in November 1986.

ships at sea

On 16 November, she fueled ships at sea.

Attacks on ships at sea in 2006 fell to 239 vessels, down from 276 in 2005.

This flag with its red outer stripes was designed to show up well on ships at sea.

ships and aircraft

it has a collection of tanks, AFLs, ships and aircraft all from Nigeria or Biafra.

This led to a proposal and patent for using this technique for detecting ships and aircraft.

In the United States, both the Navy and Army needed means of remotely locating enemy ships and aircraft.

ships began

To prevent them from doing so, the English ships began to fire on the French for five hours.

The first United States, English and Russian trading ships began showing up in California before 1816.

Soon after the war, in January 1946, Finnish ships began arriving again to Argentina with Finnish made products.

fleet of ships   (艦隊)

A fleet of ships and planes are sent to rescue F.P.1.

He grew his business into a fleet of ships by the 1960s.

On 9 April Teach's enlarged fleet of ships looted and burnt "Protestant Caesar".

foreign ships

"Amatsukaze" was one of the earliest foreign ships equipped with the American Tartar system.

Other Chinese vessels came onto the run and by 1915, foreign ships expressed their interest too.

However, the shallow water level in the port delayed the actual opening to foreign ships until 1869.

ships sailing

/ But when he would see ships sailing, / He would cover it round with a fog."

For another four years, he served on various other ships sailing around the world.

Egmont quickly became an important port-of-call for British ships sailing around Cape Horn.

ships off

The next day, the "Suamico" fueled ships off Iwo Jima.

The rock plays a role in warning ships off the dangerous reef.

He raided ships off the Americas and West Africa from 1719 to 1722.

no ships

She carried out eleven patrols, but sank no ships.

She carried out three patrols, but sank no ships.

She carried out three patrols, sinking no ships.

ships returned

Chinese ships returned fire at 0752 hours.

That afternoon, the ships returned to the Mississippi unharmed.

No such base was found, and the ships returned to port the next day.

ships then

The ships then went to Auckland, New Zealand before proceeding to Tonga.

The two German ships then fired three salvoes each at "Invincible", and sank her in 90 seconds.

The two ships then began the voyage back to Germany the following day, arriving in the Jade Bight on 19 August.

ships named

See USS "Henley" for ships named in his honor.

List of ships named Iris Several ships have been named Iris:

All ships named after islands in Sabah.

ships reached

The ships reached Sasebo on 4 August and departed again three days later.

Rowley's squadron and a number of supporting transport ships reached Île Bonaparte on 7 July.

The ships reached Germany on 22 March 1899, and by this time, the navy had altered the training schedule.

whaling ships   (捕鯨船)

Traders and whaling ships also visited.

They focused their proselyting efforts mainly on crews of whaling ships.

He provided transport to missionaries going to the South Seas on his whaling ships.

ships left

Winee became ill shortly after the ships left Macau.

The ships left at 9pm that evening, and travelled together.

The ships left Cuba on November 5 to 9.

ships such

On sea, units are either single capital ships or flotillas of small ships such as destroyers.

In addition, some of the vessels the Government hired were EIC ships such as "City of London".

The Jewish merchant marine was also raised, operating SS "Tel-Aviv" and cargo ships such as "Atid".

support ships   (支援船)

Seaplane tender support ships came next, with the French of 1911.

The s gained a new lease of life in the U.S. Navy as fire support ships.

Navigation of the support ships was by celestial and LORAN-C with an accuracy of or less.

ships before

He famously disobeyed Parker's order to withdraw, destroying many of the Dano-Norwegian ships before a truce was agreed.

During her short career, the U-boat sailed on two combat patrols, but sank no ships before she was sunk on 30 January 1944.

During her career, the U-boat sailed on seven combat patrols, but sank no ships before she surrendered at Narvik in May 1945.

ten ships

Six of the ten ships were lost in commercial service.

A further ten ships were ordered in June 2011.

These ten ships were , , , , , , , , , and .

ships were equipped

The ships were equipped with 2 shaft reciprocating engines, which were rated at and produced a top speed of .

escort ships

Loaded with fuel oil and gasoline, she next refueled escort ships engaged in the Saipan landings.

After Japan capitulated on 15 August, she sailed on 1 October for Jacksonville, Florida, where she assisted in the inactivation of escort ships.

Operation "FR" was the delivery of escort ships to northern Russia to act as escorts for the first of the winter 1943 season convoys, Convoy RA 54A.

steam ships

SS Karanja Three steam ships have been named "Karanja":

The company's steam engines were to be found in many steam ships operating in the 19th century.

By the 1840s, tourism was continuing to grow, particularly with day trips on steam ships from Bristol.

aboard ships   (船に乗って)

Immigration inspections were conducted aboard ships or at docks.

More than 15,000 receiving sets were in use aboard ships in 1970.

As of November 2008, APMSS has ten teams aboard ships in the MSPA region.

ships displaced

The ships displaced at standard and at deep load.

The ships displaced at standard load and at deep load.

The ships displaced at (standard) load and at deep load.

wooden ships

She was one of three almost identical wooden ships including , , , and .

At an overall length of , "Iosco" was one of the largest wooden ships ever built.

At a length of the "Australasia" was one of the largest wooden ships ever built; her beam was wide and her cargo hold was deep.

class ships

Particularly the Lady class ships were barely able to keep to the published timetable in peak hours.

Global class ships were originally planned to measure 201,000 GT, but were increased to 208,000 GT in the final design.

"Bruiser" was the second of the LST Mk.1 class ships which could carry 13 Churchill tanks, 27 other vehicles and 193 men.

ships between

A late renaissance in popularity of ships between battleships and cruisers in size occurred on the eve of World War II.

As a young man Crowninshield went in partnership with three of his brothers commanding trade ships between the United States and India.

Mauritius had previously been visited by Arab vessels in the Middle Ages and Portuguese ships between 1507 and 1513, but was settled by neither.