İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

shocked when   (ne zaman şok)

The Romans were shocked when they heard the Persians had invaded.

She is shocked when she receives a text message who she thinks is Warren.

However, Lucie is shocked when he reveals that he won’t be leaving Orbis.

shocked to see   (görmek için şok)

He is visibly shocked to see the Stark boy again.

I was so shocked to see the way the kids got it.

She is shocked to see Chandru among the group and is deeply hurt.

shocked to find   (bulmak için şok)

Nurse Kim gets shocked to find blood and dead bodies.

Mishti is called out to the incident and is shocked to find Leo.

shocked to learn   (öğrenmek için şok)

He was shocked to learn at his trial that he was charged with murder.

Max wakes up the four and all four are shocked to learn about each other.

She is shocked to learn the full extent of his alcoholism and refuses to work with him.

shocked to discover   (keşfetmek için şok)

He was shocked to discover he had gotten married in New York.

Thereafter, Jinda is shocked to discover his friend being in love with Kiran.

Cesar is shocked to discover that his daughter's nanny is part of Piedad's plot.