İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

photo shoot   (fotoğraf çekimi)

The models first go to a photo shoot for their comp cards.

At the photo shoot, the girls have posed in Mykonos, Greece.

She then walks into a studio, where she is preparing for a photo shoot.

shoot down   (kapat)

El Salvador did not shoot down any Honduran aircraft.

457 Squadron managed to shoot down one of the float-planes.

Greisert was able to close and shoot down one of their number.

video shoot   (video çekimi)

He said on Twitter, "Access all areas #Answerphone video shoot.

In June 2004, Spears fell and injured her left knee during the music video shoot for "Outrageous".

They took the rap artist Tupac Shakur to court in 1994, after he assaulted them during a music video shoot.

tries to shoot   (vurmaya çalışır)

Sarah tries to shoot Quinn, but he escapes.

The police officer leading the seminar tries to shoot Buffy.

Gunno tries to shoot him, but misses.

able to shoot   (ateş edebilmek)

It has also been used by the army as a lead fighter able to shoot at any enemy.

He admits that he would not be able to shoot his victims if he looked them in the eye.

The player is also able to shoot down ally Flying Fortresses, as an act of friendly fire.

shoot the film   (filmi çek)

Marhoul decided to shoot the film in seven phases.

He had originally intended to shoot the film in colour.

Trajen Pictures was scheduled to shoot the film in 2012.

attempts to shoot

Veeran arrives and attempts to shoot Udhaya.

When Tony attempts to shoot Balleau, the gun will not fire.

Then, he follows Terry outside, and attempts to shoot Terry with the pistol.

not shoot

El Salvador did not shoot down any Honduran aircraft.

After the attacks Oslo police said clearly that snipers cannot shoot from the helicopter.

A shield is also available, although when activated it uses fuel and the ship cannot shoot.

during the shoot

Mailer did not allow any retakes during the shoot.

Webb fell ill with pneumonia during the shoot.

According to Patro, Balachander tweaked the film's script many times during the shoot.

used to shoot

It is commonly used to shoot very high contrast scenes.

Corbett received offers to purchase the gun he used to shoot Booth.

This is used to shoot at objects throughout the ride and gain points.

shoot and kill   (vur ve öldür)

The police shoot and kill him, mistakingly believing that he had a gun in his hand.

The PSNI officers responded to the emergency call, giving a CIRA sniper the chance to shoot and kill officer Stephen Carroll.

What was outstanding about the shooting was that the M.O.D went into their rival gang territory to shoot and kill a rival gang member to show them who was tougher.