İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

often shortened   (sıklıkla kısaltılır)

The term is often shortened to "BiDi" or "bidi".

This was often shortened to "el sur grande".

The name of the country is often shortened to "the D.R."

shortened version   (kısaltılmış versiyon)

The shortened version of the film of Story 2 exists.

"Sovkhoz" is a shortened version of the phrase of "Soviet farm".

A shortened version of the album was released in 1981 as Five Birds & a Monk.

name was shortened   (isim kısaltıldı)

The name was shortened to Georgia College in 1971.

The name was shortened to Etherley on 1 July 1871.

The name was shortened to "protactinium" in 1949.

later shortened

The name was later shortened to "the Virgin Islands".

He later shortened his name to Maurice Arnold.

The show title was later shortened to "The Grumbleweeds".

shortened form

"Christmas" is a shortened form of "Christ's mass".

67, but in a shortened form.

A shortened form is Varlam.

sometimes shortened

For instance, "Phnom Penh" is sometimes shortened to "m'Penh".

The name of the Consumentenbond is sometimes shortened as "CB".

It is sometimes shortened to gradus.

usually shortened

Rama I Road Rama I Road (; , usually shortened to ถนนพระราม 1) is a road in Bangkok.

Bobae Market Bobae Market (, , ), usually shortened to "Bobae", is a well-known cheap clothing market, both retail and wholesale.

Vlog A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog , is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

commonly shortened

It is commonly shortened to "Pat", "Patsy", "Patti"/"Pattie"/"Patty", "Trish" or "Trisha"/"Tricia", "Trixie".

Marie Residence Center of the Michigan College of Mining & Technology, which was commonly shortened to Soo Tech.

Algoma University Algoma University, commonly shortened to Algoma U or Algoma, is an undergraduate-only public university with its main campus in Sault Ste.