much shorter   (はるかに短い)

Other countries often have much shorter seasons.

Other animals were selected for much shorter periods.

The petals are erect, oblong and much shorter than the sepals.

slightly shorter   (少し短い)

The antennae are slightly shorter than the body.

It was also slightly shorter than the album version.

C-N distances are slightly shorter than C-C distances.

shorter version   (短いバージョン)

A shorter version features on the CD single.

Here, the expression is a shorter version of "matriculation college".

A shorter version, without stock, was also developed for Airborne forces.

shorter route   (短いルート)

It will be a much shorter route towards Pali for all traffic from Haryana.

This allows Kokomo Grain a shorter route to Indianapolis and markets south.

Probably the best known shorter route is the Ring of Steall, a circuit of the corrie above Steall Falls.

shorter time   (短い時間)

For a shorter time, he visited several universities in Europe, Brazil and Israel.

The contestant who finishes the course in the shorter time advances to the season finale.

"in the field") to fix bugs, and often include shorter time to market and lower non-recurring engineering costs.

shorter period   (短い期間)

This led to a shorter period a person had Smallpox than if they had contracted naturally.

Another way to look at it is: the back end must achieve the same change in velocity in a shorter period of time.

However, S Carinae has a shorter period – 150 days, though it is much more distant at 1300 light-years from Earth.

significantly shorter

This resulted in pinnipeds having significantly shorter tails.

The Tu-144"S" had a significantly shorter range than Concorde.

It was significantly shorter than the Great Depression (132 months).

shorter distance   (短い距離)

NSB further criticized that trains running on the northern segment did not run the shorter distance to Holmestrand.

There were also a smaller electric fleet used on shorter distance services around Leeds and Manchester and on services between Liverpool and Manchester.

These can now run the full length of the boiler shell, rather than just the rather shorter distance from the inner combustion chamber to the front tubeplate.

shorter and more

The software was designed to combine long synthesis paths into shorter and more economical paths.

Hence, warmer seasons will increase in length, whilst winter will become shorter and more sporadic depending on given temperature regions.

Its route is shorter and more direct than the mainline, and bypasses the Sautee Valley Historic District, and unincorporated community of Sautee.

even shorter

Some drag strips are even shorter and run 660 feet, 201 m, or 1/8 mile.

Its title is supposed to suggest it is even shorter than a short story.

", the play Klein produced had an even shorter run than his previous attempt.

shorter distances

However, street races like Monaco have shorter distances, to keep under the two-hour limit.

Today, the Schwebebahn uses the European Train Control System, allowing for shorter distances between trains.

When females leave, they tend to move much further away () than males (up to ), which tend to move shorter distances.