shortest path   (最短経路)

For this node the shortest path already has been found.

the exit conditions are met), the shortest path is evaluated.

If all nodes are locally consistent, then a shortest path can be determined as with A*.

shortest route   (最短ルート)

Path Option 2: This is the second shortest route.

Path Option 1: This is the shortest route.

The suburban route is the shortest route.

shortest time   (最短時間)

Time attack let players choose any track to complete it in the shortest time possible.

Points are accumulated by liberating as many gerbils as possible in the shortest time.

Times from the three days are then added together, and the team with the shortest time is declared the winner.

shortest possible

As a result, Bangladesh became an independent state within the shortest possible time.

But it was of capital importance that Rupert had to do his work upon York and the allied army in the shortest possible time.

In Norwegian, refers to "competitive skiing where the goal is to complete a specific distance in groomed tracks in the shortest possible time".