showed up   (出现了)

Many evenings Allison showed up for work in a tuxedo.

Myles showed up, leading Jones with a knife at his throat.

However, Henry showed up with an army of thirty thousand men.

showed no   (没有显示)

At school he showed no signs of a literary bent.

He showed no remorse for his actions during his trial.

Initially, Demeulemeester showed no interest in fashion.

study showed   (研究表明)

One study showed an average age of onset of 49.

The study showed that the mixed layer at the surface forms in autumn.

One study showed a link to early bone damage in new barefoot runners.

showed on grade   (在成绩上显示)

In Algebra 1, 50.39% showed on grade level skills.

In Algebra 1, 47.99% showed on grade level skills.

In Algebra 1, 51.7% showed on grade level skills.

results showed

It's results showed 95% accuracy on Amazon's 9GB review dataset.

The results showed continuous human habitation of about 3,000 years.

The X-ray results showed the shapes and thickness of the crystallite.

showed how

They showed how the LP can be used to decodes block codes.

He showed how visual complexity can be created from simple rules.

Above we showed how to prove the Borsuk–Ulam theorem from Tucker's lemma.

showed signs

The devices showed signs of "grinding or squeezing".

Weis' 2013 team showed signs of improvement.

When Shouxin was young he showed signs of musical talent.

showed interest

Thirteen parties showed interest in the contract.

From childhood, Jorge showed interest in art.

Early in his life, Lessing showed interest in the theatre.

showed great

Linnaeus greatly respected Scopoli and showed great interest in his work.

He showed great ability for the study of languages and ancient documents.

He showed great aptitude.

showed little

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

Hitler, however, showed little enthusiasm for the I.R.

His religious work was forceful but showed little bigotry.

studies showed

The studies showed that the toxin is embryotoxic in mice.

However, subsequent studies showed no significant effect on the brains.

Later studies showed squirrel monkeys were also vulnerable to infection.

research showed

Follow-up research showed that 75% were still working three years later.

More recent research showed Miocene ages for the northern volcanics and Pleistocene ages for the southern.

Nevertheless, a research showed that there was no significant drop of on-line "Share" users after these arrests.

poll showed   (民意调查显示)

A February 2008 opinion poll showed Newsom's approval rating at 67%.

The 2018 version of the poll showed public support had increased to 61%.

By November 5, a Siena poll showed Gillibrand ahead of Sweeney 46% to 43%.

census showed

By 1930, the census showed him working at a record store.

The 2001 census showed that the population of Grenada was 100,895.

The 1901 census showed that the population of the colony was 63,438.

polls showed   (民意调查显示)

The final 3 polls showed Obama leading 55% to 41%.

The final 3 polls showed McCain leading 50% to 42%.

The polls showed Clinton defeating McCain in Arkansas.

analysis showed

A subsequent chromatographic analysis showed that "A.

Musculoskeletal analysis showed significant gender lifestyle variation.

Carbon dating and stratigraphic analysis showed the remains to be 10,000 to 13,000 years old.

students showed

In mathematics, 29% of 5th grade students showed on grade level skills.

In Mathematics/Algebra 1, 85% of the students showed on grade level skills.

In Algebra 1, 49% of students showed on grade level skills at the end of the course.

showed promise

Romo's return showed promise, as Dallas went 3–0.

"Gamers' Republic" believed the game showed promise.

She also showed promise as a dramatic actress.

showed an interest

He showed an interest in aviation at an early age.

He showed an interest in comics during grade school.

Mattison showed an interest in art from an early age.

data showed

The local weather bureau data showed Pingtung as a whole received of rain since August 22.

Research data showed a strong negative relationship between DDT residual house sprayings and malaria.

In 2011, census data showed the number of dwellings increased to 2,172 while the population fell to 5,079.

showed off

Miller showed off his aggressive style by stopping Kassi.

The mentors also showed off their talent by singing Tell Me Something Good.

Bradford also showed off their new purple, white and green away kit for 2013.

survey showed

A 2018 survey showed that a minority of Filipinos favor same-sex marriages.

The survey showed 52% of respondents support cannabis legalization and 45% do not.

By 1990, a survey showed cycling to be the second most popular participation sport in New Zealand.

showed more

In fact, Galois showed more than this.

These towns had become fortresses and showed more reliable loyalty to him than others.

Up until 1921 the 2 Census reports showed more females than males occupying the parish.

tests showed

Continued tests showed that there were problems with bullet seating.

Early tests showed the N-y 4bis handled well and out-performed estimates.

However, preference tests showed that chickens preferred the thinner wire.

later showed

He later showed those results to Saddleback College President Richard McCullough.

Helicopter footage later showed a large hole and broken glass in the building's lobby doors.

Simon's initial introduction to music was through the drums, but later showed greater interest in the piano.

report showed

However, a 2011 report showed that trade was even more limited.

The 2011 ECSA report showed that there are approximately 750 Greek shipping companies in operation.

A 2012 report showed that 18% of first-year students at Arizona Summit had transferred to other law schools.

showed only

Grisha showed only two yellow cards during that match.

An inspection of adult stomachs showed only a green slime.

However, later records showed only two Honvéd pilots were killed.

then showed

The Dodgers then showed power with Parker and Johnson home runs.

The Mougoulacha chief then showed d'Iberville a letter that was written in french.

He then showed in 1874 that the cathode rays can turn a small paddle wheel when placed in their path.

first showed

Sony first showed a trailer for Afrika at E3 2006.

Francis Scott Key first showed his work to Skinner and had it published.

When I first showed them to Brigitte Lacombe, she said to me, 'Oh, Jessie.

showed little interest

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

Academics showed little interest in this topic until recently.

On the other hand, Potho showed little interest in the castles in his territory.

showed evidence

The persons crossing the border showed evidence of military training.

The culture showed evidence of millet cultivation and pig domestication.

The first layers of the excavations showed evidence of wild emmer and einkorn wheat.

showed an early

Hayne showed an early interest in the plant world.

Miller showed an early interest in photography.

Alexandrakis showed an early talent for design and painting.

never showed

However, the mill frequently changed ownership and never showed a profit.

EnVyUs easily took care of GODSENT as the Swedes never showed up in the match.

The customer Jaguars never showed, even though they continued to be promised even as the season went on.

showed significant

The following season, in 1893, showed significant improvement.

3,5 mg/kg bw) showed significant erythropenia and slight leukopenia.

Musculoskeletal analysis showed significant gender lifestyle variation.

showed good

Subsequent examination of my gun camera footage showed good hits on the Sabre.

He showed good promise as a youngster and was made captain of Jong Ajax in 2007.

The aircraft showed good results is to meet the expectations are set project task.

video showed

Platznum's video showed him kissing a girl.

However, the final video showed none which upset many fans.

The second video showed the bombing from a front door near the entrance.

showed no signs

At school he showed no signs of a literary bent.

They showed no signs of obesity and had very prominent muscles.

When "Invincible" returned to the UK after the war, she showed no signs of missile damage.

work showed

His early work showed the influence of Impressionism.

Early work showed that it is trinuclear.

Three years later, her work showed in New York for the first time at his gallery in Hudson.

graders showed

In science, 81% of fourth graders showed on grade level understanding.

In science, 77.3% of fourth graders showed on grade level understanding.

records showed

However, later records showed only two Honvéd pilots were killed.

Those records showed he was too young to have served in the Confederate Army.

Sources disagree on what was found: Khlebnikov says that the records showed no evidence of malfeasance.

only showed

Terrestrial organisms exposed to fly ash only showed increased levels of selenium.

only showed an increase in "spatial intelligence", the results were popularly interpreted as an increase in general IQ.

She did not speak Swedish, and she regarded the Swedish people as heretics and rebels and only showed herself in public when she was forced to.

evidence showed

Empirical evidence showed that the program had some success.

The bones have been intensively studied by forensic pathologists; DNA evidence showed that many of the deaths were caused by typhus.

The evidence showed that Bailey was not the first to conceive the idea of a device for opening or closing rigidly an automatic valve.

clearly showed

One of the fragments clearly showed the neural folds of a cerebral lobe.

The results clearly showed the new boat to be a success, and the FD was adopted.

It was controversial as the full painting clearly showed the hybrid's genitalia.

people showed

About 15-20 people showed up.

The message went viral, and hundreds of people showed up to accept his offer.

In spite, CRASH did a demonstration at the Neighborhood Church where 500 people showed up.

showed much

He showed much improvement in 2007, with 55 tackles, 10.5 sacks, and four forced fumbles.

The same study showed much higher rates of HIV diagnoses among aboriginal people in Canada than in Australia and New Zealand.

It showed much concern with the succession question and the queen prorogued it, only recalling it in 1566 to seek a financial bail-out.

investigation showed

The investigation showed that Brazzi, believed to be Lebanese, had never registered at the hotel.

Subsequent investigation showed rapid conversion occurs during its passage through the pulmonary circulation.

Though the investigation showed no wrong doing, it also said he did not live up to the highest spirit of transparency.

showed a strong

He showed a strong dislike for monks.

During his brief time in the big leagues he showed a strong bat and a weak glove.

Research data showed a strong negative relationship between DDT residual house sprayings and malaria.

showed strong

The game also showed strong sales during December 2009, becoming the 16th best selling game of that month in North America.

The DVD showed strong sales within its first week and was certified platinum by the RIAA, recognizing shipments exceeding 100,000 copies.

His sea voyage to the east should probably be connected with the invasion of Yucatán by the Itza, a tribe that showed strong Toltec features.

showed early

A descendant of Moses Isserles, Lichtenfeld showed early ability as a Talmudic scholar.

McNamara showed early on that he was a clutch performer, nailing a game-winning 3-pointer as then-No.

He showed early promise, leading his club's averages for the 1941 and 1942 seasons while still in his teens.

again showed

Other local tribes, without horses, again showed little compunction about attempted theft.

The boy was later challenged with variolous material and again showed no sign of infection.

The Japanese again showed unusual fire discipline, striking only when they could inflict maximum casualties.

showed no interest

Initially, Demeulemeester showed no interest in fashion.

The management of Sprague showed no interest to the invention by Lehovec.

Vought also built a single F4U-1 two-seat trainer; the Navy showed no interest.