Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

shown below

A photograph of the central panel is shown below.

There are also thematic collections shown below:

The membership of the committees is shown below.

studies have shown   (các nghiên cứu đã chỉ ra)

Although other studies have shown much higher figures.

Later studies have shown that the effect disappears in this context.

However, detailed studies have shown these materials to be distinct.

shown to interact   (hiển thị để tương tác)

Protein kinase R has been shown to interact with:

Protein S has been shown to interact with Factor V.

Alpha 2-antiplasmin has been shown to interact with:

not shown

LD (error ranges not shown): Mouse: 65 mg/kg, i.p.

Burn cards are usually not shown to the players.

"It was not shown as an important film", says Panahi.

first shown

The show was first shown in 2015 at the Young Vic.

The film was first shown on 25 July 1924 in Vienna.

The LSA version was first shown at Sun 'n Fun in 2010.

research has shown

Recent research has shown that Elizabeth remained in Edinburgh.

However, historical research has shown that none of these legends can be correct.

Further research has shown other observations made, but not interpreted cosmologically.

shown in bold   (in đậm)

Each candidate's best result is shown in bold.

Administrative county seats are shown in bold.

Sitting senators are shown in bold text.

later shown

It was later shown in New York on February 11, 1969.

It was later shown at the Games Convention one month later.

The tumor was later shown to be benign.

film was shown   (phim đã được chiếu)

A preview of the film was shown at Comic-Con 2007.

The film was shown in Berlin on April 16, 1960.

The film was shown in 105 theaters in the Philippines.

shown during

The first trailer was shown during Super Bowl XLIII.

There were 92 films shown during the festival.

The footage of Grimes' death is also shown during that episode.

shown above

(One of these honeycombs is the cubic, shown above.)

Hitch carved this statue and a photograph is shown above.

The contractions used are as shown above.

shown here   (hiển thị ở đây)

The advertisement for the sale is shown here.

Assistance can be shown here and will be long remembered.

Three license plates of the style shown here were produced.

then shown

Scrooge is then shown the Cratchit home.

A clip from the video was then shown, to much approval from the audience.

The perfume bottle is then shown, with the fragrance name being whispered calmly.

often shown   (thường được hiển thị)

He is often shown with the horned crown of divinity.

Reduplication is often shown with a tilde.

Mary was often shown as a much smaller figure than her mother.

shown live

The fight was shown live on Sky Sports in the UK.

The award ceremony was shown live on 22 April 2018.

The match was shown live on BBC One with Wigan winning 16-0.

shown to increase

The lipotrophy was also shown to increase with age.

Calorie restriction has also been shown to increase DHEA in primates.

Aspirin use has been shown to increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

never shown

He is also said to have a tattoo on his penis, though this is never shown.

However, McCall is only shown driving it once and then it was never shown again.)

Before leaving, he ties her shoes: to this point, Jojo had never shown he was able to tie shoe laces.

shown through

Musicals shown through Prompt!

It has been shown through survey that the average person's knowledge on tree care is limited.

It is shown through studies that fertility rates differ between regions in ways that reflect the opportunity costs of child rearing.

only shown   (chỉ hiển thị)

This is only shown for members of the European Tour.

This is only shown for players who are members of the tour.

This information is only shown for Japan Golf Tour members.

shown to reduce   (hiển thị để giảm)

DBT has been shown to reduce self-injurious behaviors in multiple studies.

It was also shown to reduce traffic volumes in Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon.

Sleep hygiene recommendations have been shown to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of insomnia.

shown when   (hiển thị khi)

Until 0.0.4, Android's status bar containing system information was only shown when the top toolbar was out.

The credit roll, shown when achieving a "good" ending, was removed from the non-Japanese versions of the game.

Their different personalities are best shown when they are separated, and they also speak a little differently.

not been shown

Medical DXM use has not been shown to cause the above issues.

Compliance has not been shown to be different between the two types.

Petroleum-derived distillates have not been shown to be carcinogenic in humans.

shown on television

The series has been shown on television.

A promo video was shown on television and at the YouTube in 2006.

"Three Tales", aired in 1960, was the first anime shown on television.

shown interest

Hollywood had shown interest in Welles as early as 1936.

Several countries have shown interest.

Several record companies had by now shown interest in signing him.

shown as part

It was shown as part of HBO's "America Undercover".

His work has been shown as part of Asia Week New York.

These were shown as part of a group exhibition entitled "Tamatea.

work was shown   (công việc đã được thể hiện)

In 2017, her work was shown at Karma Gallery.

Her work was shown in exhibitions in Canada and abroad.

This work was shown at the Jersey City Museum, amongst other places.

shown how

A large and growing body of research has shown how gender inequality undermines health and development.

In 2003 it was shown how the AM undergoes physiological changes in the presence of exudates from potential host plant roots, to colonize it.

He has also shown how videogame hardware, especially graphical processing units (GPUs), can be used to accelerate quantum chemistry simulations.

shown to cause   (hiển thị để gây ra)

Betel nut chewing has been shown to cause oral cancers.

Medical DXM use has not been shown to cause the above issues.

Osmotic stress has also been shown to cause the formation of clastosomes.

shown no

The examination of mummies has shown no evidence of FGM.

Two studies in mice have shown no increased incidence of cancer.

In many tests across various species, birds have shown no toxicity or mortality to LdMNPV.

shown up

A child's body had shown up in the Lauter River.

All had gone well until Hudson had suddenly shown up.

When his class arrives, they discover that their substitute teacher has not shown up.

study has shown

Furthermore, no study has shown any drug to be specific for language recovery.

However, a recent DNA study has shown that Somerled was of Norse descent in his male line.

One study has shown complete hydrolysis of urea within two days of application on such soils.

shown in parentheses

Non-native sounds are shown in parentheses.

Dropped scores are shown in parentheses.

Teams were seeded by their 2018 CBF ranking (shown in parentheses).

shown before

The deceased is shown before Osiris and Ra.

Spears shot an advertising campaign to be shown before her performances began.

The NCHA Futurity is an event for 3-year-old horses who have not been shown before.

dates shown

The dates shown are the first airings of the episodes.

The squadron was assigned the following aircraft, effective on the dates shown: The squadron was assigned to these home ports, effective on the dates shown:

shown to improve   (thể hiện để cải thiện)

The 1450-nm diode laser has been shown to improve LMDF.

It has been shown to improve performance on animal tests of memory.

Education and proper care have been shown to improve quality of life.

shown wearing

Sometimes she is shown wearing the aegis as a cloak.

He is shown wearing a flounced skirt and a cone-shaped hat.

At the end, Eve and Keys are shown wearing "Gangsta Love" shirts.

usually shown

The dragon is usually shown with its mouth open.

Calliope is usually shown with a writing tablet in her hand.

The two lovers are usually shown happily embracing in a bower.

not be shown

Unlike earlier drawings, action could not be shown.

Planned status cannot be shown if the symbol is an unframed filled icon.

2020 (UHDTV/UHD-1/UHD-2) color space can reproduce colors that cannot be shown with the Rec.

shown only   (chỉ hiển thị)

Endings are shown only in the back vowel harmony variant.

The first, Madame Caxuxá, which was shown only on Saturdays.

This film didn't get a theatrical release and was ultimately shown only on private channels.

originally shown   (ban đầu được hiển thị)

The concert was originally shown on Dutch television shortly after the performance.

It was originally shown in three parts on 6, 13 and 30 January 1986 on Britain’s Channel 4.

There were seven films in total; they were originally shown at small gatherings throughout the South.

previously shown   (hiển thị trước đó)

It was previously shown on BFBS1.

Maryland had previously shown an ability to strike quickly on offense and did so again in the game.

had been previously shown on Canadian and Swiss television and at film festivals without controversy.

analysis has shown

Phylogenetic analysis has shown that "Bovista", as defined by Kreisel, is monophyletic.

Some authors have considered "M. illuminans" to be synonymous with "M. chlorophos" due to their morphological similarity, but molecular analysis has shown that they are distinct species.

Archaeologists Alasdair Whittle and Michael Wysocki note that such estimates were commonly based on the "numbers of skulls or mandibles", and recent analysis has shown the bones to be from at least 40 individuals.

sometimes shown

Byron is sometimes shown to be one of Elmyra's pets as well.

Twin feathers are also sometimes shown in later periods as well as a necklace.

It is sometimes shown within a mandala, overlaid on the 12 signs of the zodiac.

always shown

The film is now always shown silent, in which form it remains one of the great classics of the screen.

The former are always shown as normal looking human beings, however this is not what they truly look like.

Foreign films, especially English films shown in local cinemas, are almost always shown in their original language.

shown throughout

The exterior shots shown throughout the season are still the real Fontainebleau.

It is impossible not to admire the discrimination which has been shown throughout.

Cut scenes of ice creams, glasses of ice and three women sunbathing are shown throughout the video.

films shown

There were 92 films shown during the festival.

Around half the films shown are documentaries.

The maximum length of the films shown in the competitive selection is 20 minutes.

shown using

E-paper displays at bus or trams stops can be shown using eletronic paper.

The aliens are of course shown using scientific progress in order to enjoy a high standard of living.

In the episode "The Ambush" a Dalek is shown using a device resembling a thermal lance to cut through a door.

already shown

The spade was already shown in a seal of 1684.

As already shown "F" tends to "Ch" in L(∂Ω).

The Teton people had already shown resistance to the expedition.

series was shown

The series was shown on Channel 4 in 2009.

In Canada, the anime series was shown on Super Channel 2 beginning on December 8, 2008.

During this time, the series was shown on Spanish television under the name "Iron-Man 28".

still shown   (vẫn được hiển thị)

They are still shown to visitors as the Tegnér museum.

This road was still shown on maps of 1852.

The series was later moved to Pay-TV channel UKTV where it is still shown.

members are shown

Sitting members are shown in bold text.

In the music video, the three members are shown having a beach party with some friends.

year is shown

In the list below the winner of the award for each year is shown first, followed by the other nominees.

The breakdown of prize money for this year is shown below: These matches were played in Chengdu on 28 and 29 October 2012.

In the lists below, the winner of the award for each year is shown first, followed by the other nominees in alphabetical order.

shown again

Jennie is shown again on the phone but is much happier, smiling and laughing.

It was shown again in 1989 at an exhibition of 26 Moscow and Leningrad artists.

However, McCall is only shown driving it once and then it was never shown again.)

shown to produce   (hiển thị để sản xuất)

(3) Temperature changes have also been shown to produce varying amounts of cysts.

From various experiments, the elephant larynx is shown to produce various and complex vibratory phenomena.

In humans, alcohol consumption has been shown to produce epigenetic changes that contribute to the increased craving of alcohol.

shown to inhibit   (thể hiện sự ức chế)

Dicalcium 2,5-furandicarboxylate was shown to inhibit the growth of "Bacillus megatorium".

siRNA inhibition of PLKHG5 has been shown to inhibit the motility of cells in scratch assays.

Local application of estrogen in the rat hippocampus has been shown to inhibit the re-uptake of serotonin.

shown in brackets

Ranking shown in brackets except Hosts which rank 4th.

Rankings are shown in brackets except the hosts who ranked 6th.

Residents on the route encompassed by the following roads maintain their previous address but can use (Central Coast Highway) as shown in brackets after their address if they so wish:

clearly shown

It is clearly shown displaying affection.

Ethical intuitionism was first clearly shown in use by the philosopher Francis Hutcheson.

Watters is listed in the credits, and is clearly shown on the back of his Knights jersey #32.

shown in figure   (Thể hiện trong hình)

The cross section view of one of those units is shown in figure 3.

Equilines of amplitude and phase of factorial are shown in figure.

This is shown in figure 1.

shown to play   (hiển thị để chơi)

GFAP has been shown to play a role in mitosis by adjusting the filament network present in the cell.

Recently, i-motifs were discovered in human cells and were shown to play a role in cell reproduction.

Collective traumas have been shown to play a key role in group identity formation (see: Law of Common Fate).