İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

younger siblings   (daha genç kardeşler)

When she was able, she taught her younger siblings.

He has 3 younger siblings - 1 sister and 2 brothers.

She has one older sibling and three younger siblings.

older siblings   (büyük kardeşler)

He has two older siblings, a sister and a brother.

He had two older siblings, Germanicus and Livilla.

She had two older siblings, Evangeline (1880-1932?)

other siblings   (diğer kardeşler)

She was the oldest of seven other siblings in her family.

Josephine was born in 1964 to a family with five other siblings.

Bright grew up the son of a sharecropper, with 13 other siblings.

siblings included   (kardeşler dahil)

His siblings included his twin brother Henry O.H.

His siblings included General Robert Horn Dalrymple.

His siblings included Elmer Drew Merrill, who was his twin.

parents and siblings

Her parents and siblings also survived the war.

Within five years his parents and siblings followed him to Fort Myers.

Pence grew up with her parents and siblings in Arlington County, Virginia.

mother and siblings

By the time she returned to the kennel, her mother and siblings were no longer there.

Earl and his mother and siblings attended Schuyler Baptist Church near their homestead.

She also has the right to refuse to live with her husband's father, mother and siblings.