both sides   (両方)

These dolmens flank both sides of the main street.

The statues of Eighteen Arhats stand on both sides.

Staircases protrude from both sides of the station.

all sides   (四方)

The reporter’s challenge is digging out all sides.

Large windows surround the building on all sides.

The village is surrounded on all sides by mountains.

opposite sides   (反対側)

"trans"-2-butene) the methyl groups appear on opposite sides.

Opponents stand facing each other on opposite sides of the wire.

The two sp orbitals project on opposite sides of the carbon atom.

west sides   (西側)

The south and west sides were rebuilt in brick.

The east and west sides are long and the north-south sides about .

The courtyard had arcades on the east and west sides, supported by columns.

south sides

There are bell openings on the north and south sides.

The chancel has chapels on the north and south sides.

Palladian windows are set on the building's north and south sides.

along the sides

The abdomen has is black with yellow along the sides.

No fleshy keel exists along the sides of the caudal peduncle.

A fence was erected along the sides and rear of the building.

switched sides   (スイッチサイド)

In 1995, he switched sides again and backed Rabbani.

While he was at Ptolemais Akko, however, Ptolemy switched sides.

But in September 1944, Bulgaria switched sides in the war and withdrew from Yugoslavia.

all four sides

It is surrounded by vast gardens on all four sides.

The palace has high boundary walls on all four sides.

It surrounds Souk El Hout from all four sides.

different sides

Tools such as a compass can be used to measure the angles of different sides.

Blair opined that Rosie's inclusion brought out different sides to Carmella's character.

His rule was limited since the country was fractured by civil war between different sides.

opposing sides   (反対側)

The opposing sides met at Dunkou (沌口, in modern Wuhan).

Two opposing sides of the tower bear the tughra of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

During World War II (1939-1945), Canada and Italy were on opposing sides.

changed sides

12 MPs changed sides between the first and second readings.

The other three changed sides, and began to work for the opposition.

In 1706 he changed sides and became a supporter of Stanisław Leszczyński.

other sides   (反対側)

Both slaughters each other sides and Arjuna cuts his bow.

Yet where’s the other sides numbers?

Towers are four-cornered on the south, and rounded on other sides.

east sides

It has wide-eaved porches on its south and east sides.

It has one-story later additions on its north and east sides.

Ann Arbor Charter Township adjoins the city's north and east sides.

along both sides

Similarly, they will funnel along both sides of the Black Sea.

The town straddles the River Wick and extends along both sides of Wick Bay.

It is located along both sides of Chapel Point Road immediately south of Maryland Route 6.

sides agreed

Both sides agreed to take an oath to prevent violence against each other.

Both sides agreed to reduce the military numbers along the borders to a minimum.

That tour also brought an end to the hostilities when both sides agreed to an armistice.

club sides

He later coached Mufulira Wanderers and several other club sides.

Moon began playing football at a young age for local boys' club sides Bankfoot and Fossoway.

Vanstrattan went on to represent Australia U-23 in two friendlies against club sides in Germany.

sides during

The casualties for both sides during the entire campaign were 57,225.

African Americans—slave and free—served on both sides during the war.

The tongue may be bitten at either the tip or on the sides during a seizure.

youth sides

He also played for the youth sides of Sparta Prague and Dubnica.

Vancaeyezeele played for the youth sides of Stade Malherbe Caen of Ligue 1.

He proceeded to score more than 80 goals for the club's various youth sides.

between the sides

It was the first 0–0 between the sides since 1994.

The fighting between the sides was brief, with few casualties on either side.

They are also the only team to win an away match between the sides, having won 15 times in Wales.

right sides

Longnü and Shancai are placed on the left and right sides.

Statues of Four Heavenly Kings stand on the left and right sides.

western sides   (西側)

There are two other gates on the eastern and western sides.

It has a verandah on its eastern and western sides and a gable roof.

Seats are arranged in a circle at the eastern and western sides of the field.

take sides

Abylai chose not to take sides.

The thing had been sprung on them so suddenly they were unable to take sides."

Both kingdoms would then take sides respectively during the Roman–Parthian War of 58–63.

sides met

The opposing sides met at Dunkou (沌口, in modern Wuhan).

With just three rounds to go, both sides met each square on 18 points each.

To stop the bloodshed both sides met to agree on conditions of a cease-fire.

switch sides

This act made his father switch sides to Isabella.

Many of the Roman captains had been bribed to switch sides.

Captured Soviet soldiers were forced to switch sides or die.

back and sides   (背中と側面)

Cedar is also common in the back and sides, as is basswood.

Other woods, such as poplar or willow, are sometimes used for the back and sides.

The back and sides are grey and the belly white, and a long white streak is on the flank.

eastern sides   (東側)

The northern and eastern sides of the island are steep and mountainous.

Its name derives from a rivulet flowing on northern and eastern sides of the city.

There he discovers a small group of shepherds that complains of being attacked by the wolves from eastern sides (i.e.

southern sides

The more exposed eastern and southern sides featured no towers.

On the eastern and southern sides of the lake, native plants have been planted.

On its northern and southern sides it is flanked by pavilions for the theatre and restaurant.

thick sides

The forward conning tower had 9 in thick sides.

The main battery turrets had thick faces and 70 mm thick sides.

national sides   (国民的側面)

Past players who have represented the national sides of other countries include:

Javary has also played for the French national sides from under 16 to under 19 level.

Additionally, the ECB XI was no longer included and only full national sides could take part.

long sides   (長辺)

For the goal ball, goals can be placed along the long sides.

A simulated barrel rick with posts and cross beams is constructed on one of the long sides.

The long sides if viewed towards the south-east, face the most southerly rising of the Moon.

representative sides   (代表的な側)

He later represented Wiltshire in the Minor Counties and played List A cricket for both Wiltshire and for Minor Counties representative sides.

Burrows was good enough to play for the Lismore City and Lismore representative sides against the Sutherland Shire Casuals and Grafton in 1954.

During the Second World War he also played in Army and FA representative sides, and was badly injured by a gunshot wound whilst in South Africa.