Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

laid siege   (asedio)

For the next 30 days, they laid siege to Richmond.

On 10 August, the Spanish army laid siege to Lingen.

In 350, Shapur laid siege to Nisibis, for a third time.

during the siege   (durante el asedio)

He died in the Holy Land during the siege of Acre.

More than 20 houses were burned during the siege.

He died in 1941 during the siege of Leningrad.

lay siege   (asedio laico)

Meanwhile, the remaining Marlfoxes lay siege to Redwall.

Eventually, the Whites lay siege to Tampere.

King Nahash of Ammon (990 BC) lay siege to Jabesh-Gilead.

lift the siege   (levantar el asedio)

This will lift the siege on Fancheng."

The next day, three Malian army units gave up trying to lift the siege.

The defeated Manchu lift the siege the following month (on 3 April 1655).

long siege   (asedio largo)

Moghul army tried to capture this fort after a long siege from 1682 to 1684.

The city withstood a long siege from 1887 to 1888 but fell to the French in 1898.

The relief army had to act quickly to save the city and so prevent another long siege.

siege engines

The city was surrounded and blockaded, and siege engines set up.

Included in the arsenal of Abd al-Rahman's army were thirty-six siege engines.

It lasted for 33 days and involved the use of siege engines, but in the end failed.

laying siege

In 1144 Stephen attacked Ranulf again by laying siege to Lincoln Castle.

Sultan advanced along the west coast, laying siege to Mangalore on 20 May 1783.

King Zhaoxiang then ordered an attack on Zhao in late 259 BC, laying siege to Handan.

break the siege   (romper el asedio)

A December 1093 attempt to break the siege failed.

It succeeded in retaking Orléans, but failed to break the siege.

Confederates marched out of Jackson to break the siege in early July.

lifted the siege

Hearing the news, Ma Shi lifted the siege on Bei Prefecture and joined forces with Zhu.

On the 18th they got word of reinforcements from Santander arriving to the city and lifted the siege.

Reinforcements lifted the siege in early 47 BC and Ptolemy XIII died shortly afterwards in the Battle of the Nile.

siege warfare

The term is an evolution of the concept of "sortie" in siege warfare.

The means of prolonging a battle was typically by employment of siege warfare.

In the Siege of Jerusalem of 614 AD, after 21 days of relentless siege warfare, Jerusalem was captured.

siege guns

Three of Drummond's six siege guns were destroyed in Battery No.

A second source believed that the Yorktown siege guns were Gribeauval pieces.

Some of the earlier Gribeauval siege guns kept the baroque "dolphin" design for the handles.

state of siege   (estado de sitio)

The government declared a state of siege.

On 25 April, the Governor General declared a state of siege.

On 20 October 1941 Moscow was declared to be in a state of siege.

siege artillery

The Ottoman Empire made good use of cannon as siege artillery.

It was part of the siege artillery.

siege lasted

The siege lasted for several months in 1727.

Sources vary on how long the siege lasted.

The siege lasted 51 days.