Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

signed a contract   (ký hợp đồng)

In 2013 signed a contract with Marmi Lanza Verona.

On 1 July 2015, Barreto signed a contract with U.C.

In May 2018 he signed a contract extension to 2022.

signed a new   (đã ký mới)

On 30 May 2014, Hopper signed a new two-year deal.

He signed a new one-year deal for the 2009 season.

On 31 May 2011 he signed a new two-year contract.

signed into law   (ký thành luật)

It was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2004.

Of the 320 bills introduced, 88 were signed into law.

It was signed into law by the governor on September 5.

then signed   (sau đó đã ký)

He then signed for First Division club Ayr United.

In September 2011, he then signed for Notts County.

He then signed with the American side Chicago Fire.

signed up

Thirty-six teams signed up for the Cup tournament.

In 2015 it signed up to the Right2Change agreement.

Thirteen teams signed up for the Cup tournament.

signed an agreement   (đã ký một thỏa thuận)

They signed an agreement with Screen Guild Productions to distribute.

Circa 2016, NISCO signed an agreement with banks for debt-to-equity swap.

Both sides signed an agreement on mutual protection of secret information.

signed a minor   (đã ký một trẻ vị thành niên)

In , he signed a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox.

In 2015, LaHair signed a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox.

In January 2018, Cuevas signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox.

signed his first

He signed his first professional contract in July 2017.

He signed his first professional contract a year later.

He signed his first professional contract in November 1984.

signed a deal   (đã ký một thỏa thuận)

On 29 January 2020, Masiello signed a deal with Genoa.

In May 2017, Ronny J signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

Employees signed a deal in May 2014 and returned to work.

signed between

A peace pact is signed between Earth and the Xiliens.

A seven-year truce was signed between Russia and Sweden in 1565.

First a Cooperation Agreement is signed between the country and ESA.

band signed

In 2016, the band signed with UK-based label Damnably.

The band signed to So Recordings weeks later.

In 1996 the band signed with Virgin Records.

later signed

He later signed with division rival Washington.

on trial and later signed a two year contract.

He was later signed in by Stallion Laguna F.C.

when he signed   (khi anh ấy ký)

Ammi made his next step in 2006, when he signed with NAC Breda.

Weir remained at Hibs until 1987, when he signed for Luton Town.

He returned to Eindhoven in 2018, when he signed for Oranje-Rood.

agreement was signed

and a transfer agreement was signed in May 2019.

A first free trade area agreement was signed in 1975.

The Shareholder's agreement was signed on 15 August 2005.

first signed

WLAC first signed on the air on November 24, 1926.

On December 5, 1947, WHOO first signed on the air.

(WFBL, now at 1390, also first signed on in 1922.)

subsequently signed

The band subsequently signed to Epitaph Records.

He subsequently signed to Arts & Crafts in 2008.

JR subsequently signed an endorsement deal with Renault SA.

currently signed

Nahemah are currently signed to Lifeforce Records.

He is currently signed to Strange Famous Records.

They are currently signed with Republic Records.

not signed

WYO 255 is also not signed from the interstate.

The road is designated but not signed as State Road 571.

Russia and Azerbaijan have not signed it.

signed off

The message was signed off, "lots of love, Yoko".

"JSTOR signed off on it," he said, "but MIT would not."

He signed off from Citytv for the last time February 29, 2016.

treaty was signed   (hiệp ước đã được ký kết)

A draft treaty was signed on 29 November 1962.

The peace treaty was signed at a place named St. Martin.

The principal border treaty was signed on April 17, 1985.

eventually signed

They eventually signed with EMI / Columbia Records.

He eventually signed for the club on 30 July.

and eventually signed with Reprise Records.

signed a treaty   (đã ký một hiệp ước)

Note that the Dakota have never signed a treaty in Canada.

The Duke of Spoleto signed a treaty.

In 1837, both nations signed a treaty to abolish the slave trade.

signed a professional

He signed a professional full-time contract in June 2009.

He signed a professional contract with the club in July 1984.

On 14 March 2017, he signed a professional deal with the club.

signed to play   (ký để chơi)

Murali signed to play the role of a rickshaw puller.

Donald Gray signed to play the second male lead.

Manivannan signed to play an important role.

signed a letter

In response, 57 former EPA counsels signed a letter criticizing Pruitt's directive.

In 2018 Merpati Nusantara signed a letter of intent for 10 Irkut MC-21-300 aircraft.

In June, Skyways signed a letter of intent to purchase a number of Avro 748 aircraft.

originally signed

He was originally signed by the New Orleans Saints.

Jay Dratler was originally signed to write the script.

Jacobz was originally signed to the show for six months.

station signed   (trạm đã ký)

The station signed on from this site in July 2004.

The station signed on the air on August 19, 1990.

On June 25, 1966, the station signed on as KBER-FM.

signed a record   (ký một hồ sơ)

In 2016 he signed a record deal with Sony Music.

Soon after, he signed a record deal with Capitol Records.

In December 2012, he signed a record deal with Sony Music.

officially signed

He officially signed with the club on 1 May 2008.

She officially signed with the club on March 24.

He officially signed for East Fife in June 2008.

contract was signed   (hợp đồng đã được ký kết)

Within a week, a three-book contract was signed.

A contract was signed with a budget of $350 million.

In January 2010, a contract was signed for six C-17s.

before being signed

He played for Air21 (FedEx) from 2002-2006 before being signed by Talk 'N Text in 2007.

He grew up in Lafayette, California, before being signed by Walt Disney and leaving the area.

Núñez started his youth career with Club Leonardo Murialdo, before being signed by Godoy Cruz.

agreement signed

An agreement signed on 30 January 1994 facilitated a gradual return to peace.

The latter was established on 20 March 1964 by an agreement signed on 14 June 1962.

This is Taiwan's first economic partnership agreement signed with a member of ASEAN.

signed a recording

In 2002, he signed a recording deal with Real Music.

In 2004, they signed a recording contract with Chandos Records.

In 2015, Quest signed a recording deal with Warner Music Philippines.

having signed

He spent most of his career with Tondela, having signed in 2011.

There is no existing record of any having signed this declaration.

Rowe joined for the 2012 season as a neo-pro, having signed a two-year deal.

signed a petition   (đã ký một bản kiến nghị)

At that point faculty members throughout Boston signed a petition to have Silber removed.

signed a petition to the state of Kansas which supported voting rights for women and blacks.

In 2017 200,000 people signed a petition, calling on the Spanish government to ban the organisation.

signed a memorandum   (đã ký một bản ghi nhớ)

Earlier in the year, Ruwaad signed a memorandum of understanding with KZN Premier S’bu Ndebele.

Government of Qatar signed a memorandum of understanding in 2018 to invest $500 million in the area.

In 2007, Fiat and Chery signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a car-making joint venture.

treaty signed   (hiệp ước đã ký)

This resulted in a peace treaty signed in 1823 after the Battle of Erzurum.

Sanseverino became part of the Papal States by a treaty signed at Tolentino in 1445.

The incorporation of Reszel to the Kingdom of Poland was confirmed in a peace treaty signed in Toruń in 1466.

group signed

The group signed with Shady Records on January 12, 2011.

The group signed a record deal with US label Def Jam Recordings in 2007.

Immediately afterwards, the group signed a ceasefire with the government of Myanmar.

signed the bill

The governor signed the bill into law on March 9.

President Trump signed the bill later in the day.

team signed   (đội đã ký)

The team signed him for 2012 and 2013.

Dargle remained in Cleveland after no other MISL team signed him.

The team signed British drivers Emil Bernstorff and Tom Blomqvist.

station first signed   (trạm đầu tiên ký)

On October 1, 1969, the station first signed on.

In 1975, the station first signed on as KPUB-FM.

On June 7, 1974, the station first signed on as WIGL.

signed on loan   (ký cho vay)

He signed on loan for Swindon on 24 November 2000.

On 11 July 2018, Nani was signed on loan by Belgrano.

He then signed on loan for FC Nantes in 2010.

signed an exclusive

They have signed an exclusive worldwide contract.

In April 2019, Lee signed an exclusive contract with FN Entertainment.

In April 1951 Levin signed an exclusive contract with 20th Century Fox.

band was signed

The band was signed to the Bella Union label in 2004.

The band was signed to Chime Entertainment and formed in 2005.

The band was signed to Virus Records in 2002 and subsequently to Universal Music.

signed a peace

During his reign, Venice signed a peace with Genoa.

The ruler of Tabaristan then signed a peace treaty with the Caliphate.

643, Uthman ibn Abi al-As seized Bishapur, which signed a peace treaty.

club signed

The club signed him to a five-year contract.

In 2004 the Football club signed 22-year-old Lithuanian International, Mindaugas Grigalevičius.

In July 2018, the club signed a contract with Merooj, starting from 2017–18 Iran Pro League season.

signed another   (ký tên khác)

In early July 2015 she signed another Telugu project "Dictator".

In addition, she signed another local San Francisco band, 2 Lane Blacktop.

He signed another full-season loan with the Norwegian club on 5 January 2016.

already signed

De Graafschap had already signed him on a pre-contract prior to the injury.

It may be recalled that the AAI has already signed MoUs with these flight operators.

CTV Television Network had already signed off its special broadcast before Dion's statement arrived.

recently signed

Heart had just recently signed with Capitol Records.

He was recently signed by Sony.

Most recently signed to Virgin Records, Over It is currently unsigned and inactive.

government signed   (ký kết chính phủ)

The Turkish government signed an armistice on 28 October 1918 and surrendered outright two days later.

On July 12, 1861, the Confederate government signed a treaty with both the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian nations.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Azerbaijan government signed an agreement with the British company "Kosmos".

signed a bill

On November 1, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill which created American Samoa National Park.

In 2009 President Obama signed a bill making the M & M Trail part of the National Scenic Trail system.

Governor Goddard signed a bill banning discrimination on grounds of race, gender, religion and ethnicity.

signed the band

Shortly afterwards Island Records signed the band.

In 2004 the Hamburg indie label Tapete Records signed the band.

Clive Davis liked what he heard, and signed the band to the label.

signed contracts   (ký hợp đồng)

They signed contracts with the state-owned energy utility company TANESCO.

They both signed contracts with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 1998.

As well Paul Daley, Dan Lauzon, and Rafaello Oliveira have signed contracts with Zuffa.

never signed

Note that the Dakota have never signed a treaty in Canada.

WMWC never signed on an analog signal prior to June 12, 2009.

However, this treaty was never signed by King Ferdinand of Romania.

countries signed

The two countries signed a military cooperation agreement.

In June 2009, the two countries signed a free trade agreement.

In 1997, the two countries signed a military cooperation agreement.

finally signed   (cuối cùng đã ký)

He was finally signed to Liberty Records in 1992.

Mark finally signed for Norwich at the end of June 2001.

On August 20, 2012 Koutsianikoulis finally signed a 3-year contract with OFI.

signed several

The club also signed several new players.

Lennon also signed several experienced players on free transfers.

Shortly after the season had begun, McIntyre signed several more players.

initially signed

44 countries initially signed the agreement on 21 March 2018.

A. R. Rahman was initially signed in to compose music for the film.

The band were initially signed to Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey's JP Productions.

company signed   (công ty đã ký)

In 2008, the company signed a 10-year contract at Pride Park Stadium, Derby.

The company signed their first international customer, CPU of Japan, in 1994.

The company signed an agreement for the display IP from its PowerVR portfolio.

signed a decree   (ký nghị định)

Five days later, President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree establishing the holiday.

On March 12, President Traian Băsescu signed a decree removing Ungureanu from his position.

In January 1992, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov signed a decree establishing the MUZEON Park of Arts.

signed free   (ký miễn phí)

On November 29, the Braves signed free agent CF B.J.

Detroit soon signed free agent defenseman Ian White to take his place.

The Tigers also signed free agent catcher Brayan Peña to a one-year contract.

bill was signed

The bill was signed by Governor Jerry Brown October 7, 2015.

The bill was signed by Governor John Kasich on June 26, 2012.

Bill Owens; in 2007, however, the bill was signed into law by Gov.

players signed

Three new players signed for Melbourne City in mid-September.

These players signed with the USFL before the NFL could draft them.

The following three players signed with National Arena League (NAL) teams:

season he signed

The following season he signed for Boston United.

Later that same season he signed for Étoile du Sahel.

At the end of the 2010-11 season he signed for Bury Town.

signed a permanent   (ký vĩnh viễn)

On 29 July 2014, he signed a permanent two-year contract.

The next day Smith signed a permanent contract with AFC Wimbledon.

The following day, he signed a permanent contract with Brackley Town.

signed professional

He signed professional terms with Arsenal in July 2002.

signed professional contract for Shan United Senior team.

He signed professional forms in March 1955.

signed legislation   (ký luật)

Sam Brownback signed legislation a month later authorizing fantasy gaming.

Walker also signed legislation increasing funding for peer-run respite centers.

On March 9, 2015, Walker signed legislation making Wisconsin a right-to-work state.

signed and dated

He signed and dated each one of his works.

Form 1040 must be signed and dated in order to be considered valid.

Benvenuto has 11 signed and dated paintings that are still surviving.

signed former

In 1991 it signed former world champion Eddie Lawson to its team.

The club also signed former Scotland and Lochcarron manager, Fraser MacKenzie in 2011.

However, the Bills also signed former Canadian Football League (CFL) star Flutie after A.J.

soon signed

The club soon signed Stefan Wessels as his replacement.

Detroit soon signed free agent defenseman Ian White to take his place.

They soon signed to the German label Crypt Records and released "Outta Here."

signed onto

In 2013, Garlin signed onto the ABC sitcom "The Goldbergs".

After Megan got home from school, Tina Meier signed onto MySpace for Megan.

Following his departure, the actor signed onto the NBC primetime series, "Titans".

instead signed

He instead signed a contract with Stoke City with a fee of £1.75 million being set at a tribunal.

At the end of the campaign, Rougier was not offered a new contract, and instead signed with Brentford.

However, not long after, it was announced that Jhingan had instead signed for Mumbai for the rest of the I-League campaign.

signed a joint

She was resigned to her death, and the inmates signed a joint 'Message from Mountjoy'.

In 1999 India and Estonia signed a joint business council agreement to increase investment and trade between the two countries.

On January 21, 1915, President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution of Congress creating the federal commission for the Meade Memorial.

season and signed

He was waived by San Diego before the 1996 season and signed with the Jaguars.

He left the club at the end of the season and signed with Riffa SC from Bahrain in August 2019.

Vogel arrived to the Lebanon Leprechauns for the 1999–2000 season and signed with Sagesse Beirut.

signed agreements

The Baltic governments acquiesced to these demands and signed agreements in September and October.

That same year, both nations signed agreements for Chile to purchase weapons and old Swedish warship.

Route "proposals" range from speculation described in company releases to business cases to signed agreements.

signed the contract   (ký hợp đồng)

He signed the contract with the company the day after he auditioned.

Presley, at 20, was still a minor, so his father signed the contract.

Sapp told them he was not going to fight until he saw and signed the contract.

contract signed   (hợp đồng đã ký)

The contract signed Lustre and Reid as ABS-CBN's new loveteam.

The contract signed by RCA and Nosoträsh considered the possibility of an extension.

A long-term contract signed in December 2006 would keep him signed to Morecambe until June 2010.

quickly signed

Jordan was quickly signed by ex-Eastleigh manager Paul Doswell at Sutton United.

He was quickly signed by Benfica on 12 January 2011, on a three and half year contract.

He quickly signed a new contract with the club in April 2002, and returned to the first team.

immediately signed

He was then immediately signed by the Loyola Meralco Sparks.

They were then immediately signed up to the club's very own Blow Up record label.

Lawyer Milloy was then cut after the 2003 preseason and was immediately signed by Buffalo.

signed the treaty

Thereafter Ottokar signed the treaty in Prague in the presence of Philip, Stephen's emissary.

On March 30, 1867, de Stoeckl and Seward signed the treaty, working quickly as the Senate was about to adjourn.

President Carter signed the treaty but when Soviet-American relations deteriorated he withdrew it from consideration by the U.S. Senate.

letter signed

A letter signed by renowned business leaders sent to all U.S.

Openshaw subsequently also received a letter signed "Jack the Ripper".

In the summer of 1855, an anonymous letter signed simply "A Miner" appeared in the "Oregon Statesman."

previously signed   (đã ký trước đó)

Holzman had previously signed The Doors and Love to his fledgling label in the sixties.

He is signed to Alamo Records and Empire Records, and was previously signed to Interscope Records.

Banks previously signed as an undrafted free agent with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League in 2012.

signed free agent   (ký đại lý miễn phí)

On November 29, the Braves signed free agent CF B.J.

Detroit soon signed free agent defenseman Ian White to take his place.

The Tigers also signed free agent catcher Brayan Peña to a one-year contract.

petition signed   (kiến nghị đã ký)

He required her to submit a petition signed by citizens of the Mason area recommending her for the position.

The Flemish Literary Society requested his release through a petition signed by many, and in March 1921 Moens was set free.

A student protest included a petition signed by 300 other Barnard women, admitting that they too had broken the regulations against cohabitating.

artists signed

All the other artists signed to Decca after Bing did.

List of artists signed to D-Noy Muzik.

Shazz is one of the first artists signed to the label Fnac Music Dance Division.

signed the agreement

Most AU member states have signed the agreement.

As of July 2019, 54 states have signed the agreement.

South Africa later signed the agreement.

now signed

This extension was never constructed, and the highway is now signed as Leo Kerner/Lafitte Parkway.

Bonniwell continued on with Music Machine, now signed to Warner Bros. Records and renamed The Bonniwell Music Machine (1967).

Originally signed to Modular Recordings, Tame Impala is now signed to Interscope Records in the US, and Fiction Records in the UK.

newly signed

On December 13, newly signed Mets closer Francisco Rodríguez added his sentiments to the fray.

Defoe started 2013–14 as a substitute, with newly signed striker Roberto Soldado starting for Tottenham.

The following year was busy, portentous to Kanon's promotion now that she had her newly signed contract under Sony Music.

signed permanently

On 14 July 2011, Fonte signed permanently for Espanyol for two years.

He went on to feature twenty times and was subsequently signed permanently in June 2014.

He was out of contract with the Pirates in the summer so signed permanently for the Mariners.

when they signed   (khi họ ký)

They changed their name when they signed with Sony and then relocated to Melbourne.

They did it independent and when they signed with a major, they did it the way that they wanted to do it".

The band's breakthrough in the mainstream was when they signed up for a record distribution under Sony BMG Records Philippines.

both signed

They both signed contracts with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 1998.

Some of his works were both signed and dated, some were only signed, and some were only dated.

Egypt is a member of the IAEA and has both signed and ratified the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

signed for newly

On 10 November 2014, he signed for newly formed club Bharat FC of I-League.

Potts signed for newly promoted Conference North club AFC Fylde on 20 June 2014.

In July 2019, Richards signed for newly promoted National League North side Farsley Celtic.

before he signed

Overall, he only played four games for Oxford United before he signed for Barnet in 2003.

Later he played in their U-21 team before he signed a two-year professional contract on 24 May 2012.

After the Ospreys, Parker played for Rotherham Titans for a season before he signed with Rugby Rovigo, Italy.

signed during

In July 2018, five agreements were signed during the Opening Ceremony of the Inaugural ASCN Meeting.

The Treaty of Paris was signed during this government on 3 September 1783, formally ending the American Revolutionary War.

Other new contracts were signed during the summer by Alan Browne, Tom Clarke, Darnell Fisher, Paul Gallagher and Sean Maguire.

deal was signed

They caught the eye of Dutch label TopNotch and in mid-2002 a record deal was signed for three albums.

The final deal was signed by Rick Cotton, the Port’s new executive director, just days after he took on the role.

This deal was signed in December 2014 and Germany is believed to be contributing up to €115m of the €1 billion cost.

signed contract   (Hợp đồng đã ký)

He signed contract with Ukrainian club on 1 March 2018.

On 22 December 2017, Mammadov signed contract with Sabail FK.

On September 26, 2012, Szczechura signed contract to transfer over with fellow KHL, club Dinamo Riga.

signed an open   (đã ký mở)

Thirty one of them signed an open letter to Yad Vashem.

In 2015, Gurira signed an open letter begun by the ONE Campaign.

Within days, 1,600 Google employees had signed an open petition seeking to remove James from the board.

signed an executive   (ký một giám đốc điều hành)

In January 2019, DeSantis signed an executive order calling for the end of Common Core in Florida.

In 2017, Tedesco signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for county employees to $15 per hour.

On March 28, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order directing Pruitt to rescind the Clean Power Plan.

just signed   (vừa ký)

With Kym confirming herself that she had just signed another one-year contract.

Weston was called up a second time in 2012, but again declined due to having just signed for Gillingham.

Pittsburgh had just signed Connie Hawkins at power forward, so Sullivan waited for the NBA draft that summer.

signed a lease   (ký hợp đồng thuê)

One of these was Sir Richard Puleston who signed a lease in 1834.

In March 2019, Starwood Capital Group signed a lease for the building's eighth floor.

Hyundai's luxury car brand Genesis signed a lease for all of retail space in the building in December 2017.