İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

most significant   (en önemli)

The most significant changes are a new front end.

The most significant buildings in the district are:

Its most significant discovery was made at Belvoir.

significant role   (önemli rol)

Light plays a significant role in this game.

TRP channels play a significant role in mechanosensation.

The enzyme DPP-4 has been found to play a significant role.

significant number   (anlamlı sayı)

Fishing also provides a significant number of jobs.

Pakistan also operates significant number of SLC-2 Radar.

A significant number of the historic buildings are listed.

no significant   (anlamlı değil)

There is no significant construction on the fort.

The Galápagos Islands have no significant rivers.

significant amount   (önemli miktar)

WIXC continues to air a significant amount of sports content.

These speeches received a significant amount of media attention.

The town has a significant amount of tourism due to its beaches.

made significant   (anlamlı hale getirildi)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

Stephen Smale made significant advances as well.

Control theory made significant strides over the next century.

played a significant   (önemli bir rol oynadı)

The Town Hall played a significant part in public life.

Ukrainka's mother played a significant role in her upbringing.

Maragondon played a significant role in the Philippine revolution.

significant contributions   (önemli katkılar)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

He made significant contributions in these sub-fields of astronomy.

He also made significant contributions to the development of XQuery.

significant part   (önemli kısım)

Sport is a significant part of Bahamian culture.

Tourism is a significant part of the economy.

The Town Hall played a significant part in public life.

significant changes   (önemli değişiklikler)

However, there were some significant changes made.

The most significant changes are a new front end.

There are many significant changes in this game.

significant impact   (önemli bir etkisi)

This has a significant impact on battery life.

The rise of Islamism had a significant impact on Algerian society.

The Batman crossovers have had significant impact on Dredd's world.

significant portion   (önemli bir kısmı)

A significant portion of the dialogue is in Lowland Scots.

Its southern part includes a significant portion of the Sahara.

A significant portion of residents are City of Chicago employees.

significant contribution   (önemli katkı)

“Lap ngon” is to make a significant contribution to the arts.

He made significant contribution to the club's Cup victories in 2015.

This is awarded annually to a member who has made a significant contribution to the CDG.

more significant   (daha belirgin)

This effect is more significant locally than globally.

By the 1990s, more significant changes arose.

The more significant appeared in a three-volume collection.

significant damage   (önemli hasar)

They can cause significant damage in cereal fields.

No significant damage was reported in the state.

Due to the attacks, it had sustained significant damage.

historically significant   (tarihsel olarak önemli)

The number 113 is historically significant to the Nisga'a.

Many historically significant ships used Albany as their home port.

Some historically significant but defunct groups may also be included.

first significant   (ilk anlamlı)

The first significant Persian poet was Rudaki.

Her first significant film role was in the 1987 film "Wall Street".

He saw his first significant playing time in Game 8 vs. Saskatchewan.

significant increase   (önemli artış)

This led to a significant increase in popularity.

There was a significant increase in access under private contracts.

Michael Keaton returned after a significant increase in his salary to $10 million.

significant events   (önemli olaylar)

1712 in music The year 1712 in music involved some significant events.

1665 in music The year 1665 in music involved some significant events.

1664 in music The year 1664 in music involved some significant events.

significant influence   (önemli etki)

This had a significant influence on both India and China.

He wielded significant influence in Ibn Saud's government.

Another significant influence on Brian's work was Burt Bacharach.

made significant contributions   (önemli katkılarda bulundu)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

He made significant contributions in these sub-fields of astronomy.

He also made significant contributions to the development of XQuery.

significant difference   (önemli fark)

This is a significant difference from bird migration.

There is one significant difference between boiling points and melting points.

One significant difference was the Canadian set did not include All Star cards.

significant change   (Önemli değişiklik)

This constitutes a significant change from earlier times.

"Energiewende" designates a significant change in energy policy.

A significant change came in 1948 with coup d'état by the Communist Party.

significant differences   (önemli farklılıklar)

There were four other significant differences from the U.S. Constitution.

There are many sawing tricks with significant differences in their basic effect.

There are significant differences between the numeral systems of the two languages.

made a significant   (anlamlı kıldı)

One of them, Nicolas Tuite, made a significant investment in his company.

This is awarded annually to a member who has made a significant contribution to the CDG.

His sire line is extinct, but he made a significant contribution to the Thoroughbred breed.

significant numbers   (önemli sayılar)

Leopards are present in significant numbers.

There are also significant numbers of Christians, Muslims.

Navarre and Catalonia also registered significant numbers.

received significant   (önemli kabul edildi)

The invention received significant media coverage.

The hearing received significant media attention.

It has already received significant airplay on Triple J.

statistically significant   (istatistiksel olarak anlamlı)

The report stated the fall was not statistically significant.

The difference between the two groups was not statistically significant.

It is much too early to draw unambiguous statistically significant conclusions.

significant because   (önemli çünkü)

The stand is significant because Moses is perched upon the top.

This story was significant because it was the first about an ordinary person.

It is also significant because of its fine medieval and Arts and Crafts design.

significant amounts   (Önemli tutarlar)

All animals need significant amounts of sulfur.

About 50 nonmetallic minerals are present in significant amounts.

This can add significant amounts of time to the fabrication process.

other significant   (diğer önemli)

The other significant town is Selínia (pop.

The only other significant groups were atheists with 5.7%.

It protects him from gunfire and other significant impacts.

caused significant   (önemli sebep)

The 2011 Virginia earthquake caused significant damage to the school.

Nuclear polyhedrosis virus caused significant mortality in some cases.

The resulting explosion caused significant damage to "Alma Mater's" throne.

only significant   (sadece önemli)

This difference is only significant for the accusative singular.

Her mother was the only significant parental figure in her life.

It is the only significant dome of its kind that exists outside Cairo.

significant effect   (önemli etki)

The format has a significant effect on strategy.

The institute had a significant effect on the town of Nevada, Missouri.

However, subsequent studies showed no significant effect on the brains.

very significant   (çok anlamlı)

The church was very significant to the community.

The Battle of Tali-Ihantala being very significant.

"The damage this has done to our franchise is very significant."

significant improvement   (önemli gelişme)

A significant improvement can be made with an index.

The following season, in 1893, showed significant improvement.

They represent a significant improvement in capability over the preceding Mk4s.

involved some significant   (bazı önemli)

1712 in music The year 1712 in music involved some significant events.

1665 in music The year 1665 in music involved some significant events.

1664 in music The year 1664 in music involved some significant events.

significant growth   (önemli büyüme)

By the mid-1980s ACDEGAM and MAS had experienced significant growth.

Rap, a relatively recent style in Algeria, is experiencing significant growth.

BBC reported Dinkoism as an atheist movement with significant growth in the social media.

play a significant   (önemli oynamak)

TRP channels play a significant role in mechanosensation.

The enzyme DPP-4 has been found to play a significant role.

Bestsellers play a significant role in the mainstream movie industry.

number of significant   (önemli sayıda)

There are a number of significant trout resources in streams that drain into The Bay.

Based on the seminal Berkeley RISC, the 29k added a number of significant improvements.

There are a number of significant differences between onshore and offshore geotechnical engineering.

significant proportion   (önemli oran)

Insectivorous bats make up a significant proportion of the mammals.

Rape and sexual violence affects a significant proportion of the population.

There is also a significant proportion of the Sunni Hanafi Muslims in Singapore.

significant factor   (önemli faktör)

Snow was also a significant factor in house design.

A significant factor restricting population growth is a high level of migration.

The site of application is not a significant factor in how the drug is distributed.

several significant   (birkaç önemli)

Gerson therapy can lead to several significant health problems.

There are several significant film festivals held regularly in Africa.

The lack of recommendations concerning districts had several significant effects.

aesthetically significant   (estetik olarak anlamlı)

Selection for the Registry is based on a film being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

The item is aesthetically significant because the original fabric and architectural features of the 1940s built roundhouse are intact.

The Reservoir area is aesthetically significant, as a picturesque site with a large expanse of water, parklands, landscaping and bush.

significant improvements   (önemli gelişmeler)

He also made significant improvements in the process of electrotyping.

She introduced significant improvements to public health care in Glasgow.

Buffalo's economy has begun to see significant improvements since the early 2010s.

significant reduction   (önemli azalma)

A significant reduction in freight traffic occurred only after 1965.

The Serbian actions led to a significant reduction of the IMRO attacks.

As of 2012, 30 new models are planned a significant reduction from the prior future lineup.

plays a significant   (önemli oynuyor)

Light plays a significant role in this game.

The media plays a significant role when it comes to fashion.

The TRPA subfamily plays a significant role in thermosensation.

without significant   (anlamlı olmadan)

The timber is durable and greyish without significant markings.

The Home Guards retreated from Podgradci without significant resistance.

They sifted through over 13 hours of surveillance tapes without significant results.

significant work   (önemli iş)

"Froudacity" was Thomas' last and most significant work.

In order to enable hourly rail services, however, significant work would be required.

His most significant work, the "Yatharthadipika" is a commentary on the Bhagavadgita.

significant economic   (önemli ekonomik)

Infestations can have significant economic impact.

This is a significant economic activity in the District.

They can be a significant economic pest to grape producers.

became a significant   (önemli hale geldi)

1924 became a significant year in the life of Ida Robinson.

In 1986 Don Taffner became a significant shareholder in the Theatre of Comedy.

The shrine thus became a significant and prized object that was widely venerated.

cause significant   (anlamlı olmak)

They can cause significant damage in cereal fields.

It can cause significant damage and wear.

Thus, these fruit flies cause significant damage to fruit crops.

significant development   (önemli gelişme)

Since the 1980s, Cardiff has seen significant development.

In 1935, another significant development was made in Germany.

A significant development in clairvoyance research came when J.

many significant   (çok önemli)

Texas did not experience many significant battles.

There are many significant changes in this game.

There were many significant changes to the Amiga market in 1993.

significant financial   (önemli finansal)

Rublee was Sanger's most significant financial backer.

CHaP incurred significant financial losses of more than £13 million.

This could lead to significant financial losses in advertising revenue based on page impressions.

significant political   (önemli siyasi)

Many significant political trials were litigated by LBH during the Suharto regime.

In a significant political development, the army established a formal High Command in 1964.

Nevertheless, the LDS Church still wielded significant political power in the Utah Territory.

experienced significant   (önemli tecrübeli)

The game experienced significant distribution problems.

Winkler experienced significant floods in 1916, 1917, 1933 and 1966.

Upon launch, Disney+ experienced significant technical difficulties.

significant population   (önemli nüfus)

The area has witnessed significant population growth.

The most significant population of trojans are the Jupiter trojans.

Nevertheless, parishes only developed in areas with a significant population.

suffered significant   (önemli acı çekti)

Kelly suffered significant hearing loss in her forties.

Six other towns and 65 villages suffered significant damage.

During the incident the aircraft suffered significant damage.

gained significant   (önemli hale geldi)

As a doorman he gained significant renown.

In this arrangement Cleopatra gained significant former Ptolemaic territories in the Levant.

Digitally "flipping" classrooms is a trend in digital education that has gained significant momentum.

significant buildings   (önemli binalar)

The most significant buildings in the district are:

Historically significant buildings in the district, listed chronologically by construction date, are:

The University of Michigan Central Campus Historic District contains nearly thirty significant buildings.

significant success   (önemli başarı)

The attempt did not meet with any significant success.

Misawa would have significant success in amateur wrestling.

The fast and significant success took the company to nearly 5,000 employees at one point.

significant source   (önemli kaynak)

Tourism is a significant source of employment.

There was no significant source of stone in the Bengali region.

The trust owns Vic Books, which is a significant source of revenue.

significant progress   (önemli gelişme)

The project struggled to make significant progress.

In recent years there has been significant progress in anchor design.

Women's sports saw significant progress in the 2010s decade in Bangladesh.

significant event   (önemli olay)

This was a significant event for the history of Russia.

The next significant event was on 4 November.

In December 1944, Rinjani appears to have had a significant event.

significant works   (önemli işler)

Among the significant works in the cathedral are:

In 1852 he started work on two of his most significant works.

One of her most significant works from this time was "Nude Study, ("c. 1939-41).

significant media   (önemli medya)

The invention received significant media coverage.

The hearing received significant media attention.

The trial attracted significant media interest.

architecturally significant   (mimari olarak önemli)

The house was deemed "architecturally significant as an example of Scandinavian folk building design in Utah."

It was deemed "architecturally significant as a distinctive example of an Arts and Crafts style residence in Bridger".

The central Hamburg neighborhood contains the most architecturally significant residences in the old German neighborhoods.

particularly significant   (özellikle önemli)

This phenomenon is particularly significant in the Sierra.

This is particularly significant problem among the Tzeltals and Tzotzils.

The site is particularly significant as it is the only remaining one in the region.

significant time   (önemli zaman)

Dalí spent significant time in the US, even after returning to Spain.

The woodland in the Forest of Dean has been managed for timber for a significant time.

He currently lives in Mexico City but still spends significant time in Aguascalientes.

significant attention   (önemli dikkat)

The film received significant attention.

The article generated significant attention when it was discussed on "The Huffington Post".

Through his accusatory letters, Cream succeeded in drawing significant attention to himself.

less significant   (daha az önemli)

However, the less significant Moscow Soviet was dominated by the Bolsheviks.

However, in the economic boom of the 1940s, these impositions were less significant than in earlier periods.

However, this division was less significant than it seems, since both the priests and pharaohs came from the same family.

led to significant   (önemli yol açtı)

This led to significant male emigration.

This has led to significant confusion.

The establishment of the campus has led to significant development in its vicinity.

saw significant   (anlamlı gördü)

Celebrations for both troops and civilians saw significant alteration.

Women's sports saw significant progress in the 2010s decade in Bangladesh.

That is also the period when the magazine saw significant research-based content.

significant risk   (önemli risk)

Falls from heights are a significant risk for panel installers.

Comb renewal and queen problems were identified as significant risk factors.

To this day the lake remains at significant risk of water loss and high salinity.

significant decrease   (önemli düşüş)

This meant there was a significant decrease in the construction time.

This has led to a significant decrease in the number of eggs from battery cages in the EU.

However, the market saw a significant decrease after 1990, because urban demand for glazed pottery decreased.

highly significant   (son derece önemli)

The town was highly significant as a surviving Georgian seaport.

Nonetheless, there are some highly significant doctrinal differences.

As such it is a highly significant remnant of the wetter Mount Lofty Range vegetation.

significant losses   (önemli kayıplar)

At the end of 1779, the British at Halifax experienced some significant losses.

Farnsworth was killed in the attack, and his brigade suffered significant losses.

All across the battlefield, despite significant losses, the Union defenders held their lines.

significant presence   (önemli varlık)

Moroccans have always had a significant presence in Gibraltar.

Kerala also has a significant presence of Hindustani music as well.

They have a significant presence in the Armavir province of Armenia.

significant loss   (önemli kayıp)

Stereo recordings often cannot be played on monaural systems without a significant loss of fidelity.

Novato lost to Oceanside of San Diego, 28-14 after a significant loss of their quarterback due to leg injury.

As a back muscle, the latissimus dorsi is large and flat and can be used without significant loss of function.

make significant   (anlamlı yapmak)

The project struggled to make significant progress.

Dealers themselves often make significant efforts to avoid calling out the number.

Emigrant Calvinists from the Spanish Netherlands did make significant investments in the WIC.

not significant   (önemli değil)

When the performance is over the piece is not significant anymore."

The economy of Ibirité is not significant when compared to its population.

However, nearly all studies of juvenile delinquency and testosterone are not significant.

significant roles   (önemli roller)

He played significant roles in "Idiot", "Venky" and "Darling".

The various sorts of algae play significant roles in aquatic ecology.

Other museums also play significant roles in the tourism and economy of the Dayton area.

significant figure   (önemli şahsiyet)

Fessenden was a significant figure in the development of AM radio.

He was also a significant figure in the Catholic/ecumenical Focolare Movement.

Lucas is considered a significant figure of the 20th-century New Hollywood movement.

significant expansion   (önemli genişleme)

In the 1970s, there was a significant expansion of the port.

At the time Sainsbury's believed there was scope for significant expansion.

The resort also saw a significant expansion to its on-mountain restaurant, Bullwinkle's.

significant quantities   (önemli miktarlar)

Dialysis will not remove Cefixime in significant quantities.

Human breast milk also contains significant quantities of cholesterol.

Only lignite (brown coal) and potash salt (Kalisalz) are available in significant quantities.

significant public   (önemli halk)

However, there was significant public backlash from this "October Surprise".

No person may accept significant public office without swearing an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

This case raised significant public anger over seemingly privileged treatment of elite gang rape criminals.

significant minority   (önemli azınlık)

In addition, there was a significant minority of Coptic Christians.

Protestants form a significant minority in some parts of the country.

Most Sinhalese are Buddhist while a significant minority is Catholic.

causing significant   (anlamlı olmak)

On the 24th the fort was hit by about 1500 heavy projectiles, causing significant damage.

The second missile detonated, causing significant damage to the aircraft and causing it to tumble out of control.

In 1896, Cyclone Sigma struck Townsville causing significant damage to the port and leading to the formation of the Harbour Board.

significant problem   (önemli problem)

Smuggling posed a significant problem for authorities.

Human trafficking is a significant problem; the 2012 U.S.

However, crown-of-thorns starfish are a significant problem.

significant support   (önemli destek)

ArchCity gets significant support from pro bono interns.

Nevertheless, Najibullah did not win any significant support.

France continues to provide significant support and training to police forces.

caused significant damage   (önemli hasara neden oldu)

The 2011 Virginia earthquake caused significant damage to the school.

The resulting explosion caused significant damage to "Alma Mater's" throne.

Outside of Lexington County, a few other tornadoes caused significant damage.

underwent significant   (önemli ölçüde geçti)

Later, it underwent significant renovations in 1888.

The bridge underwent significant renovations from 1980 to 1984.

In the early 1980s, the bridge underwent significant renovation.

last significant   (son anlamlı)

The last significant snowfall was in 1995.

The last significant snowfall in the city centre was in 1968.

The last significant battles raged around the Siege of Petersburg.

become a significant   (anlamlı olmak)

The pink adobe home has become a significant landmark in La Conchita.

Downbeat went on to become a significant publication about jazz music.

Tourism has furthermore become a significant source of prosperity for Cuba.

little significant   (biraz önemli)

During the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, little significant development influenced the area.

According to Barry, "The restoration revealed relatively little significant damage or deterioration not previously visible.

In contrast to the 1960s and 70s, the 21st century has seen little significant political lobbying for an end to hunger within America, though by 2012 there had been an increase in efforts by various activists and journalists to raise awareness of the problem.

culturally significant   (kültürel olarak önemli)

The blue crane is culturally significant to the Xhosa people, who call it "indwe" (flag).

The short is also culturally significant for its authentic portrayal of diverse characters.

Some effigy mounds were constructed in the shapes or outlines of culturally significant animals.

significant difference between   (arasındaki önemli fark)

There is one significant difference between boiling points and melting points.

A significant difference between DCC expression and 18q21 LOH was detected in 1997.

Average basic literacy stands high at 98.4% with no significant difference between sexes.

significant enough   (yeterince önemli)

The pain is often significant enough to cause a decrease in activity level and movement.

This caused a slight improvement in performance but not one significant enough to alter the entire class at that time.

The city was in any case already significant enough to be the seat of a diocese, mentioned by Pope Gregory the Great in 591.

significant step   (önemli adım)

Bush described START as "a significant step forward in dispelling half a century of mistrust".

The next significant step in Turkey–EU relations came with the December 2002 Copenhagen European Council.

The Shibuya initiative is considered a significant step towards lesbian and gay partnership rights in Japan.