İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

no signs   (işaret yok)

At school he showed no signs of a literary bent.

There were no signs of pregnancy and birth in Narjis.

There were no signs of life among the wreckage.

show signs   (işaretleri göster)

The bodies do not show signs of deliberate mummification.

Orton continued to show signs of improvement in the preseason.

By the twelfth day, they will show signs of a silver coloring.

signs and symptoms   (Belirti ve bulgular)

Food addiction has some physical signs and symptoms.

There should be no clinical signs and symptoms.

The signs and symptoms at an early stage are harder to be seen.

showed signs   (işaretler gösterdi)

The devices showed signs of "grinding or squeezing".

Weis' 2013 team showed signs of improvement.

When Shouxin was young he showed signs of musical talent.

call signs   (çağrı işaretleri)

His amateur radio call signs were W1AST and W8AST

From 2000 to 2007, its call signs were WKWH-FM.

The station switched call signs to WWZZ on December 3, 1990.

showing signs   (gösteren işaretler)

The region has been showing signs of economic recovery though.

In her forties Henrietta Vansittart began showing signs of mania.

Anne was showing signs of recovery.

road signs   (yol işaretleri)

The player can also use detached road signs as weapons.

Expressway road signs are white on blue.

Road signs in Saudi Arabia These road signs are used in Saudi Arabia.

warning signs   (uyarı işaretleri)

(The driver had ignored land mine warning signs.)

Adders may be found on the site and there are warning signs.

The warning signs hint at two of the main themes of the film.

shows signs

Dante collapses and shows signs of a heart attack.

Maddie is bloody and shows signs of beating everywhere.

The strong oak tree shows signs of blight.

first signs   (ilk işaretler)

The first signs and symptoms may appear if the cancer advances.

Changes to the breasts are among the very first signs of pregnancy.

Danielstown was one of the first signs of post war prosperity in Lynchburg.

clinical signs

There should be no clinical signs and symptoms.

The importance of external clinical signs has .

Some busts even seem to show clinical signs.

street signs

This related trunkline was unsigned by the state with only city street signs to indicate its existence.

It features red bilingual street signs (in contrast to the standard English-only blue signs) and a few Asian groceries.

In the past, street signs saying "Penny Lane" were constant targets of tourist theft and had to be continually replaced.

other signs   (diğer işaretler)

The value of a sign is determined by all the other signs in the "langue".

As a consequence, meaning is never present, but rather is deferred to other signs.

Around Kerpini, they found an ancient temple, coins, buildings, and other signs of settlement.

vital signs   (hayati bulgular)

All vital signs remain normal in obstetric patients, newborns, and injured patients.

Davis lost a tremendous amount of blood, lost consciousness and eventually showed no vital signs.

When Charlie wakes up, he sees himself surrounded by the three men, and a fourth friend, T. K., checks his vital signs.

showed no signs

At school he showed no signs of a literary bent.

They showed no signs of obesity and had very prominent muscles.

When "Invincible" returned to the UK after the war, she showed no signs of missile damage.

signs of life   (Yaşam belirtileri)

There were no signs of life among the wreckage.

In Fall 2017, the creek started showing fresh signs of life once again.

The procedure is repeated until a doctor confirms no signs of life remain.

early signs   (erken işaretler)

This supports OAEs as predicting early signs of noise damage.

Joint pain and numbness are also early signs of overuse injury.

Ruscha's mother was supportive of her son's early signs of artistic skill and interests.

traffic signs

China's traffic signs use the Highway Gothic font just like the US.

China's traffic signs also closely followed those used in Europe, the US, and Japan.

Examples of logographic cues include traffic signs, restroom signs, and pictorial flashcards.

neon signs

were shown among real food and neon signs.

These were called Geissler tubes, similar to today's neon signs.

On October 4, 2008, the iconic neon signs were lit for the last time as part of Toronto's Nuit Blanche festivities.