Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

very similar   (muy similar)

(1) "Goniodoma" and "Gonyaulax" were very similar.

This myth is very similar to the "Gunung Bonuli".

The two "Lion"s were followed by the very similar .

other similar   (otro similar)

No other similar scrolls have yet been discovered.

pamphlet, as well as other similar publications.

Systers also influenced other similar mailing lists.

similar to other   (similar a otro)

which is similar to other breeds of their size.

It is very similar to other Caribbean Spanish variants.

Sexually, they are similar to other gibbons.

more similar   (mas similar)

Shah Rukh appeared more similar to brachycephalic Europoids.

Some contractions are more similar than their print equivalents.

The Galician language is more similar to Portuguese than to Castilian.

similar in appearance   (similar en apariencia)

Other than size, sexes are similar in appearance.

It is very similar in appearance to the TMA-4.

It is similar in appearance to "Apterodina".

similar way

Education is organised in a similar way to Denmark.

In helicopters, auto-stabilization was used in a similar way.

He found the senses adapted in a similar way over three days.

similar fashion   (moda similar)

The rest of the tree is built in a similar fashion.

The body operated in a similar fashion to the WTA for tennis.

Other lower metal hydrides polymerise in a similar fashion (c.f.

similar manner   (manera similar)

Lights fights back in a similar manner.

In a similar manner, the set of algebraic numbers is countable.

Magma on Mars likely ascends in a similar manner to that on Earth.

somewhat similar   (algo similar)

The pageboy is somewhat similar to a long bob cut.

Neighbouring countries show somewhat similar results.

It is somewhat similar to yogurt or sour cream.

manner similar   (de manera similar)

Associative array indices are strings, in a manner similar to AWK or Tcl.

Transparent modems operate in a manner similar to their phone line modem cousins.

The view paths refract (bend) in a manner similar to viewing fish kept in an aquarium.

quite similar   (bastante parecido)

The method of averaged projections is quite similar.

This species is quite similar to "Potentilla sterilis".

The techniques observed in all of them are quite similar.

similar design

A smaller arch of similar design is in the chancel.

Capitol Hill and the Holgate branch are of a similar design.

The high-band instrument is of similar design, and operates at .

similar to what

The content was similar to what is known today as the "Farmer's Almanac".

These takes are similar to what is presented here as "Working on Sleepless".

It is similar to what occurs when waves are scattered from a diffraction grating.

similar size

The Pilbara ningaui is considered to be of similar size and weight.

The library building is of similar size and height as the town hall.

The components are main sequence stars of similar size and appearance.

similar style

The farm manager's house was built in a similar style.

It was based off a similar style to that of "You've Been Framed!

The stable block attached at the rear of the house is in a similar style.

similar role   (papel similar)

He also played a similar role in "The Detective" (1968).

These dantian play a very similar role to that of chakras.

He played a similar role in the 2012 web series "Guidestones".

too similar

This idea was shelved when the development team thought the concept was too similar to "".

GameZone praised the graphics, but felt the game was too similar to other simulation games.

Caroline Bee believes that the album is too similar to the previous ones and lacks innovation.

similar in size

It is similar in size to Madagascar or France.

The petals are similar in size and shape to the lateral sepals.

most similar   (más similar)

The "Liezi" is most similar with the "Zhuangzi".

It is most similar to Icelandic and Norwegian.

It is most similar to their album "1956".

similar situation   (situación similar)

A similar situation existed in 2008, when the 3.

A CNN-ComRes poll in 2018 found a similar situation in Europe.

A similar situation has occurred with NGC 2394, also in Canis Minor.

many similar

This pattern was briefly replicated in many similar cities in the region.

Although NGC 4618 is labeled as peculiar, many similar galaxies have been identified.

Al-Zaidi's shoeing inspired many similar incidents of political protest around the world.

similar species

This species has quite small leaves compared to other similar species.

It was recently separated from similar species, "Pseudacris feriarum".

These have been successfully used internationally to grow similar species.

similar results

Several other researchers have found similar results.

Neighbouring countries show somewhat similar results.

The ATRAP project released similar results very shortly thereafter.

similar name

It may refer to various locations with similar name:

Having a similar name in the same island is the Vapour Col.

Despite the similar name, this function is entirely unrelated.

similar vein   (vena similar)

Barnes played as an attacking half-back in a similar vein to József Bozsik.

The campaign continued in a similar vein, lasting for a total of ninety days.

In a similar vein computing professionals should respect confidentiality when applicable.

similar in design

It is similar in design as the adjacent stations.

It was similar in design, but used the lower frequency set for transmission.

These were very similar in design to the last series of rupee notes, issued earlier.

similar in style

It was similar in style to the current Eastern Market building.

It was similar in style to controllers found on Nintendo and Sega Systems.

The Verandah Café was similar in style on both the "Olympic" and the "Titanic".

similar format

In 2009 the festival kept a similar format to the previous year.

A similar format was previously used in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Starting on 7 April 2007 the show followed a similar format to that of the American one.

similar system

There is also a similar system planned in Wrocław and Łódź.

The Synclavier from New England Digital was a similar system.

A similar system was developed by Satake for the Japanese homeland.

made similar

The team made similar result on season 2008-09.

Several other women subsequently made similar allegations.

Bernard Trevisan and George Ripley made similar contributions.

something similar

Belgium, and something similar happened for the Char D2.

"Scrabble" does something similar with randomly picked letters.

", or something similar.

similar to how

Making it similar to how the Acog works.

This is prepared by splitting the Persian (similar to how one would cut a bagel).

Chemotherapy is used in veterinary medicine similar to how it is used in human medicine.

similar position

"Narborough" was found in a similar position nearby.

Solomon Schechter espoused a similar position.

Many scholars have adopted a similar position.

similar names

There are also Akisho Oromo that has similar names.

Locations may have identical or very similar names.

Like similar names (e.g., "Bukovo", "Bukovica", "Bukovec", etc.

style similar

It is written in a style similar to Mishnaic Hebrew.

Chang, unlike most of Agassi's big rivals, had a playing style similar to his.

It features some of the highly romantic style similar to 1981's "The Garden" album.

share similar   (compartir similar)

Isomers do not necessarily share similar properties.

Albela is a recurrent classic name for Bollywood films, and they share similar themes.

The objects not only follow similar orbits but also share similar physical characteristics.

similar fate   (destino similar)

In October, Marie Antoinette met a similar fate.

In 1689, the castle was suffered a similar fate.

Hagerstown too would also suffer a similar fate.

similar pattern   (patrón similar)

The Blue Nile has a similar pattern.

(The aircraft of 724 sported a similar pattern but in blue/yellow

Books follow a similar pattern.

similar appearance

Most critics noted its similar appearance to the "Metal Slug" games.

The Toyota MR2 Spyder is noted for having a somewhat similar appearance to the M10.

There are numerous other conditions which can cause rashes with a similar appearance.

superficially similar   (superficialmente similar)

It did not, but the superficially similar British stick grenade design of 1908 did.

Although superficially similar to the XS650, the TX750 was an almost entirely new design.

Although superficially similar to each other, there are several important differences between the two species.

system similar

In-situ shear testing is done using a system similar to the laboratory shear box test.

The game features a territory conquering system similar to that found in games like "".

Traffic lights will be controlled by a system similar to the one that emergency vehicles use.

similar reasons

The other is Route 895 in Richmond for similar reasons.

A second Home Rule bill was also defeated for similar reasons.

A subsequent 1910 Act was disallowed for similar reasons in 1911.

similar structure

The extensor retinaculum of the foot has similar structure.

The result is a message with a similar structure as described above.

Many of these RNAs share a similar structure composed of three stem-loops.

broadly similar   (ampliamente similar)

The movements are broadly similar to Noh dances.

They were broadly similar to the Prussian T 3.

The shape of the Pentax 67 is broadly similar to a 35 mm SLR camera.

made a similar

Jimmy Carter had made a similar visit in 1994.

He made a similar comment later that month.

Panchen Lama] made a similar public statement accepting the agreement.

look similar

Juvenile specimens look similar to the adult fish, but with more yellow colouring.

Grouping dogs according to a coin flip might produce distributions that look similar.

Finally, Stewart Island robins look similar to North Island robins (males and females).

similar effect

The manganese has a similar effect as nickel, i.e.

A similar effect happens with image formats.

Sculptured's "NHL Stanley Cup" featured a similar effect.

similar circumstances

A 62-year-old woman died in similar circumstances on August 30.

The previous month an Eritrean man was killed under similar circumstances.

On April 16, 1991, he killed a 10-year-old boy under similar circumstances.

similar concept

A similar concept is ethnomathematics; Achor, et al.

"Greatturn" was a similar concept on another server.

This is a similar concept to Bhargava's list of rules for SMO.

similar characteristics

The third is an exterior placement with similar characteristics.

"P. fragile" has similar characteristics to those of P. falciparum.

Sometimes, syncretism combined deities with very similar characteristics.

similar event   (evento similar)

A similar event took place the next year.

A similar event occurred to "Concordia" in 2010, off the coast of Brazil.

A similar event occurred during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs on April 22.

similar number   (número similar)

In 1953 there was a similar number of professors.

A similar number of aircraft served in the Pacific and the Far East.

300 kits were available for the 1000 R, and a similar number for the 1+1.

used a similar

They used a similar method to extract silver from lead.

Hippolytus claims that Simon used a similar description.

The apostle John used a similar analogy in Revelation chapter 17.

followed a similar

It followed a similar presentation at the 1995 Melbourne Festival of Arts.

This recall involved 110,000 vehicles and followed a similar action for the Tacoma.

The western regional dialects of Aramaic followed a similar course to those of the east.

similar work   (trabajo similar)

Col. Anderson's son was to follow in similar work.

Some store owners endorse her work and encourage others to do similar work as well.

Later his pupil, Peter of Spain, produced a similar work entitled "Syncategoreumata".

similar in structure

Black arsenic is similar in structure to black phosphorus.

Germane (GeH) is a compound similar in structure to methane.

Chemically, it is similar in structure to urushiol, the irritant found in poison ivy.

similar approach   (enfoque similar)

A similar approach was adopted by Wettstein.

A similar approach has been used for the logarithm (see lnp1).

France has taken a similar approach.

similar events

This triggered similar events in neighboring Czechoslovakia.

Other sities, such as Toronto, had previously held similar events.

Students perform at the annual HRIS and HICES cultural festivals and other similar events.

similar features

Both make use of similar features from the AEP.

Cheryl is a young, human nun who shares very similar features with Chris.

It rivalled altarpieces with similar features by Narciso Tomé in Toledo Cathedral.

similar process

A similar process is used to break down proteins.

A similar process is used in the traditional production of kimchi.

A similar process happened at about 1 second for electrons and positrons.

similar to many

This approach was similar to many Western nations at the time.

The gameplay of World Race is similar to many other racing games.

Israel also has a GDP per capita similar to many richer European countries.

similar themes

The park offers environmental education programs based on similar themes.

DeMille's film contained a number of similar themes throughout his career.

Due to its similar themes, the game has been likened to the "Kid Icarus" series.

similar case   (caso similar)

The mayor already lost a similar case against Sziget at court in 2002.

The California Supreme Court also cited the Lindquist ruling in a similar case.

A similar case is the NEC V30 and V20 CPUs, enhanced copies of the Intel 8086 and 8088, respectively.

similar lines

Following the end of the war, the French Fourth Republic was constituted along similar lines in 1946.

Nowadays, cards are produced along similar lines to the trading cards of Major League Baseball in America.

The Neologs' main efforts were directed at establishing an institution along similar lines in their country.

similar in shape

The black oreo is very similar in shape to the warty oreo.

The molar teeth are similar in shape, but of varying sizes.

It is similar in shape to the Ancient Greek letter alpha, from which it derives.

looks similar

It looks similar to a sling for the head, neck and jaw.

It is named that because it looks similar to a fishing pole.

It looks similar to Cave 1 and is in a better state of preservation.

generally similar

The proportions vary, but are generally similar to Doric columns.

The submission method is generally similar across Independent System Operators.

The people are nomads and their customs are generally similar to those of the people of Kangju.

similar function

Stone machicolations performed a similar function.

The hi-hat has a similar function to the ride cymbal.

BNEP performs a similar function to SNAP in Wireless LAN.

similar to modern

It is anatomically very similar to modern frogs.

It was remarkably similar to modern football, though similarities to rugby occurred.

Her pubic arch was over 90 degrees and derived; that is, similar to modern human females.

used similar

They used similar social classes as HR for comparison.

Subsequent astronomers, such as al-Bīrūnī, used similar values.

And he has used similar strategies in his larger writing project with others.

so similar

Alpha and Beta are so similar as to be indistinguishable in brightness to the naked eye.

They succumb to many diseases that afflict humans, because the two species are so similar.

Critics have credited the producer for not putting the rhapsodies next to each other since they are so similar.

similar problems

Some alternative hypotheses have similar problems.

Yassihöyük-1 encountered similar problems.

Ligatures pose similar problems.

several similar

It was the first of several similar Soviet missiles to be given the reporting name Scud.

It and several similar buildings were built with brick after a severe fire on Main St. in 1921.

There are also several similar names, such as the first element of the dithematic personal name "Frøydis".

similar story   (historia similar)

It was a similar story for her eighth outing.

Ptolemy relates a similar story about a Syrian merchant.

A similar story is mentioned by Plutarch.

similar in concept

DATAR was similar in concept to Benjamin's display.

PEIA is similar in concept to the Ecological footprint.

Speed disc golf is similar in concept and rules to speed golf.

remarkably similar   (notablemente similar)

8) is remarkably similar to his previous drawings.

Overall, their results were remarkably similar.

As its name suggests, it looks remarkably similar to a slab of raw meat.

format similar

These emoticons are usually found in a format similar to codice_49.

It had a format similar to Top Gear, mixing car reviews, tests and humor.

Based on five-man teams, it is fought under a "kachi-nuki-shiai" tournament format similar to Nanatei Judo.

using similar

They also began using similar callsigns.

They are using similar experimental setup to DAMA (NaI(Tl)-crystals).

Other applications such as Sole Enterprise were also streamlined using similar techniques.

similar success

In Austria, it achieved similar success debuting at no.

Glenavon did not enjoy similar success in the 2016–17 season.

The "Jak and Daxter" games met similar success as the "Crash Bandicoot" games.

similar effects

It has very similar effects to hydralazine.

Other plants in the family Apiaceae can have similar effects.

The Second Punic War had similar effects in the Southern Italy.

structurally similar   (estructuralmente similar)

and discovered unexpectedly that it is structurally similar to myosin.

While structurally similar to the K100, the Kenworth K200 features a redesigned interior and exterior.

It is structurally similar to lomustine, being distinguished from it only by an additional methyl group.

similar age

Each class has children of similar age with the one class teacher.

Still young men, they often struggled to teach the cadets who were of a similar age.

Most young Earth creationists believe that the universe has a similar age as the Earth.

another similar   (otro similar)

Either way another similar prop was soon dropped.

In July 2010, another similar letter was issued.

Cite me another similar example.

similar cases

Accusations of similar cases had occurred much earlier.

In November 2012, similar cases appeared in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

There were other similar cases.

number of similar   (número de similares)

He won a large number of similar awards in the next 40 years.

DeMille's film contained a number of similar themes throughout his career.

There are a number of similar sites for this use, but Megaupload was always the fastest".

strikingly similar   (sorprendentemente similar)

These volcanoes are strikingly similar to shield volcanoes on Earth.

The two inner movements are strikingly similar in form, rhythm and melodic shape.

This outcrop geology is strikingly similar to some terrestrial fluvial conglomerates.

structure similar

h-BN has a hexagonal structure similar to graphene's.

It has a layer structure similar to that of black phosphorus.

Estonian has a structure similar to Finnish, with both repetitions and interjections.

rather similar

They are rather similar to those of wild strawberries.

This species is rather similar to "Grapholita caecana".

The basic idea of the story is rather similar to "The Gods Themselves".

similar products

The canning company was already producing similar products for adults.

Consoweld, in common with similar products had a wide variety of uses.

For a while, the Dendy's main competitors were similar products from China.

similar program

A similar program of operations to the previous one.

Intel's main competitor, AMD, later introduced a similar program.

A similar program was created for learning Italian in Australia.

shared similar

The Escape" (1986) and "Dog Tags" (1990) that shared similar conceits.

All of the Khanzhonkov Tolstoy films shared similar stylistic elements.

It shared similar vegetation, salinity, and hydrology to Fritchie Marsh as well.

similar terms

Kelly accepted a five-year ban under similar terms.

City West or similar terms may also refer to:

After another defeat, Hormuzan signed another treaty on similar terms to the last.

similar incident   (incidente similar)

A similar incident happened in a 2.

A similar incident occurred on Apollo 16 as John Young maneuvered around the rover.

Such a condition or a similar incident is reflected in the story told in the Talmud (Yeb.

similar symptoms

This disease has similar symptoms to protein C deficiency.

Both of these conditions present with similar symptoms and are inheritable.

Testing, however, may be done to rule out physical conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

similar conditions

On 26 February 1960 approximately three months after this accident, another AN-10 crashed during similar conditions.

Because of the similar conditions and reagents, the E2 elimination is always in competition with the S2-substitution.

Because of the similar conditions, both reactions in the E1 or E1cb elimination always compete with the S1 substitution.

way similar

It was used as an instrument for communication, transferring messages in a way similar to morse code.

Circular in form, "Amarcord" avoids plot and linear narrative in a way similar to "The Clowns" and "Roma".

Afterwards, units and squadrons adopted their own insignia and used them in a way similar to a regimental colour.

similar views

Ulster Unionist Party leader Edward Carson expressed similar views.

Adam Ferguson shared similar views to Smith, though was generally more negative.

IRB President Denis McCullough and prominent IRB member Bulmer Hobson held similar views.

similar arrangement   (arreglo similar)

A similar arrangement is seen in the cerebellum.

There is a similar arrangement for the ignition tappets.

A similar arrangement was used by other new authors including Philip Larkin.

similar type

A similar type of result can be derived for damped systems.

Otherwise it is of similar type to other Welsh Mountain Sheep.

Platinum and/or similar type of noble metals are usually used as the catalyst for PEMFC.

sound similar

Bixargô ( ঃ ) represents a sound similar to /h /.

Spears specifically asked Suib to make the show sound similar to a dance club.

The double-reed gives the instrument a sound similar to that of the modern oboe.