known simply   (単に知られている)

By the 1850s, it was known simply as Georges Bank.

Until 2006 the club was known simply as "FC Valga".

The town was known simply as San Zenone until 1867.

not simply   (単にではない)

A conspiracy theory is not simply a conspiracy.

Indeed, Caeiro was not simply a pagan but paganism itself.

The universe does not simply come from Brahman, it "is" Brahman.

simply because   (単純に〜だから)

This was not simply because he would not live up to her expectations.

However, something does not breach the peace simply because it is irritating.

My book would have him there simply because he should have been there all along."

simply known   (単に知られている)

We prefer to be simply known as "Traditionalists.

Later simply known as "Fairfield Hospital", it closed in 1996.

From then on, the Pro Mouse was simply known as "Apple Mouse."

simply called   (単に呼ばれる)

Previously, the station was simply called De Riet.

Often Munatia Plancina is simply called "Plancina".

It is also simply called a binary relation over "X".

referred to simply

The team is often referred to simply as the Lions.

The group was soon referred to simply as Corner.

They are often referred to simply as "G&G".

simply not

Being hurtful to anyone is simply not who we are."

"We concluded after a few years this was simply not true.

In many comprehensive schools this is simply not possible.

rather than simply   (単にではなく)

when producing new sentences rather than simply reading a prepared text.

At that time, the Japanese beheaded them rather than simply refusing them.

B1G1 focuses on the impact of giving on people's lives rather than simply amounts donated.

called simply

The canyon is called simply "Dol" (Slovene for vale).

The resulting county was called simply Cambridgeshire.

It was also called simply "U-bird" or "Bent Wing Bird".

often simply   (しばしば単に)

The logging system is often simply a personal computer.

They are eaten in any variety of ways, often simply boiled and served with butter.

Non-logical axioms are often simply referred to as "axioms" in mathematical discourse.

simply referred

Sometimes they are simply referred to as "reflectors".

It is now simply referred to as the Civil Procedure Code.

In some literature, this is simply referred to as a 3/4 shot.

more simply

RAM was now much more simply upgradable via SIMMs.

Or more simply: Bib 1-30 = lap-shoot1-lap-lap-shoot2-lap-shoot3-lap-shoot4-lap.

Through the ensuing years it has come to be known as Neelin High School, or more simply, Neelin.

known as simply

Wag (company) Wag Labs (better known as simply Wag!)

In Europe it was known as simply ESPN Final Round Golf.

From 1960 onward, both of the superblocks became known as simply Lafayette Park.

simply titled

Most recently he compiled a 2CD/1DVD live album, simply titled "Live."

Running from 1999 to 2001, it was simply titled "Warrior Nun Areala" Vol.

DiCola released his first solo work in 1986, an album simply titled "Piano Solos".

simply connected

Since the open disk is simply connected, "N" = 1.

Let Ω be a simply connected domain in the complex plane.

Some related but stronger conditions are path connected, simply connected, and n-connected.

simply means

This simply means that under ideal conditions i.e.

Irogane, or iro-gane, simply means "coloured metals".

Almedina simply means the city or the town.

simply too

It was simply too risky.

Most importantly, the school was simply too small for the growing number of students.

Genji's rank and status is simply too high for the two women to dare raise a commotion.

simply did

Some banks said they simply didn't know where the money was going."

Before Fardin, one could argue, Iran simply did not have a commercial cinema.

It may be that Christie simply did not have time to revise the manuscript before she died.

sometimes simply

The word "civilization" is sometimes simply defined as ""'living in cities"'".

The mobile accent is sometimes simply an alternative, other times it is rare or stylistically marked.

Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte (sometimes simply referred to as “Kotte”) was the capital of Kotte kingdom.

simply did not

Before Fardin, one could argue, Iran simply did not have a commercial cinema.

It may be that Christie simply did not have time to revise the manuscript before she died.

Much of the institutional mechanisms prevalent in later centuries simply did not yet exist.

now simply

It is likely he is now simply the chief of police.

The website now simply redirects to PayPal.

It is now simply referred to as the Civil Procedure Code.

quite simply

A lot of the papers coming out were quite simply wrong.

He is, quite simply, the most powerful and capable Wizard on the planet."

"The Times" called his stage personality "impish", writing: "He was, quite simply, a phenomenon.

then simply

Some will even drive their vehicles to the track, race them, and then simply drive them home.

The multiplicity is then simply given by: and the total number of possible states is given by 2.

The mean oxidation number for the borons is then simply the ratio of hydrogen to boron in the molecule.

simply can not

The oppositions simply cannot be suspended once and for all.

'We simply cannot do without auxiliary constructions,' as Theodor Fontane once said ... [without] dwelling on imaginary wish fulfillments."

One way to appreciate this is to think of them as being like either side of a piece of paper – one side simply cannot exist without the other.

became simply

It became simply Cheongju College in 1951.

It became simply "Le Trianon" in 1920.

Musca Australis became simply Musca.

simply named

The lakes are simply named East Lake and West Lake.

The PCs are simply named as consecutive letters.

She is also credited as the voice of 'The Entity' in the third game, simply named "TARDIS".

instead of simply

DXC’s key to success was to help people build careers in a supported environment instead of simply providing jobs.

Moreover, instead of simply bypassing the Polish positions, the Russian commander decided to attack them frontally.

that the poles have formula_41, where formula_42 is a fixed value strictly greater than zero, instead of simply asking that formula_43.

titled simply

The first game, titled simply "The Witcher", was first released in October 2007.

McFarlane left the title in 1990 to write and draw a new series titled simply "".

In the autumn of 1776 Klinger wrote a comedy titled simply "Wirrwarr" ("confusion", "hubbub").

simply could not

He then received an offer that he simply could not refuse.

At the time, the U.S. fighters simply could not put up much resistance.

Self-sufficiency might be good in theory, but these storekeepers simply could not pass up the chance.

simply does

Often what is written in the script simply does not tally with what is available in the budget.

As his promotion would result in him leaving Homicide, he simply doesn't show up for his promotion ceremony.

As he later put it, a return stream like the one Madoff claimed to generate "simply doesn't exist in finance".

often simply called   (しばしば単に呼ばれる)

Another variant, the tiple Colombiano requinto, is often simply called tiple requinto.

It is often simply called Whist by players who are unfamiliar with the game properly called Whist.

Since they are the most familiar neuropterans to many people, they are often simply called "lacewings".

commonly known simply

They are also commonly known simply as FLBB.

Chicken inasal Chicken inasal, commonly known simply as inasal, is a variant of "lechon manok".

Santos de Guápiles Fútbol Club, commonly known simply as Santos, is a Costa Rican association football club, which currently plays in the Liga FPD.

simply use

Most streets south of Roosevelt simply use street numbers.

At Taï, chimps simply use their hands to extract termites.

Some simply use it to advance in their careers around the globe.

more than simply

Early cannon could also be used for more than simply killing men and scaring horses.

However, Mathijs says the film must invoke metacommentary for it to be more than simply culturally important.

Thus the theory of mixed groups involves more than simply combining the results about periodic and torsion-free groups.

simply put

A braille embosser is, simply put, a printer for braille.

Once you can spell fluently, simply put a short pause between words.

Depreciation is, simply put, the expense generated by the uses of an asset.

simply used

Ptolemy may have simply used the term because of its phonetic similarity.

In the first tests, Woodward simply used a capacitor between two stacks of PZT disks.

Some have simply used the title while others have created new works inspired by the original.