İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

lead singer   (baş şarkıcı)

She is the lead singer of the trio Habanot Nechama.

Mancini is the new lead singer for ThunderMother.

He was also the lead singer of his own band, Flint.

singer and songwriter   (şarkıcı ve söz yazarı)

He also enlisted singer and songwriter Annette Peacock.

Elsa is a popular singer and songwriter.

Lykke Li discography Lykke Li is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

pop singer   (pop şarkıcısı)

It features Australian pop singer Sophie Monk.

Sá married pop singer Teresa Villa-Lobos.

There, he was accompanied by Canadian pop singer Jann Arden.

opera singer   (Opera şarkıcısı)

He was the husband of opera singer Beverly Sills.

Henry, known as Hal, is a composer and opera singer.

A famous cross-dressing opera singer is Mei Lanfang.

music singer   (müzik şarkıcısı)

1941) a renowned Turkish traditional music singer.

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

He is the younger brother of country music singer Nathan Carter.

actress and singer   (oyuncu ve şarkıcı)

She is the sister of actress and singer Debbie Kurup.

He was the father of actress and singer Sharon Cuneta.

Kika Edgar Kika Edgar is a Mexican actress and singer.

country music singer   (country müzik şarkıcısı)

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

He is the younger brother of country music singer Nathan Carter.

Lee Greenwood discography Lee Greenwood is an American country music singer.

folk singer   (Halk Müzik Sanatçısı)

Mangi Mahal Mangi Mahal is a Punjabi folk singer.

Holder began to perform as a folk singer in New York.

He started his career as a folk singer and guitarist.

country singer   (ülke şarkıcısı)

Akins' son, Thomas Rhett, is also a country singer.

Doug Adkins is a country singer, born in Havre.

On June 22, 2013, Decker married country singer Jessie James.

playback singer

Music Director Niaz Ahmed introduced him as a playback singer.

Mitchum's voice was dubbed by playback singer, Devan Ekambaram.

Janani Bharadwaj Janani Bharadwaj is an Indian playback singer.

singer and actress   (şarkıcı ve oyuncu)

- Sandra Mihanovich, an argentine singer and actress.

Élodie Frégé Élodie Frégé is a French singer and actress.

His fifth marriage was to singer and actress Jaye P. Morgan.

singer and guitarist   (şarkıcı ve gitarist)

He started his career as a folk singer and guitarist.

Jerry Cantrell, lead singer and guitarist of Alice in Chains

It was written by singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy and produced by the band.

jazz singer

His second wife was jazz singer Lee Wiley.

Steven Rossitto Steven Rossitto is an Australian jazz singer.

Kristin Berardi Kristin Berardi is an Australian jazz singer.

actor and singer

She is the daughter of actor and singer Jamie Foxx.

Ryan Lian Ryan Lian is a Singaporean actor and singer.

He was a cousin of the actor and singer Mandy Patinkin.

rock singer

Francois Van Coke, stage name for Francois Badenhorst is a rock singer.

Glam rock singer Gary Glitter performed a show here on Christmas Day 1973.

Craig Norris Craig Norris is a Canadian rock singer and radio personality.

female singer   (kadın şarkıcı)

Ái Vân Ái Vân (born at Hanoi, 1954) is a Vietnamese female singer.

Cẩm Vân Hoàng Cẩm Vân (born 31 May 1959) is a Vietnamese female singer.

In 2002, he relocated to America and married female singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh.

singer and actor

She is the sister of singer and actor Sergio Franchi.

Tui ) (born on May 7, 1983) is a Thai singer and actor.

Izan Llunas Izan Llunas is a Spanish singer and actor.

soul singer   (ruh şarkıcısı)

He's a great lyricist, soul singer and rapper.

He is a cousin of UK soul singer Lemar.

It features Manchester-based soul singer Josephine on the track "Colours".

blues singer   (blues şarkıcısı)

He is the father of blues singer Shemekia Copeland.

Jump blues singer Jimmy Witherspoon was born in Gurdon.

Sporty was married to the American soul and rhythm and blues singer, Betty Wright.

singer and composer

Ilan Chester is a singer and composer.

Dona Onete Dona Onete (born June 18, 1939) is a Brazilian singer and composer.

He was employed at the court of Henri III as basse singer and composer from 1559.

singer songwriter   (şarkıcı söz yazarı)

It was written by singer songwriter Dave Dobbyn.

Katie Brianna Katie Brianna is an Australian singer songwriter.

Since 2009 he has developed a further career as a singer songwriter.

popular singer

She was a sister of popular singer Blanche Ring.

He became a very popular singer throughout Latin America.

Elsa is a popular singer and songwriter.

gospel singer   (müjde şarkıcı)

Her godmother was gospel singer CeCe Winans.

He adored the music of black gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Mark Trammell Mark Trammell (born 1959) is an American Southern gospel singer.

singer and musician

Lamkin was also an accomplished singer and musician.

Kärt Tomingas was in relationship with singer and musician Aare Jaama from 1987 until 1991.

Jimmy Merchant Jimmy Merchant (born February 10, 1940) is an American singer and musician.

guitarist and singer

Danila Telegin, a guitarist and singer, is the second member.

He is a guitarist and singer with the Hawaiian music trio, Waipuna.

Thomas is also the lead guitarist and singer of Stoner rock band Witch.

new singer

This is the first album with new singer Jens Rydén, founding member of Naglfar.

By 1968 the band had a new singer, Dave Taylor, who joined after Swann left suddenly for family reasons.

Jed O'Toole took over guitar duties for the event, whilst an open audition was held for a new singer for the concert.

solo singer

It is also his debut single as a solo singer.

He debuted as a solo singer with the single "Shōnen A" (lit.

as well as having a solo singer career.

professional singer

In the 1830s, she became a professional singer in Paris.

The latter was also a professional singer.

He is now a professional singer.

famous singer

The famous singer Takashi Hosokawa was his pupil.

His father is second cousin to the famous singer Don Ho.

His uncle M. G. Sreekumar is a famous singer in Malayalam.

singer and dancer

Romero's second wife was singer and dancer Jolene Lontere.

Deone Zanotto Deone Zanotto is an Australian actress, singer and dancer.

Judges were pop singer , singer and dancer Andreea Bălan, soprano and actor .

former lead singer   (eski baş şarkıcı)

Tony also managed Felix Cavaliere, former lead singer of The Rascals.

Cameron, former lead singer of the Spinners, the Pointer Sisters and many more.

Oskar Saville Oskar Saville is the former lead singer of Chicago-based Rubygrass, and is also a solo artist.

classical singer

Vijay Kichlu Vijay Kichlu (born 1930) is an Indian classical singer.

Trần Hiếu NSND Trần Hiếu (23 April 1936) is a Vietnamese classical singer.

Wigmore Hall's current director is Limerick-born John Gilhooly, OBE, a classical singer.

backup singer   (yedek şarkıcı)

During the 1980s, Grant was also a backup singer for Bill Gaither.

Berry often performs with his wife of 25 years, Robin, as his backup singer.

The show featured backup singer Patti Scialfa brought center stage and the object of sexually themed presentations unusual for Springsteen.

young singer

In May 1952 he met the young singer Mimi Coertse.

The show aims to find the most talented young singer in Pakistan.

In 1898 Cook married the young singer Abbie Mitchell; she was 14.

backing singer

Grogan was a backing singer for Nicky Byrne at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

In March 2010 she began performing gigs and recording as a backing singer for Adam Ant.

By 1963 she was working in New York City on sessions and as a backing singer at the Apollo Theatre.

reggae singer   (reggae şarkıcısı)

As a child, he was friends with fellow reggae singer Horace Andy.

Real Talk (Konshens album) Real Talk is a studio album by a Jamaican reggae singer, Konshens.

Da'Ville Orville Thomas, better known by his stage name Da'Ville, is a Jamaican reggae singer.

composer and singer

Saleel is an accomplished music composer and singer.

In Denmark she is mostly known as a composer and singer of religious hymns.

Nikos Gounaris was probably the most renowned composer and singer of the time.

concert singer

During the 1960s, she also was a concert singer.

She was a concert singer.

Matja von Niessen-Stone Matja von Niessen-Stone (December 28, 1870 — June 8, 1948) was a Russian-born German concert singer.

former singer

Nikk was the former singer of Crown of Creation from Hanover.

Michelle Williams, former singer of girl group Destiny's Child, was cast as the role of Sandra Isadore.

A new reunion was announced again in 2010 by former singer Dean Davidson, without the previous agreement of the other band members.

cabaret singer   (kabare şarkıcısı)

She also toured successfully as a cabaret singer.

She is the daughter of Ann McConnell, a successful Irish cabaret singer.

Jeff Harnar Jeff Harnar is an American cabaret singer and recording artist.

new lead singer   (yeni baş şarkıcı)

Mancini is the new lead singer for ThunderMother.

In 2015 Lee Williams retired and was replaced by Keni Jackson as the new lead singer.

After parting ways with Gordon, the band found new lead singer Tommy Frenzy (Frenesi).

become a singer   (şarkıcı olmak)

Finally her family agreed with her choice to become a singer.

In 1997, when she was 10, she said she wanted to become a singer.

His half-brother is Kasper Winding, who has become a singer in Denmark.

singer named

On the other hand, an amateur singer named Charukesa follows Sandhya and befriends her.

In 1952 a young singer named Stelios Kazantzidis recorded a couple of rebetika songs that were quite successful.

At the same time she filmed a movie called "Candy Mountain", in which she played the small role of a singer named Winnie.

bass singer

In 1982, Gene's voice started changing and he became a bass singer.

The quartet recorded over ten projects with Gene as the bass singer.

– after 1587) was a French bass singer, instrumentalist, and composer.

musician and singer

Howard is also a musician and singer.

Ishay Levi is the brother of the Mizrahi musician and singer Nati Levi.

Donnie Calvin Donnie Calvin is an American reggae musician and singer.

featured singer

Shaw appears as a featured singer on Miguel Migs's 2007 album, "Those Things."

He had another TV program on CBS in 1956 with Helen O'Connell as the featured singer.

The first single, "Drink About", was released on 6 April 2018 and featured singer Dagny.

original singer

She was the original singer of the ever green and Famous song "Aye Rahe haq ke shaheedo".

Notably, Phil Anselmo makes his first appearance on vocals, having replaced original singer Terry Glaze.

This, presumably a reference to original singer Al Atkins, has been removed on other versions of the Gull vinyl.

guest singer

In the second semi, they were joined by another guest singer and performed a different version of their competing song.

In 2003 Medunjanin recorded her first single "Mujo đogu po mejdanu voda" as a guest singer on Mostar Sevdah Reunion album.

As she got good results on the programme, she was asked to be the guest singer for Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted World Tour in Taipei.

singer and pianist

Dylan was named after Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, and Cole is named after jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole.

Edna McGriff Edna McGriff (December 16, 1935 – March 1980) was an American rhythm and blues singer and pianist.

Diane Schuur Diane Joan Schuur (born December 10, 1953), nicknamed "Deedles", is an American jazz singer and pianist.

male singer

Tonio, the lead male singer, plays guitar.

In 1980 he received his first Félix Award for the best male singer of the year.

By May 1941, Sinatra topped the male singer polls in "Billboard" and "DownBeat" magazines.

featuring singer

"Boom" featuring singer T-Pain is the second official lead single from the album.

Va bene (song) "Va Bene" is a multilingual song by La Fouine featuring singer Reda Taliani.

Chains (DLT song) "Chains" is a Hip hop song by New Zealand DJ DLT (musician) featuring singer Che Fu.

singer best

Ross was a British lovers rock singer best known for her 1970s singles "Last Date" and "Imagine".

Beverley Kelso Beverley Kelso (born April 1948) is a Jamaican singer best known as an early member of The Wailers.

Judy Street Judy Street (born c.1949) is an American singer best known for her popular northern soul single, "What".

nightclub singer   (gece kulübü şarkıcısı)

Her screen debut was as a nightclub singer in the 1947 film "Night Beat".

She played a nightclub singer, also named Dorothy, in the 1951 Abbott and Costello movie "Comin' Round The Mountain".

His first wife was actress and nightclub singer Dixie Lee to whom he was married from 1930 until her death from ovarian cancer in 1952.

singer best known

Ross was a British lovers rock singer best known for her 1970s singles "Last Date" and "Imagine".

Beverley Kelso Beverley Kelso (born April 1948) is a Jamaican singer best known as an early member of The Wailers.

Judy Street Judy Street (born c.1949) is an American singer best known for her popular northern soul single, "What".

singer known

Oxxy Norgy Oxxy Norgy is an Ivorian singer known for his Coupé Décalé style of music.

He is a guitarist and singer known for a sound rooted in rhythm & blues, jazz, and soul.

Lil Tracy Jazz Ishmael Butler is an American rapper and singer known professionally as Lil Tracy.