younger sister   (妹)

She has 1 younger sister, Amy Jane Freeman-Hughes.

He has one younger brother and one younger sister.

Apostolos and Demetris also have a younger sister.

older sister   (お姉さん)

Miwa's older sister is the actress Hitomi Miwa ().

She has an older sister and younger half-brother.

His older sister is singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

sister station   (姉妹駅)

It also has its sister station, DZLM/DWOO 1430 kHz.

In 1994, KXRD signed on as a sister station to KLRD.

The deal made WTTA a sister station to WFLA.

sister ship   (姉妹船)

The ferry is a sister ship to "Blue Star Chios".

In 1882, the sister ship of "Caracas" was completed.

"U-1"s sister ship, "U-2" followed in May 1962.

elder sister   (姉)

Gaur has one elder sister and one younger brother.

She forced her elder sister to return to her grave.

His elder sister Monika also swam for the Congo.

twin sister   (双子の妹)

Her current partner is her twin sister, Luo Ying.

Amos had an older twin sister, who died in 2018.

The station is a twin sister to Tutuka Power Station.

sister ships

The "Michigan" had two sister ships, the and the .

It was one of three sister ships, along with and .

and rescued the crews of their sunken sister ships.

brother and sister

Both his brother and sister have doctoral degrees.

She has two elder siblings, one brother and sister.

His purses covered college tuition for his brother and sister.

sister stations

KMBR and its sister stations are all located at 750 Dewey Blvd.

In 2002, 105.7 FM and AM 1570 once again became sister stations.

It is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.. WCOD's sister stations include WEII, WCIB, and WXTK.

sister company   (姉妹会社)

It is Toei Animation's American sister company.

It was a sister company of North point global.

MAP Linhas Aéreas was a sister company of Manaus Aerotáxi.

mother and sister

Amrah hears rumors of the mother and sister's fate.

His mother and sister have also worked as skating coaches.

Ben-Hur sets out for Jerusalem to find his mother and sister.

sister group

They appear to be the sister group to the Balanidae.

The Arthoniales is the sister group to Dothideomycetes.

Dothideomycetes is a sister group.

sister named

Craig had an older sister named Marilynn H. Slocum.

He had a sister named Germania who is deceased.

He has one sister named Gina and a brother named John.

sister city

Albion is a sister city with Noisy-le-Roi, France.

Sikasso's sister city is Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.

Dartmouth's sister city is Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

little sister   (妹)

His parents have split up and he has a little sister, Fiona.

"Hong Jae Hye/Joy Hong": Jay's little sister and an Aboki model.

is Umehito's little sister.

s sister

Kayako’s sister Naoko was spared of this treatment.

"U-1"s sister ship, "U-2" followed in May 1962.

Jonas Balan’s sister, Mirtha, is also a metal sculptor.

sister cities

San Casciano in Val di Pesa has five sister cities:

Other sister cities include Jelenia Góra, Poland.

Its sister cities also take part in these events.

sister taxon

"C. magna" is the sister taxon of "Cirrothauma murrayi".

Its sister taxon is "Osteocephalus".

Rücklin (2011), regards "M. occitanus" as the sister taxon of "Rhinosteus".

sister channel

Quest shares coverage with sister channel Eurosport.

It also broadcasts its sister channel, Sky News.

Sama TV is a sister channel of Addounia TV.

youngest sister

His youngest sister, Caroline, married James Traill.

The book also introduces Laura's youngest sister Grace.

Aranda's youngest sister is actress Rene Michelle Aranda.

eldest sister

His eldest sister, Johanne, married Georg Jensen in 1907.

She was the eldest sister to Japan's Emperor Emeritus Akihito.

He was raised by his eldest sister, also named Ann, 21 years his senior.

sister network   (姉妹ネットワーク)

In 2014, they launched a sister network Wolfpop, under the curation of comedian Paul Scheer.

WGKL-AM aired the "Kool Gold" satellite format, while the FM aired its sister network "Pure Gold".

The stations making up the NEWFM "Super" Network "(sister network to the 2SM Super Network)" include:

s sister

Kayako’s sister Naoko was spared of this treatment.

Jonas Balan’s sister, Mirtha, is also a metal sculptor.

In 1908, he married Carl Sonntag junior’s sister Marie Sonntag.

sister school   (姉妹校)

Their sister school in Dublin is CBC Monkstown.

A sister school operates in Laura, called Laura SDA School.

King Edward VII Academy has a sister school in Chongqing, China.

half sister

Her father remarried and Xenia had one half sister, Olga Andreevna.

He had three full sisters, and one half sister by his father's first wife.

His half sister was Constance Cummings-John, a well known Creole Pan-Africanist.

sister species

The bitter wooly melon is the sister species of "Citrullus ecirrhosus" Cogn.

Within this clade, "Proechimys kulinae" is the sister species to "P. gardneri" and "P. pattoni".

These two flukes are sister species; they share many morphological features and can mate with each other.

sister publication

Its sister publication is "Portland Monthly", a lifestyle magazine.

"Quantum" was a sister publication of the Russian magazine "Kvant".

In 2010, "Pulse Niagara" merged into its Hamilton sister publication "View."

along with sister

It was then sold to Jamison-Wolf Broadcasting in 2008 along with sister station KNTK (now KHWA).

In June 2008, Brunel FM was sold to Laser Broadcasting along with sister stations Bath FM and 3TR.

The station broadcasts from a storefront studio on North 4th Street in Bismarck (along with sister station KXRV).

other sister   (他の姉妹)

The Prince orders Barigoule to find the other sister and try the slipper on her.

Rafferty's other sister, Esther Uzell-Rafferty, said "It's what we have been saying all along.

Her oldest sister is dead, and her other sister went to town, possibly falling into prostitution.

whose sister

Treck, whose sister he married in 1619.

She changed focus to Nikki Bella, whose sister, Brie, was involved as her "personal assistant".

Hayworth was married to actress Jean Owens whose sister was Lela Owens, mother of actress Ginger Rogers.

sister organization

SIUE Web Radio is a sister organization to WSIE.

The DAV Auxiliary is the sister organization of the Disabled American Veterans.

For the funding of basic research projects its sister organization Austrian Science Fund ((FWF) is mainly responsible.

own sister

It's only other competitor is its own sister station, Urban AC WSOL-FM.

He grew up with Xianglian, a fellow monk whom Kilik had seen as his own sister.

They offered him a way out: become an inside man in his own sister's kidnapping.

sister died

His sister died in 1840, and then his father in 1842.

When he was ten, his sister died of an asthma attack, aged 18.

The next year, his father died of a stroke, and his younger sister died two days later.

another sister   (別の妹)

Ruffin also had another sister, who died in infancy.

She comes to the room of another sister, Sara.

He died on January 18, 1927 in Miami, Florida, where he was visiting another sister.

only sister   (妹だけ)

(His only sister Charlotte married Edward Slocum of Providence.)

She was the younger sister of George Washington and the only sister to live to adulthood.

Sensing that he could die anytime, Alfredo decided to entrust his only sister to Dr. Casella.

oldest sister

Anaïs was the second oldest sister of the Colin family.

Sissy Rommely is Katie's oldest sister and one of Francie's three aunts.

He threw it and stole the things, wishing himself where his oldest sister was.

parents and sister

He lives in Matale with his parents and sister.

Kaashi lives happily with his parents and sister Ganga.

Carla Ching grew up in Encino, Los Angeles, California with her parents and sister.

younger sister named

Kamaraj had a younger sister named Nagammal.

He had a younger sister named Jamie Ewing.

He has a younger sister named Jenna.

sister show   (姉妹ショー)

Tanner also curated a sister show "Bad Girls West" at the UCLA Wight Gallery in Los Angeles.

Daivari then started to get on a roll on "Heat" ("Raw"'s sister show) being victorious against Super Crazy and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

Louis Walsh, a judge of sister show "", was bewildered by McManus's victory, and lamented that "we have to give her, her 15 minutes [of fame]."

sister paper

Its French sister paper was "France-Indochine".

It also launched a Swahili-language sister paper, "Kenya Leo".

The daily's sister paper is "Aha!

former sister

Now owned by NextEra Energy, Gulf Power is a former sister company of Mississippi Power through Southern Company.

In late July 2009, CIGM's website went offline with a message advising listeners to check out the EZ Rock website, the former sister station of CIGM.

Previously, the news updates, which debuted eleven days before Media General's acquisition of WTTA, were produced by that station's former sister in West Palm Beach, WPEC.

sister label

He also started its sister label, 5 Rue Christine.

By 1994, he was moved to Liberty's sister label, Patriot Records.

In the United States, it was released by Polydor's sister label Interscope Records.

sister taxa

The genus' sister taxa is the extinct Priscaenigma.

"Pachycondyla" is regarded as the sister taxa to "Dinoponera".

The species has no sister taxa.

sister and brother

She has three elder sisters and two younger sister and brother.

She was the eldest of three children – she has a younger sister and brother.

Several years later, Ginter's mother died, leaving him to be raised by his older sister and brother with their relatives.