İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

web site   (İnternet sitesi)

The game had a players only forum on its web site.

The URA has a dedicated web site on Rail Corridor.

Its web site is located at

archaeological site   (arkeolojik yer)

Ceccia Ceccia is an archaeological site in Corsica.

Cauria Cauria is an archaeological site in Corsica.

Apazzu Apazzu is an archaeological site in Corsica.

same site   (aynı site)

All three reactors were located at the same site.

Sir Watkin built a new mansion on the same site.

Rader, the same site where Knox UMC presently stands.

new site   (yeni site)

It has later been moved to a new site in Fælledparken.

In 1950, it moved to a new site in Kirkburton.

In Seung's own words:We have this new site:

present site   (mevcut site)

In 1975 the school was moved to its present site.

They then moved to the present site of Arogbo.

Hastings School was built on its present site in 1908.

historic site   (tarihi mekan)

Today the home is preserved as a historic site.

This bill designated the home a historic site.

In 2006 the Decatur Water Works was declared a historic site.

former site   (eski site)

The former site is now a residential development.

Ramsey Auction Rooms now occupy the former site.

The former site of the Blue Chip is now a vacant lot.

original site   (orijinal site)

Very little trace of the original site exists today.

Meanwhile, the original site in Crimea remained open.

The original site has since been built up with houses.

site is located   (site bulunduğu)

Its web site is located at

The site is located on property now privately owned.

The Bomarc site is located on Santa Rosa Island is at

heritage site   (sit alanı)

It is part of a pending UNESCO world heritage site.

The whole museum site is a provincial heritage site.

The Fyfe Wing was listed as a heritage site in 1984.

active site   (aktif site)

NAPAP is an active site thrombin inhibitor.

It binds to the active site on thrombin.

The two catalytic metal ions located in PP2A's active site are manganese.

site is now   (site şimdi)

The site is now the garden of a private residence.

The site is now used for quarrying and as farmland.

The site is now occupied by Longchamp Racecourse.

construction site   (inşaat sahası)

They then kill the boss of the dam construction site.

Test boring at the construction site commenced in July 1978.

Ravi finds his father as a worker on a dam construction site.

near the site   (sitenin yakınında)

The parts were salvaged and restored near the site.

A danger sign was erected near the site later the same year.

It is in what is now suburban Racine, near the site of his farm.

town site   (kasaba sitesi)

The Big Sandy River runs to the east of the town site.

Two years later, a town site was laid out.

Today ranches surround the town site.

current site   (mevcut site)

Middle Fork School moved in 1895 to the current site.

The current site is the third Fort Qu'Appelle.

St John's moved to its current site in 1912.

site near   (yakınındaki site)

Modern scholars place its site near the modern Dimitsana.

Mannarasala Temple is a famous pilgrimage site near the village.

A statue of Strauss was moved in 1955 to a site near the bridge.

burial site   (mezarlık)

The church was the burial site for members of the court.

High Legh was also a high-status Bronze Age burial site.

Rick and Michonne prepare a burial site to lay Carl to rest.

crash site   (kaza sitesi)

A memorial has been erected at the crash site.

The crash site was denied to investigators.

No survivors were seen at the crash site.

binding site   (bağlayıcı bölge)

The latter contributes to the inhibitor binding site.

The ARE binding protein KSRP has a Pin1 binding site.

This protein lacks one amino acid of the conserved heme binding site.

site located   (site bulundu)

There is an archaeological site located in Bagh called Bagh Fort.

site located in Winnipeg, MB.

It subsequently shifted to the present site located at the Guwahati club.

transmitter site   (verici sitesi)

The AM transmitter site was in a low-lying area.

The transmitter site is located in Novato.

The transmitter site is off NW 210 Street in Miami Gardens.

now the site   (şimdi site)

The fort is now the site of the Roman Army Museum.

The property now the site of Pine Forge Academy.

The former quarry is now the site of Mount Smart Stadium.

landing site   (İniş Yeri)

The coordinates of the landing site on Mars are: .

Normandy was therefore chosen as the landing site.

Gale Crater was the MSL landing site in 2012.

official site   (resmi site)

There is a complete list on the official site here.

The game's official site went online in April 2005.

On August 8, 2018, official site published two sets of posters.

became the site   (site oldu)

The stadium became the site of the 1993 All-Star Game.

Oak Ridge Cemetery became the site of the Lincoln Tomb.

Likhachevo repeatedly became the site of fierce fighting.

station site   (istasyon sitesi)

A transport mural is located near the station site.

The station site remains largely undeveloped .

The entire station site encompasses over 680,000m of space.

site became   (site oldu)

The site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

Later, this site became known as the "Colvile Landing".

Its site became forgotten in modern times.

archeological site   (arkeolojik bölge)

There is also an archeological site on the island.

5), and the Mission Plaza archeological site (VHL No.

The archeological site was designated in 1973.

site of national   (ulusal site)

It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Schloss Flaach is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

The village is overlooked by Elgg Castle, which is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

site includes   (site içerir)

The 54-hectare site includes woodland and wetlands.

The mill site includes a number of buildings.

The site includes the cabin and mining apparatus used by Craig.

site now   (şimdi site)

In 1730, it was on a site now called Binanuahan.

The former town site now is farmland.

A shopping center known as Capitol Plaza occupies the site now.

launch site   (siteyi başlat)

The S-II impacted about from the launch site.

It is India's primary orbital launch site.

Close to Perdasdefogu is the Salto di Quirra rocket launch site.

news site   (haber sitesi) UNIMEDIA.INFO is a Moldovan news site. is an online news site.

Gathara is currently a curator for Kenyan news site "The Elephant".

historical site   (tarihi alan)

Fort Monroe has become a popular historical site.

The Queen Street site was later gazetted as a historical site.

It is owned by the City and operated as a self-guided historical site.

visited the site   (siteyi ziyaret etti)

Howard Crosby also visited the site during 1851.

Aristocratic travelers from across Europe visited the site.

Dalit Leader B. R. Ambedkar visited the site on 1 January 1927.

pilgrimage site   (hac yeri)

The church became an immediate pilgrimage site.

Also Mission San Xavier del Bac is a pilgrimage site.

The cave is now a Christian and Goddess pilgrimage site.

building site   (inşaat alanı)

He combined his Junior career with working on a building site.

The LAP announced the purchase of a building site in April 1962.

at the building site.

main site   (Ana site)

Daily updated business news is available on the main site.

These can be used with content downloaded from the Hamleys Showcase main site.

BAU Debbieh Site is located 33 kilometers away from the university's main site in Beirut.

site was used   (site kullanıldı)

The site was used as an animal butchering location.

Half of the site was used for recuperating wounded soldiers.

Initially, the Sannai-Maruyama site was used on a temporary basis.

site during   (sırasında)

Howard Crosby also visited the site during 1851.

The building also serves as a ballot drop-off site during elections.

The site was used as an anti-aircraft decoy site during the Second World War.

site contains   (site içerir)

The site contains two bogs; one acidic and one alkaline.

The site contains Late Woodland and Contact period artifacts.

Each dig site contains fossils from three particular dinosaurs.

contributing site   (katkıda bulunan site)

The listing included one contributing site on .

The contributing site is a limestone quarry.

The listing was for an area of with just one contributing site.

school site   (okul sitesi)

The high school took over the middle school site and buildings.

The school site including gardens and grounds, extends to over .

The school site was subsequently purchased by St Peter's College.

around the site   (sitenin etrafında)

A circular path runs around the site.

The use of ultrasound can reveal fluid around the site of injury.

This led to the growth of Chelmsford around the site of the bridge.

test site   (test sitesi)

Another 2 kg of plutonium was scattered about the test site.

RDS-37 was detonated at the Semipalatinsk test site on 22 November 1955.

It would become the largest explosion realized at the Semipaltinsk test site.

through the site   (site üzerinden)

He premieres all of his new videos through the site.

A footpath from Old Church Road goes through the site.

The Pigeonhouse Stream runs through the site.

important site   (önemli site)

Vega Island is an important site for paleontology.

It was an important site of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages.

Also, in Semnan Province, there is an important site of Tepe Hissar.

networking site   (ağ sitesi)

He launched a new social networking site, Fan Central, for his fans.

He is better known as creator of Estonian social networking site,

From 2005 to 2008, it was the largest social networking site in the world.

village site   (köy sitesi)

- 450 A.D. and a village site dating from 450-700 A.D.

The original village site is now within Harvard Square.

The entire former village site is registered as cultural heritage.

site called   (site denir)

They go to a camp site called mukhanda, or n-khanda among the Yaka.

"El Mañana" also heads an online English-language news site called "Laredo Sun".

An archeological site called "Miscanti-1" is found on the southeastern lake shore.

site include   (site içerir)

Sensors that are currently at this site include :

Birds breeding at the site include: The following overwinter:

Other provisions on the site include a small formal Scout shop, and site offices.

grave site   (mezar yeri)

The grave site is registered as cultural heritage.

A grave marker was placed on his grave site in 1983.

The grave site is the second in the cemetery.

social networking site   (sosyal ağ sitesi)

He launched a new social networking site, Fan Central, for his fans.

He is better known as creator of Estonian social networking site,

From 2005 to 2008, it was the largest social networking site in the world.

another site   (başka bir site)

Betal Rock Shelter () is another site he was excavating.

This site soon proved unsuitable and another site was sought.

site of several   (birkaç site)

It is also the site of several limestone quarries.

In ancient times Lebanon was the site of several Greek colonies.

From the 15th century onwards, the valley was the site of several ironworks.

site began   (site başladı)

The Waverly Half-Way site began operation in 1925.

The site began just prior to the 2004 baseball season.

The site began operating on 1 August 1959.

camp site   (kamp alanı)

The original camp site was dredged over in 1941.

The islands are a popular camp site used by local cottagers.

They go to a camp site called mukhanda, or n-khanda among the Yaka.

archaeological site located   (yer alan arkeolojik alan)

There is an archaeological site located in Bagh called Bagh Fort.

Yiftahel Yiftahel () is an archaeological site located in the Lower Galilee in northern Israel.

Koster Site The Koster Site is a prehistoric archaeological site located south of Eldred, Illinois.

site consists   (site oluşur)

The site consists of a large mound and covers around .

The site consists of a shell midden and is long by wide.

The site consists of three separate units.

old site   (eski site)

It is at the old site of "Fort Hamilton", in the upper Palani hills.

Then as the utility of the new sites also waned, the old site was revitalized.

The lower school (years 7 and 8) still remains at the old site in Stamford Hill.

occupied the site   (siteyi işgal etti)

Over the centuries, a series of churches have occupied the site.

It occupied the site of Lithgows' former Gas works at Inchgreen.

"West Twerton Secondary Modern School" occupied the site after World War II.

site of many   (birçok site)

Nuremberg was the site of many official Nazi buildings.

It is the site of many global and European corporate headquarters.

Kirkut cemetery was the site of many executions from the Brzesko Ghetto.

site was chosen   (site seçildi)

A 240-acre site was chosen to build the town on February 5, 1898.

The site was chosen by the Duchess, as a plaque in the stables records.

A new site was chosen ⅜ of a mile downstream and construction began late in 2002.

site between   (arasındaki site)

It occupies a site between the Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill.

It is a cross county border site between Gloucestershire and Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The Sussex Society of Archeology and History extensively excavated this site between 1951 and 1953.

occupies the site   (siteyi kaplar)

A "pay and display" car park now occupies the site.

Palmeira Square now occupies the site.

A shopping center known as Capitol Plaza occupies the site now.

site was listed   (site listelendi)

The site was listed again in the 2000 World Monuments Watch.

The site was listed for its archeological information potential.

The site was listed on the Superfund National Priorities List in 1986.

site was originally   (site başlangıçta)

The site was originally a clay pit as far back as 1859.

The site was originally excavated from 1975 to 1984, and again in 2004, 2006, and 2009.

The site was originally occupied by a house, which pre-dated the Norman conquest of England.

site was built   (site inşa edildi)

The first bridge at this site was built in 1872.

The first ski jump at the site was built in the 1890s.

An earlier structure at the site was built after 1474.

first site   (ilk site)

The first site has not survived, having been dredged over.

This site is also the first site on the Kamakura pilgrimage.

The firm purchased its first site (in Fairfield, New Jersey) six months later.

site of what   (neyin sitesi)

It is located the site of what was once the city-state Xaltocan.

It is the site of what may be the oldest wharf in Gibraltar, Ragged Staff Wharf.

The original church was built in 1704, on the site of what is now Admiralty House.

site was first   (site ilk)

The site was first excavated by James Mellaart in 1958.

The pre-Columbian site was first excavated in the 1940s.

The site was first excavated by Sir Henry Wellcome from 1911-1914.

original town site   (orijinal şehir sitesi)

Church Hill was named for the churches near the original town site.

The community was named for the white hills near the original town site.

The community was named for a tract of forest near the original town site.

future site   (gelecekteki site)

There were four pieces of property which constituted the future site of 1099 14th Street NW.

Its first culture event is the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre at the future site of Xiqu Centre in 2012.

They went around the south end of Klamath Lake and eventually to the future site of Winnemucca, Nevada.

site was added   (site eklendi)

In 1990, the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

This site was added to the Michigan State Historical Registry on June 10, 1980.

The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 19, 1972.

site along   (site boyunca)

In 1899, the community was moved to its present site along the railway.

They chose a site along Red Oak Creek, southeast of the present-day community.

A variety of whiskeys were produced at the site along with brandy and vinegar.

site was sold   (site satıldı)

The site was sold to AIM Development USA in 2013.

In 2014 the site was sold to Jaguar Land Rover.

In 2007, the site was sold to Internet Brands.

nesting site   (yuvalama sitesi)

That nesting site was active through 2016.

The park also has a coral reef aquarium turtle nesting site.

Fugloy was also a nesting site for the now extinct great auk (garefowl).

site was purchased   (site satın alındı)

The site was purchased by Joseph Habersham in 1802.

Therefore, a new cemetery site was purchased in 1800 on the western edge of town.

The site was purchased in 1903 by the Church of England for a new mission church.

ancient site   (antik site)

Noricum is the ancient site of modern Austria.

The ancient site remains in it as a ruin.

Xinjiekou is an ancient site in Nanjing.

popular site   (popüler site)

It is a popular site to visit during the summer times.

Calcata became a popular site for pilgrimage.

It has become a popular site for transmissions by ham radio operators.

suitable site   (uygun yer)

Presently, Jebel Marra may be a suitable site for agriculture.

A plot of land on a suitable site in West Street (Drogheda's main street) was persistently refused by the corporation.

Sefton pledged to remove the colony of distinguished jumping spiders ("Attulus distinguendus") to another suitable site.

site known   (bilinen site)

She was buried here at the site known as St. Sourney's Bed.

The railway station at Kandy was constructed on a site known as Deiyange Wela.

Another low secure unit is on the site known as Southview which was opened in 1995.

entire site   (Tüm site)

The entire site, including grounds, covers about 6 acres.

The entire site remains in private hands.

The entire site is surrounded by the Plumas National Forest.

industrial site   (sanayi bölgesi)

The industrial site at Raismes also houses several other engineering companies.

It became a major industrial site producing tiles and pottery in the later period.

It is now an industrial site, used for the storage and testing of rocket propellant.

site was occupied   (site işgal edildi)

The site was occupied in the Halaf and Ubaid periods.

The site was occupied from before 3000 BC.

The Mount Royal site was occupied beginning about 4,000 years ago.

production site   (Üretim sitesi)

It will invest around €40 million to expand the production site in Villach.

In 1983, New Jersey declared a Passaic River production site to be a state of emergency.

The production site will require approximately 110 people working offshore and another 40 working onshore.

neutral site   (tarafsız bölge)

2007 was the first time the tournament was held at a neutral site.

The series' neutral site contract at AT&T Stadium could continue until 2014.

The Cougars were 12-2 at home, 6-6 on the road, and 1-2 in neutral site games.

proposed site   (önerilen site)

was built on the proposed site of the zenith.

The proposed site was between Hawkins Point and Sollers Point in the outer harbor.

In 1971, the town of Wyhl, in Germany, was a proposed site for a nuclear power station.

site within   (içindeki site)

The "Oklahoma City Daily" posted news to its site within hours.

The friary was established on a site within Leicester's town walls.

Evidence of copper artifacts, places the site within the Chalcolithic period.

when the site   (site ne zaman)

It performed routine general radar surveillance until 30 September 1981 when the site was inactivated.

In 1979, when the site was inscribed it was also placed on the List in Danger due to earthquake damage.

Archeological excavations were again conducted in 1971 when the site was mapped and test excavations were done.

wreck site   (enkaz sitesi)

Even the exact wreck site remains a matter of dispute today.

All artifacts recovered from the wreck site were desalinated.

The depth at the wreck site is .

training site   (eğitim sitesi)

In 1996, the site served as training site for the U.S. Dressage Team.

C co/46th En Bn – the horizontal platoons were at the Western Kentucky training site.

Grand Stadium once again played host to the Dodgers as a training site in its waning years.

site before   (önce site)

The FBI arrived at the Thailand black site before the CIA arrived.

This allows the physician to make sure this is the right site before permanently disabling it.

Content that was originally created for the newspaper gets edited by the online staff to fit the site before it goes live.

each site   (her site)

The seventh step assessed each site individually.

This significantly reduced the number of channels available at each site in real-world systems.

This hypothesis has been tested numerous times at sites around the world and confirmed at each site.

purchased the site   (siteyi satın aldı)

In 2004, Grévin & Cie, a French leisure group, purchased the site.

The Knights Hospitaller purchased the site from Velos, a French nobleman, in 1168.

In 1885 the Corporation of Newport purchased the site and built the present building.

site itself   (sitenin kendisi)

This included an occupation of the site itself.

The site itself is "overgrown with grasses and weeds.

The site itself and £1,300 was provided by the Kay-Shuttleworth family.

breeding site   (üreme yeri)

It is an important breeding site for seabirds.

It is the only known Moroccan breeding site for the glossy ibis.

The lagoon is reported as a breeding site for the little penguin.

site was excavated   (site kazıldı)

The site was excavated from 1978 to 1979.

The site was excavated from 1955 to 1957.

The site was excavated by Petrie in 1900.

site chosen   (site seçildi)

The site chosen was at the Clinton Engineer Works in Tennessee.

The site chosen was Caldera (located at ), where ships had anchored during colonial times.

On the site chosen for the administrative building, until 1930 stod the Church of Alexander Nevsky.