Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

situated between

It was to be situated between Haugnes and Andenes.

They are situated between Makarska and Dubrovnik.

Cremorne is situated between Mosman and Neutral Bay.

situated near   (situado cerca)

This school is situated near GobindaPur village .

The school is situated near Jayrakini Annai alayam.

It is the village situated near to Kannur district.

village situated

It is the village situated near to Kannur district.

Cornhill () is a village situated on Dooncarton Hill.

Flateyri Flateyri is a village situated in Iceland's Westfjords.

situated within

It is situated within the Gunnison National Forest.

Harriman State Park is situated within the caldera.

It is situated within a large cave in Monte Tiscali.

situated along

Prachi is situated along National Highway 8E.

The campus is situated along Sen. L. Sumulong St. Bragy.

Ruins were situated along the western banks of the spring.

situated approximately

It is situated approximately west of Padstow.

Dingalan is situated approximately north-east of Manila.

The reserve is situated approximately north of Gloucester.

locality situated   (localidad situada)

Zamzama is a posh locality situated in the Clifton Town in Karachi the largest city of Pakistan.

Berrook, Victoria Berrook is a locality situated in remote north-west Victoria in the Sunraysia region.

Älta Älta is a locality situated in Nacka Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 14,103 inhabitants in 2019.

village is situated

The village is situated in the Toros Mountains at .

situated just   (situado justo)

Venginissery is situated just 8 km away from Thrissur town.

Until 1961 Kórnik was separate from Bnin, situated just 1 km apart.

It is situated just north of the B6313, near the village of Craghead.

station is situated   (la estación está situada)

The Irinjalakuda railway station is situated here.

The station is situated south of the river Vecht.

Doncaster railway station is situated on the East Coast Main Line.

situated close

The Rotokawa Power Station is situated close by.

Dudelange is situated close to the border with France.

It was situated close to the wall near the border crossing.

town is situated   (la ciudad está situada)

The town is situated in the Nileshwar-Konnakkad Road.

The majority of the town is situated on Tyrrel's Bay.

The town is situated in the Hron river valley.

situated next

The stadium was situated next to the Lychakiv Park.

The stadium was situated next door to the Dresden Works.

Today it is situated next to the N1, shopping centres and schools.

situated north

It is situated north of Louth and south of Grimsby.

It is situated north from the resort of Skegness.

It was situated north of Leven and south of station.

situated south

The station is situated south of the river Vecht.

It is situated south of Newmarket and east of Cambridge.

Ottawa is situated south of the southern entrance to Gatineau Park.

situated around   (situado alrededor)

The town center is situated around the port.

The wooden benches for the believers are situated around the Teva.

It has also given name to the wine region Nahe situated around it.

school situated   (escuela situada)

The settlement has a primary school situated in the northeast area.

More school situated in Dhanies.

Bent Primary is a primary school situated east of Boghead on the A726.

town situated   (pueblo situado)

Theni Theni is a hillock town situated in Tamil Nadu.

Neyyoor Neyyoor is a town situated from mondaymarket.

It is a small town situated in southern India.

situated above

It is situated above the Mount York Claystone.

Completed on 5 November 1975, the Vacha Dam is situated above sea level.

The midbrain, or mesencephalon, is situated above and rostral to the pons.

situated west

The stadium is situated west of Kurasini.

It is situated west of SCS Junction, the heart of Tiruvalla.

The is situated west of Gloucester.

situated east

The goods yard was situated east from the A697.

It is situated east of Shildon and north-west of Newton Aycliffe.

Bent Primary is a primary school situated east of Boghead on the A726.

temple is situated

A similar temple is situated in Buddha-Gaya.

Kalika Mai temple is situated at outskirt of Biranchi Barwa.

Hingulambika temple is situated at Hongunti near Shabad town.

station was situated   (la estación estaba situada)

The station was situated four hundred yards north of Low Lane.

This station was situated 32 chains west of the present station.

The station was situated in between Alresford and Great Bentley.

farming village situated

A farming village situated by the left (south) bank of the river Seine, in the Roumois some southwest of Rouen at the junction of the D 45 with the D 265 road.

situated here   (situado aquí)

The Irinjalakuda railway station is situated here.

Killikulangara Snake temple is also situated here.

Assembly of God Revival Centre also situated here.

place situated   (lugar situado)

"Kumarenchira Devi Temple " is also an important pilgrim place situated here.

Communities may share a sense of place situated in a given geographical area (e.g.

As a place situated along the Laguna de Bay, Pila was an accessible area for foreign trade.

station situated   (estación situada)

The Ajmer Junction is the main railway station situated in the city.

Golant Halt was a railway station situated beside the river south of the village.

The railway station situated roughly 1km away from the center has passenger services.

situated beside

This VDC is situated beside borderline of india.

It's situated beside the Yamuna river.

A swimming pool is situated beside Lake 1 in the central park.

school is situated   (la escuela está situada)

This school is situated near GobindaPur village .

The school is situated near Jayrakini Annai alayam.

The school is situated in the heart of the Komarapalayam City.

city is situated

The city is situated among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

The city is situated on the Vedea River and has over 45,000 inhabitants.

The city is situated in the south-west of its Region, north of Soligorsk.

now situated

It is now situated on Pixton Hill, Forest Row in East Sussex, UK.

The house is now situated in Cambridge, on the MIT campus along "Dorm Row".

It is now situated on its own grounds, opposite St Conleth's Parish Church.

situated adjacent

Bødalen is situated adjacent to Slemmestad.

The opera house of Amsterdam is situated adjacent to the city hall.

It is situated adjacent to "S.T Nagar" the commercial centre of Thrissur.

park is situated

The park is situated near the town of Port Macquarie.

The park is situated 170 km from Johor Bahru and has an area of 107 km².

The park is situated on the northeast shore of Lake Wissota, a reservoir on the Chippewa River.

campus is situated

The campus is situated along Sen. L. Sumulong St. Bragy.

The campus is situated at Jalan Dato Mohd.

The school campus is situated in Zamalek.

situated off

It was situated off Lombard Street in the City of London.

It is situated off the A5250, three miles south-west of Derby city centre.

Kempshott has an Infants and Junior School which are situated off Homesteads Road.

situated behind   (situado detrás)

Another concern highlighted the case with two or more engines situated behind a single intake.

There was also a small Arboretum containing over 100 different species of tree situated behind the college.

The driver is presented with the Borg-Warner Trophy, which is situated behind the car in a prominent location.

situated outside   (situado fuera)

The 2010 Asian Games Village is situated outside Haibang Station.

Its location is remarkable as the Aventine is situated outside the pomerium, i.e.

Lisbellaw Hurling Club is situated outside the town of Lisbellaw in central Fermanagh.

temple situated

Ramjanki Mandir is a temple situated in the village.

historical famous temple subrahmanya swamy temple situated here.

Thali Temple is one of the historic temple situated in South Kondazhi.

situated directly

The radar tower on Dooncarton Hill is situated directly in front of the village.

The car barn is situated directly above the power house and the Cable Car Museum.

It is situated directly on the San Andreas Fault, which is named after the valley it is in.

situated inside

These are actually situated inside the crest, above the eye sockets.

The Office of the Chief Minister is situated inside Komtar in George Town.

As a result, a problem arose, due to the burial vaults being situated inside the city.

situated immediately

It was situated immediately south of the B6346.

It is situated immediately to the south of the town of Newton Aycliffe.

The Menagh Military Airbase is situated immediately to the west of the village.

district is situated

Afshar district is situated on the slopes of Mount Afshar in west Kabul.

The northern part of the district is situated on the lower parts of the hill that forms Upper Norwood.

The entire district is situated in the Ganges Delta and the southern part is covered by the Baruipur-Jaynagar Plain.

building situated

Both facilities were housed in a three-story building situated atop a ridge.

Orpheum Theatre (Malta) The Orpheum Theatre is a building situated in Gżira, Malta.

With the building situated on a corner lot, the principal facades are on the north and east sides.

church is situated

The modern church is situated much further inland.

The famous church named Little Flower church is situated here.

St. Sebastian's church is situated at the heart of Neyyassery.

building is situated

The building is situated northeast of Jami Masjid.

The building is situated on the site of an old hotel.

The building is situated in the upper section.

house situated

This was accomplished from the oak-panelled winding house situated midway along the bridge span.

Tŷ Newydd Tŷ Newydd () is a historic house situated at Llanystumdwy, near Criccieth, in Gwynedd, north-west Wales.

Walton Hall, Walton-on-Trent Walton Hall is an 18th-century country house situated in the village of Walton on Trent, Derbyshire.

municipality is situated

The municipality is situated in south-west area of the district.

The municipality is situated at north-west area of province of Piacenza and it borders with province of Pavia in Lombardy.

In its municipality is situated the Chréa National Park, one of the largest national parks of the country, and a ski resort.

situated nearby

The castle of Calatrava la Vieja is situated nearby.

A limekiln was also situated nearby at NS 2706 4309.

The settlement of Chamangá is situated nearby.

college situated

Post Graduate College, Ghazipur PG College Ghazipur is a postgraduate college situated in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Al Madrasathul Ibrahimiyya Al Madrasathul Ibrahimiyya (அல் மத்ரஸதுல் இப்ராஹீமிய்யா) is an Islamic college situated nearby Kazimar Big Mosque in Kazimar Street, Madurai.

situated across   (situado al otro lado)

King's Park is situated across the river in Fort Richmond.

It is situated across the boundaries of Tuscany, Marche, Umbria.

The Concertgebouw is situated across this street from the square.