Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

political situation   (Situación política)

However, he failed to read the political situation correctly.

Orwell stepped into a complex political situation in Catalonia.

Three years later however the political situation was transformed.

financial situation   (situación financiera)

His financial situation was very likely desperate.

De Vere's financial situation was steadily deteriorating.

Her financial situation was burdened, and she saw no way out.

economic situation   (situación económica)

By 1918, the economic situation had deteriorated.

Zügel took an interest in Eckenfelder's economic situation.

The state's economic situation gave hope for Senator Kerry.

situation comedy   (Situacion de comedia)

The brief to the writers was clear – a situation comedy makes people laugh...

In 1976, he appeared in an episode of the NBC situation comedy "The Practice".

Early in his career, Martin was a staff writer for "Duffy's Tavern", a radio situation comedy.

current situation   (situación actual)

He wrote several books on the current situation of Africa.

Kent finally confesses his past and his current situation to her.

They spoke about their experience of the current situation in the UK.

similar situation   (situación similar)

A similar situation existed in 2008, when the 3.

A CNN-ComRes poll in 2018 found a similar situation in Europe.

A similar situation has occurred with NGC 2394, also in Canis Minor.

difficult situation   (situación difícil)

Nora tells Kristine of her difficult situation.

The government was now placed in a difficult situation.

It was a very difficult situation.

security situation   (situación de seguridad)

Without economic progress, the security situation would continue to unravel.

Its mission was to monitor the military and security situation in Sierra Leone.

It served as a symbol of the ameliorated political and security situation in the country.

situation became   (la situación se convirtió)

As the situation became out of control, an unknown race appeared.

The situation became desperate.

When the situation became clear the message was relayed to a very disappointed Massa.

situation changed   (situación cambiada)

The situation changed in independent Estonia.

This situation changed before World War II.

This situation changed dramatically during the 20th century.

such a situation   (tal situacion)

Jules doesn't feel any words can justify such a situation.

Law 75 covers the proper procedure to address such a situation.

Liu Cixin's novel "The Dark Forest" is based upon such a situation.

same situation   (misma situacion)

The same situation is encountered for films.

Have you been in that same situation?

The same situation has been preserved until today on the Eschenheimer Turm.

military situation   (situación militar)

At that moment the military situation once more changed abruptly.

Both sides varied their strategy according to the military situation.

By 28–29 August, the Iranian military situation was in complete chaos.

dangerous situation   (situacion peligrosa)

"The police created a dangerous situation.

A very dangerous situation developed when a group of Métis rushed the artillery.

The Armenian population of the city at the time was 50,000, putting the 1,000 Azeris in a dangerous situation.

new situation   (nueva situacion)

Goring showed himself unequal to the new situation.

This new situation led to the election of Arturo Alessandri Palma.

In response to this new situation, Molotov visited Berlin on 12–13 November 1940.

situation when   (situación cuando)

For the sake of simplicity, we consider here the physical situation when inertia may be neglected.

was devised by Bobby Goldman as an attempt to resolve the situation when the Blackwood-asker has a void.

It was a substantial improvement of his academic situation when Hausdorff was appointed in 1921 to Bonn.

situation worsened   (la situación empeoró)

The young Imam and his mother moved to Qumm, but their financial situation worsened.

Elam reaches for his gun, but Hawkins appears and apologizes before the situation worsened.

This situation worsened as PPA members turned to violence to "persuade" former friends to join.

social situation   (situación social)

Influenced by her family, she observed the social situation and politics.

It is this social situation which would eventually lead to the Great Hunger in the 1840s.

Risk factors include a social situation where heavy drinking is common and a person having an impulsive personality.

improve the situation   (mejorar la situación)

Critical events are reported anonymously in a CIRS to improve the situation.

The report suggested that it would be an uphill battle to improve the situation:

He was a paternalistic employer and went to great lengths to improve the situation of his employees.

hostage situation   (situación de rehenes)

Also, Terry heads the hostage situation while having problems with the Vulture.

She proves their point and everyone heads to the store to deal with the hostage situation.

The president, who barely escaped the hostage situation, remains trapped in the unfinished bomb shelter.

described the situation   (describió la situación)

One official described the situation as "a shambles."

Busch described the situation in the tunnel and offered to translate for the surrender.

Yang described the situation at the border and answered all questions to the emperor's satisfaction.

given situation   (situación dada)

Volcott will occasionally worry about how a given situation with them might jeopardize his retirement benefits.

He feels sorry for the driver's death, however at the same time he is convinced that the given situation required what he did.

In a common law jurisdiction several stages of research and analysis are required to determine "what the law is" in a given situation.

rights situation   (situación de derechos)

She also has advocate at United Nation on human rights situation in Burma.

In the months following the Spanish Embassy Fire, the human rights situation continued to deteriorate.

The human rights situation in Pakistan is generally regarded as poor by domestic and international observers.

situation deteriorated   (situación deteriorada)

The situation deteriorated further over the next few years.

The situation deteriorated further and developed into the Bangladesh Liberation War in March.

However, his situation deteriorated over night and he died twenty-two hours after he was shot.

human rights situation   (situación de los derechos humanos)

She also has advocate at United Nation on human rights situation in Burma.

In the months following the Spanish Embassy Fire, the human rights situation continued to deteriorate.

The human rights situation in Pakistan is generally regarded as poor by domestic and international observers.

discuss the situation   (discutir la situación)

Alone, Coleman and “Kirk” discuss the situation.

I feel that the three of us – Atalji, you and I – should meet to discuss the situation.

Durrani then sent envoys to Beijing to discuss the situation regarding the Afaqi Khojas.

resolve the situation   (resolver la situación)

Durant orders Cullen to resolve the situation, giving him complete authority.

No attempt is made to resolve the situation, and if that's a happy ending, I've seen happier.

but if you need the bloodline of both dogs you can resolve the situation by mating them..."").

situation between   (situación entre)

The Allied council did try to defuse the situation between Romania and Hungary.

On the counterpart, the song also relates the heartfelt situation between her and Samar.

Its strategic situation between the major cities of Augusta and Syracuse has played a critical role in its growth.

international situation   (situación internacional)

He was interested in the international situation during the thirties.

"No matter how the international situation changes, China has always been the sincere friend of the Arab world."

The vague, broad nature of the Brezhnev Doctrine allowed application to any international situation the USSR saw fit.

assess the situation   (evaluar la situación)

First responders had to use boats to assess the situation and offer aid.

The Norwegian Peoples' Aid Organization assembled a team of mine sweepers to assess the situation.

The East India Company sent an officer by the name Mr. Cotsford to assess the situation of these territories the next year.

whole situation   (toda la situación)

They don't talk about the politics of the whole situation.

The ghost is a way for Rani to attempt to find some closure on the whole situation."

She explained that Mishti "just feels defeated, she's very angry with the whole situation."

situation improved   (situación mejorada)

This situation improved as COBOL adopted more features.

His situation improved when he destroyed a force of pro-Roman Lucanians in early 213 BC in Bruttium.

As soon as the Chinese rations were replaced by meat and other high-calorie food the situation improved.

particular situation   (situación particular)

There unfortunately is no concise answer in this particular situation.

Legge) Particular duties arise from one's particular situation in relation to others.

A particular situation arises when a ring is a vector space over a field in its own right.

situation continued   (situación continua)

This situation continued with the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

This situation continued after Eritrea achieved its independence.

Related rebellions were extinguished by 1850, but the situation continued to deteriorate.

emergency situation   (situación de emergencia)

80% of the housing stock is in an emergency situation, the main problem is the repair of the roof.

Turrets and hulls would thus be separated, making it difficult to put the tanks together again in an emergency situation.

Finally, rapid is the maximum reasonable rate of fire in an emergency situation when the rate of fire need not be upheld for long periods.

situation remained   (la situación se mantuvo)

This situation remained in force until the "Rampjaar" (1672).

But the economic situation remained difficult for the manufacturers too.

Both sides suffered similar losses throughout the month, but the Axis supply situation remained less favourable.

present situation   (situación presente)

Soma is conflicted over the present situation.

Déjà vu Déjà vu (; ) is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before.

Rather, they explain it as the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before.

remedy the situation   (remediar la situación)

This delayed the program, and Speer was unable to remedy the situation.

Any attempt to remedy the situation by a return to "values" would ultimately fail.

The Government of the Ukrainian SSR tried to remedy the situation, but it had little success.

deteriorating situation   (situación deteriorante)

However, in view of the Axis' deteriorating situation in Africa it returned to Germany in September.

A German western offensive was cancelled in April, due to the deteriorating situation on the Eastern Front, where the Austro-Hungarian army faced collapse.

"This increase is necessary to stabilize a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, which has not received the strategic attention, direction and resources it urgently requires," Obama said in a written statement.

when the situation   (cuando la situacion)

Races are then usually restarted when the situation has been cleared.

In keeping with his established habits, he would use gadgetry of his own invention when the situation called for it, but never as his final gambit.

Solomon E. Asch conducted a modification of Sherif's study, assuming that when the situation was very clear, conformity would be drastically reduced.

desperate situation   (situación desesperada)

I'm in a desperate situation.

The desperate situation forced the Bulgarians to resort to armed struggle.

Chiba Sensei found himself in an even more desperate situation, now he had no wage and a wife to support.

situation did   (situación hizo)

This situation did not sit well with either network.

Nevertheless, the unusual situation did not go unacknowledged.

In the first postwar years the situation did not improve perceptibly.

situation was not   (la situación no era)

However, this situation was not, as Mr. Harper insisted, undemocratic, illegal or un-Canadian."

This situation was not appealing to many settlers, almost all of whom were British subjects from Australia.

That situation was not envisioned by anyone then and would only become an issue nearly a decade in the future.