İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

certain situations   (belirli durumlar)

when given a writing task in certain situations.

In certain situations h/she should follows rules of three or more cultures.

For example, they may in certain situations constitute crimes against humanity.

emergency situations   (acil durumlar)

Many restrictions are waived in emergency situations.

The loading ramp is jettisonable in emergency situations.

The knot can be applied to emergency situations, such as mountain rescue.

such situations   (bu tür durumlar)

Usually it refers to such situations in plutonic rocks.

But for a debutant hero, such situations are unavoidable."

Even children are in danger of being beaten in such situations.

social situations   (sosyal durumlar)

Those with social anxiety may retreat in social situations to avoid any social mishaps.

They are taught how to deal with people in social situations through theory and role-play.

This does not mean that they are unfriendly or antisocial; rather, they are reserved in social situations.

different situations   (farklı durumlar)

A series of different situations are rapidly detected.

It has been said that Han has a face for different situations.

Andrew is reliable to his brother - The Spook, helping him in different situations.

situations such

Set plays are often utilized for specific situations such as a penalty corner or free hit.

The cervix may be duplicated in situations such as bicornuate uterus and uterine didelphys.

A number of mammals will adopt a bipedal stance in specific situations such as for feeding or fighting.

many situations

Nonetheless, US units are still used in many situations.

There are many situations in which bracketing does not serve to disambiguate.

They are shown to be talented mechanics as well as adept at disguises for many situations.

other situations   (diğer durumlar)

For other situations, more complex modeling may be needed.

card is needed for travel and other situations, and any Nordic I.D.

capital crimes) must be more compelling than in other situations (e.g.

dangerous situations

Thereby he also gets into dangerous situations.

It tries to rescue Charlotte even in the most dangerous situations.

Although most of his coworkers are afraid of him, they also know to come to him in dangerous situations.

similar situations   (benzer durumlar)

Due to their similar situations Chang Hee and Hae Joo start liking each other.

Their crew got into similar situations and were sometimes scammed with even worse results.

Police forces in places like New York and Boston practised handling of similar situations, should they occur in the US.

difficult situations

The crew under his leadership works wonders and gets out of difficult situations.

Logan cryptically alludes to "getting people in and out of difficult situations".

His detectives are three beautiful women, who end up in a variety of difficult situations.

various situations   (çeşitli durumlar)

It is often used to detect rusting in various situations.

He also included many sample writs for various situations.

She is involved in various situations, many of which are particularly linked to the environment.

most situations   (çoğu durum)

Thus mail armour proved to be sufficient protection in most situations.

Most trains are owned by a player and in most situations players are allowed to extend only their own train.

The judge will make use of warnings in most situations that may lead to a person being charged with contempt.

all situations

The Border Guard has the responsibility for border security in all situations.

In both these cases, often, and almost always in the second, the character is silent in all situations.

Some accents and dialects, such as those of the Hejaz region, have an open or a central in all situations.

situations when   (durumlar)

This procedure is performed to create an airway in situations when long term continuous use of a ventilator is needed.

Marko is a stable man who will sacrifice anything to fight for his love, even in situations when the battle seems lost.

Most studies, indicate that nitrogen losses can be reduced in these situations when a urease inhibitor is applied to the fertilizer.

situations involving

It is defined for situations involving the innocent infringement of a patent.

This is particularly important for single mothers and situations involving partnership instability.

From a very early age Ciokaraine was exposed to different situations involving mothers and their children.

specific situations   (özel durumlar)

Set plays are often utilized for specific situations such as a penalty corner or free hit.

A number of mammals will adopt a bipedal stance in specific situations such as for feeding or fighting.

There are several nuances to the Ineligibility Clause that determine the necessity of fixes in specific situations: