Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first six months   (primeros seis meses)

The pastor served the first six months without pay.

226,000 had fled in just the first six months of 1953.

During the first six months, Grand Park hosted about 40 events.

next six years   (próximos seis años)

The next six years were up-and-down for the Braves.

The title sequence would stay constant for the next six years.

In the next six years, Williams directed "" (1942), "Marching On!"

within six months   (dentro de seis meses)

There was almost full national distribution within six months.

She made her debut within six months.

He completed it within six months.

spent six months   (pasé seis meses)

In 1920, he spent six months living in the Soviet Union.

Following this, he spent six months travelling in France.

In 1712–13 he spent six months in England.

scored six goals   (anotó seis goles)

He played 18 games and scored six goals in Norway.

She played all five matches and scored six goals.

He also scored six goals in the former competition.

spent six years

He spent six years as a judge before retiring on 8 August 1926.

He spent six years playing in Japan.

Wason also spent six years moderating "Author Rap Sessions" on NBC Radio.

only six months   (solo seis meses)

His first worked when he was only six months.

The film was written, cast and financed in only six months.

However, Elsa reveals that, as a result of her wound, she has only six months to live.

first six games

In their first six games, they gave up no touchdowns.

Adams missed the first six games of his senior season.

He started the first six games before suffering a knee injury in Week 6.

next six months

"Not in the next six months, anyway.

Twelve more would die in the next six months as panic gripped the city.

There were an estimated 150 official reprisals over the next six months.

scoring six goals

He made 141 appearances for Stoke scoring six goals.

He won a bronze medal in 1948, scoring six goals in seven matches.

Dobbie made a total of 33 appearances, scoring six goals that season.

within six years

They had translated "The Castle" within six years of Kafka's death.

In 2019 Toyota revealed plans to introduce an EV HiLux within six years.

The inspections and repairs are required to be completed within six years.

every six months

The interest rate on the loan reprices every six months.

This course was repeated every six months until war's end.

Its Presidency rotates between the states every six months.

made six appearances

That season, he made six appearances for Sigma.

He only made six appearances with the team.

He made six appearances for the Galicians, all from the bench.

spent six weeks

The house had modifications and the team spent six weeks there.

He spent six weeks filming concert scenes at the Cleveland Agora.

"The Garden" spent six weeks in the UK charts in 1981, peaking at #24.

first six years

For the first six years it was contested over 1½ miles.

During the first six years of existence, the service processed over $23 billion.

Sietse Bakker served in the role for the first six years, replaced by Nadja Burkhardt.

top six teams

The top six teams received a first-round bye.

The top six teams received a bye into the Second Round.

played six seasons

He played six seasons for the New York Giants (1937–39, 1941–43).

He also played six seasons in Japan for the Seibu Lions (1980–1985).

He played six seasons for the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons.

least six months

The distress must be present for at least six months.

Burton said after making the film he intended "to retire again for at least six months."

He was still expected to require at least six months in hospital, but was released in May and returned to New Zealand.

just six months   (solo seis meses)

His rebellion ended just six months after it started.

After just six months he decided he was not suited for that vocation.

That was just six months after Italy's entry into World War II as an ally of Nazi Germany.

all six matches

He played all six matches and scored seven goals.

He played all six matches and scored four goals.

He played all six matches and scored two goals.

last six years   (últimos seis años)

The Medicine and Dentistry courses both last six years.

For the last six years, Nelson has trained with former UFC Lightweight Champion B.J.

For his last six years of service he was a Commissioner of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

played six games

He played six games in his first season.

In TBT 2018, Horne played six games.

He played six games, in which he averaged 4.5 points and 2.3 rebounds.

last six months   (últimos seis meses)

So the last six months on the earth (every year) equal one celestial night.

The campaign was expected to last six months, but ran through the end of 2011.

For the last six months, Cathcart ordered scourings of the countryside for rebels.

only six years   (solo seis años)

Corfield was only six years old when his father died.

Maignen was schooled for only six years.

He was only six years old when he succeeded his father in 1438.

spent six seasons

Subsequently, Martyn spent six seasons at Leeds United.

she joined Ferencvárosi TC, where she spent six seasons.

Taylor moved to Birmingham City in 2004, where he spent six seasons, and played for Norwich City on loan.

released six studio

They released six studio albums before disbanding in 2001.

To date, he has released six studio albums, two EPs, and thirteen singles.

have released six studio albums, three compilation albums, and eighteen singles.

another six months   (otros seis meses)

Liga, Vašíček re-signed on loan at Znojmo for another six months in August 2012.

Lowe had surgery to remove the affected lung tissue and underwent another six months of recuperation.

It was another six months before the commissioners arrived in Sitka and the formal transfer was arranged.

took six months

The reservoir took six months to fill and flooded .

The initial build took six months to complete.

He took six months to recover from the injury.

played six matches

He played six matches and scored three goals.

He played six matches and scored seven goals.

He played six matches and scored nine goals.

first six seasons

He led the team (Chargers and Patriots) in rushing his first six seasons.

This variant was first played in 2003–04, and its first six seasons were all won by Agrária.

In his first six seasons as a first-class cricketer, his largest haul of wickets was 31 in 1980.

nearly six years   (casi seis años)

After holding this post for nearly six years he acted as judge for about a year.

In 2010, Mahéas was found guilty of sexually harassing a female employee nearly six years earlier.

He started at KIRO-TV in 1983, moved to rival KING-TV in 1986 for nearly six years, then back to KIRO until 1998.

took six wickets

As an occasional medium-paced bowler, he took six wickets.

After a gap of three weeks with no cricket, Allen took six wickets in his first match back.

Gold Coast's Otoo took six wickets in Southern Nigeria's second innings, helping Gold Coast to an innings victory.

only six games   (solo seis juegos)

He played only six games in 1999 and ten in 2000.

The Dolphins failed to improve on their previous season's output of 10–4, winning only six games.

The effect of the appeal on the team's morale was devastating and they went on to win only six games for the year.

only six weeks   (solo seis semanas)

Recording took only six weeks and cost around £10,000.

He spent only six weeks at St Mirren before moving to English team Blackburn Rovers.

In February 1999, at the age of four years, she was given only six weeks to live but defied the odds.