İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

sixth season   (altıncı sezon)

This was Pitt's sixth season as a member of the ACC.

Red Parker served as head coach for the sixth season.

Production on the sixth season began on 19 March 2018.

sixth place   (altıncı sırada)

He came in sixth place, and voted for Lisa to win.

Unterhaching finished in sixth place that season.

Tabuan Muda 'A' finished the season in sixth place.

sixth studio   (altıncı stüdyo)

The album is the sixth studio album from the group.

The song appears on Brown's sixth studio album, "X".

's sixth studio album, "Paper Trail" (2008).

sixth studio album   (altıncı stüdyo albümü)

The album is the sixth studio album from the group.

The song appears on Brown's sixth studio album, "X".

's sixth studio album, "Paper Trail" (2008).

finished sixth   (altıncı bitti)

In 2009 they did not win a game and finished sixth.

In 1932 he finished sixth in the lightweight class.

In 1932 he finished sixth in the heavyweight class.

sixth form   (altıncı form)

Only the sixth form centre of the school allows males.

It has 1,267 students, including a sixth form.

In 1981 the school opened a sixth form centre.

sixth round   (altıncı tur)

He was drafted in the sixth round of the 1955 CFL draft.

He was selected in the sixth round by the Philadelphia Eagles.

When the gun jammed on the sixth round, Fakhrarai ran to escape.

sixth album

Tao's sixth album was released on August 21, 2009.

Her sixth album "Dancing Queen" was released in 2001.

In 2018, the band released their sixth album "Violence".

sixth century   (altıncı yüzyıl)

It has been assigned to the fifth or sixth century CE.

In the sixth century, Christian missionaries visited the islands.

Thrppuliyoor temple was established even before the sixth century.

fifth and sixth

Same for the fourth, fifth and sixth placed teams.

placed sixth

The women placed fifth and the men placed sixth.

He placed sixth in the division as a sophomore.

Akopyan placed sixth in the 100m breaststroke.

sixth and final

The sixth and final heroine in "Flyable Heart" is .

It was Dooley's sixth and final provincial winners’ medal.

The sixth and final chapter deals with life after childbirth.

sixth grade   (altıncı sınıf)

The last sixth grade graduating class was in 2012.

He advanced to the sixth grade on 5 November 1964.

Usually students are admitted in the sixth grade.

finishing sixth

It went on to debut to $7.3 million, finishing sixth at the box office.

They won 15 games and lost 45 in 1878, finishing sixth and last in the league.

He ran his first full season in the series in 2015, finishing sixth in points.

sixth overall   (toplamda altıncı)

In 1992 she was top New Zealander and sixth overall.

She was eliminated in episode ten, placing sixth overall.

Despite the inconsistent play, the U.S. finished sixth overall.

sixth time   (altıncı kez)

It was the sixth time the Broncos made the Grand Final.

The sixth time he was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.

He was named for his sixth time to the First All-Star Team in 1922.

sixth consecutive   (arka arkaya altıncı)

The team made the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year.

For the sixth consecutive year, Stephen Mangan was the ceremony's host.

Barna once again playing with Szabados, won his sixth consecutive doubles title.

sixth episode

While Quinn Fry joined the cast in the sixth episode.

The sixth episode aired on Saturday, 4 April at 7:55 PM.

Reviews for the sixth episode were positive.

sixth edition

In 2010 3FM hosts the sixth edition of the 3FM Awards.

The album is the sixth edition of the "Now!"

It was the sixth edition of the annual Canadian Championship.

sixth year

Richū succumbed to disease in his sixth year of reign.

Pierson died in his sixth year as Yale's rector, in 1707.

The toy line received a new logo design for its sixth year.

finished in sixth

Unterhaching finished in sixth place that season.

The team finished in sixth place with a record.

They finished in sixth with a 2-4 record.

sixth and seventh

The film adapts the series' sixth and seventh volumes.

Tagalie and Lomomd finished sixth and seventh.

The sixth and seventh seasons each featured 13 episodes.

sixth largest

making it the sixth largest domestic airline in Brazil.

Prijedor is the sixth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2013 Brazil had the sixth largest passenger air market in the world.

sixth series

He appears in the fifth and sixth series of the show.

Prior to this Adam appeared in the sixth series of "Ex on the Beach".

For the sixth series, Cole's dance partner was presenter Lisa Snowdon.

ranked sixth

It ranked sixth in 2018 and fifth in 2019.

Rissling is overall ranked sixth for the 2017–18 Bobsleigh season.

His 400 career three-pointers ranked sixth all-time in NCAA history.

sixth inning   (altıncı vuruş)

Jordan Walden relieved Avilán in the sixth inning.

In the sixth inning, the Yankees cut the Cardinals' lead.

In his debut, he relieved for Ed Correa in the sixth inning.

became the sixth

Foligno became the sixth captain in Blue Jackets' history.

By reaching the top 3, she became the sixth Russian to do so.

In 1871, British Columbia became the sixth province of Canada.

sixth single

It's the sixth single by "Die Fantastischen Vier".

In 2018 he releases his sixth single, "Flower Bomb."

"2002" was released as the sixth single on 20 April 2018.

sixth position

Mouton finished in a disappointing sixth position.

With 92 points, he came in sixth position.

Kostić received the sixth position on its electoral list in Belgrade.

school and sixth   (okul ve altıncı)

Sedgehill School Sedgehill School is an 11–18 mixed, community secondary school and sixth form in Lewisham, Greater London, England.

The school follows the English National Curriculum with students taking their IGCSE and AS/A-Level exams in secondary school and sixth form.

The Arnewood School The Arnewood School is a mixed secondary school and sixth form located in New Milton in the English county of Hampshire.

sixth game

It is the sixth game pack for "The Sims 4" overall.

The sixth game in the series, "", also came under criticism.

A sixth game, Phlinx was added with the version 1.1 update in February 2011.

sixth generation

He was a sixth generation descendant of Charlemagne.

Indy; a sixth generation descendant of Secretariat through both Storm Cat and A.P.

By the sixth generation an additional class was created for the "domesticated elite."

sixth seed

She lost to sixth seed Caroline Wozniacki in the opening round.

The Jets were the sixth seed in 2001, losing on the road in the first round to the Oakland Raiders .

She won the Santaluz tournament in San Diego, beating sixth seed Ivana Abramović 6–0, 6–2 in the final.

sixth most   (en çok altıncı)

In Croatia, Novak is the sixth most common surname.

It was also the sixth most streamed in Canada.

, the website is the sixth most viewed Christian website in the UK.

sixth best

His 29 touchdowns are sixth best in MSU history.

GameZone ranked it as the sixth best "Castlevania" title.

"Comic Book Resources" ranked it the sixth best mecha anime ever.

sixth son

Paget was the sixth son of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey.

His sons died one by one but his sixth son, Yang Yanzhao.

He gave Matthew, the sixth son, his early musical training.

sixth child

Their sixth child, Hans, was born on 30 April 1869 in Berlin.

(A sixth child was born later when they lived in Los Angeles).

She was ten years older, and gave birth to her sixth child in 1795.

sixth tier

They play in the sixth tier of Serbian football.

Their football team compete in the Sachsenliga, at the sixth tier of German football.

He is currently playing for SV Straelen in the Verbandsliga Niederrhein (sixth tier).

through sixth

The third through sixth place teams will contest the quarter finals.

Athletics thus take the place of physical education classes enjoyed up through sixth grade.

sixth book

It is the sixth book in the Honor Harrington series.

It is the sixth book in the Emberverse series.

It is the sixth book in the 17-volume Rocksburg series.

sixth term   (altıncı dönem)

Senator Pete Domenici won re-election to a sixth term.

Senator Chuck Grassley won re-election to a sixth term.

Olin did not run for a sixth term in 1992.

finish sixth

11 Penn State in a consolation game to finish sixth.

She went on to finish sixth in the marathon at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Harlien continued to accelerate until he crossed the start/finish line to finish sixth.

sixth floor

For the first to third floor is for male and the forth to sixth floor is for female.

55 boxes of material were removed to the classified storage area on the sixth floor.

Offices were located on the sixth floor of the Volunteer Building on Peachtree Street.

tie for sixth

They finished the season 19–16, 9–9 in a tie for sixth place.

They finished the season 5–6, 3–5 in OVC play to finish in a tie for sixth place.

Woods started the day two strokes off the lead, but shot a 74 (+3) to tie for sixth.

sixth week   (altıncı hafta)

It then rose to number five in its sixth week.

They were then eliminated on the sixth week.

It climbed quickly and entered the top ten in its sixth week.

finish in sixth

They finished the season 6–5, 4–3 in CAA play to finish in sixth place.

They finished the season 6–5, 3–5 in PFL play to finish in sixth place.

they finished the season 12–18, 7–11 in WAC play to finish in sixth place.

sixth straight   (altıncı düz)

They lost to Michigan for the sixth straight season.

He contributed a lot to his team's sixth straight national championship Asseco Prokom .

In August 2018, Anthony won his sixth straight Republican nomination for a seat on the OCC.

sixth highest

It is the sixth highest mountain in the state.

, Alabama has the sixth highest poverty rate among states in the U.S.

His vote share was the sixth highest in the country and the second highest within his party.

sixth day

Artemis was born on the sixth day, which made it sacred for her.

They are often covered with seeds to represent manna, which fell in a double portion on the sixth day.

On the sixth day of the festival, vāhanam of the day will be Gaja Vāhanam (గజ వాహనము), i.e., "The Elephant Chariot".

sixth and last   (altıncı ve son)

He performed his sixth and last Hajj in 1888.

They also won the Coppa Italia for the sixth and last time.

Curtis was the sixth and last of these.

sixth form college

Kill Laura began when Weaver was in sixth form college.

She had left "Grange Hill" and was about to go to sixth form college when she got her next big acting break.

The municipal government of the city of Paris uses the phrase "sixth form college" as the English name for a lycée.

sixth track   (altıncı parça)

It appears as the sixth track on the album.

It is the sixth track on her tenth studio album, "To The Teeth."

It was the album's sixth track, .

came sixth

The Thai team came sixth in their event.

They fielded a candidate in the 2008 Glasgow East by-election who came sixth.

Nordhaug led Sky at the Tour of the Basque Country, where he came sixth overall.

released their sixth

In 2018, the band released their sixth album "Violence".

In 1991, the group released their sixth album, "Jahmekya".

Editors released their sixth album, "Violence", on 9 March 2018.

placing sixth

She was eliminated in episode ten, placing sixth overall.

Team GB had an incredible performance placing sixth at the Olympic Games.

They then made their Grand Prix debut, placing sixth at the 2016 Rostelecom Cup.

during the sixth

Some later events in Aquilonia, set during the sixth year of the reign of Conan's son Conn, are presented by Roland J.

Lillee made his Test debut during the sixth Test of the 1970–71 Ashes series where he claimed a five-wicket haul on debut.

In 2016, Roberts appeared in an episode of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" during the sixth season portraying Ser Arthur Dayne.

finishing in sixth

They then went on and lost to Bulgaria in the fifth place game, finishing in sixth place.

This enabled them to play in Division Two of the European Championship in 2000, finishing in sixth place.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she competed in the women's marathon 10 kilometre, finishing in sixth place.

sixth novel   (altıncı roman)

Her sixth novel, "Pity", centered on a child kidnapping.

Women and Men Women and Men is Joseph McElroy's sixth novel.

He is currently writing the sixth novel, "The Winds of Winter".

through sixth grade

Athletics thus take the place of physical education classes enjoyed up through sixth grade.

There was an elementary school for students in kindergarten through sixth grade in each borough.

In 1993, Dwight-Englewood School and The Bede School merged to add students in Pre-K through sixth grade.

sixth annual

By the sixth annual (2018-19) event, Grand Park + The Music Center's N.Y.E.L.A.

The sixth annual Osheaga festival sold more than 81,000 tickets—more than any previous year.

On September 9, 2008, Leary hosted the sixth annual "Fashion Rocks" event, which aired on CBS.

sixth title   (altıncı başlık)

This was Corofin's sixth title in a row.

Stade Français were declared the winners and this was how their sixth title was won.

IF Elfsborg were the defending champions, having won their sixth title the previous season.

sixth volume

In its 2010-2011 cycle, it will publish its sixth volume.

On December 1, 2014, a sixth volume of "Doraemon Plus" was published.

The sixth volume contains various Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek dictionaries and study aids.

sixth man

[2] A sixth man John Henry Upton Spalding Lt.

As a junior, Ingram was utilized as the sixth man on the Class 4A state championship team.

Edmund became only the sixth man in the 115-year history of the Davis Cup to make his debut in the final.

sixth president

Reed returned as the sixth president of the CFLPA from 1986 to 1993.

Dawn Lindsay is the sixth president of Anne Arundel Community College.

On April 30, 2015, Dr. Milo O. Placino took his oath as the sixth president of SLSU.