household size   (世帯規模)

The average household size was less than 2.

The average household size is 2.53 people.

The average household size 2.72 persons.

average household size   (平均世帯サイズ)

The average household size was less than 2.

The average household size is 2.53 people.

The average household size 2.72 persons.

family size   (ファミリーサイズ)

There were 723 households, the average family size was 2.79.

Average household size was 2.59, and average family size was 3.36.

The average household size is 3.0 and the average family size is 3.3.

average family size   (平均家族サイズ)

There were 723 households, the average family size was 2.79.

Average household size was 2.59, and average family size was 3.36.

The average household size is 3.0 and the average family size is 3.3.

small size   (小さいサイズ)

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

Of particular note is the building's small size.

He was quite short and was bullied for his small size.

same size

A cash card has the same size as a Visa/MasterCard.

Both classes were the same size: high and wide.

Both machines are the same size and general configuration.

large size

Each canister round contained 60 balls of a large size.

The nerves composing it are of large size.

Despite his large size he was known for his supple physique.

population size

In 1998, the population size was estimated at 2,000 pairs.

The population size of the marbled cat is not well understood.

A higher effective population size causes more incongruent gene trees.

body size

They also compared Rector's body size to Kruk's.

Usually, big body size indicates good genetic quality.

"O. bicornis" is about the same body size as the honeybee.

size and shape   (サイズと形)

Rastacaps range in size and shape, as well as uses.

The size and shape of the cake might vary with region.

The petals are similar in size and shape to the lateral sepals.

basin size   (流域サイズ)

It has a length of , and it has a basin size of .

It is long and its basin size is .

reduced in size

The unit was to be retained but reduced in size.

Furthermore, the coins were slightly reduced in size.

The mainsail is reduced in size or eliminated altogether.

sample size   (サンプルサイズ)

However, the sample size is no longer fixed upfront.

Statistical power relies in part on high sample size.

A conventional choice is formula_106 for sample size "n".

full size

They were extended to full size after flight testing.

Common blade size for pickup trucks and full size SUVs is .

The wattle grass soon grew into bushes and then into full size trees.

similar size

The Pilbara ningaui is considered to be of similar size and weight.

The library building is of similar size and height as the town hall.

The components are main sequence stars of similar size and appearance.

class size

On average, class size is about 25 students: 1 teacher.

Genoa-Kingston High School has an average class size of 21.

Group sizes are as follows (new class size breaks for 2016):

smaller size

It is a throwback to the old Zen Xtra, but in a much smaller size.

Certainly it does not shrivel or symmetrically reduce to a smaller size.

Thanks to their smaller size, they could be mounted on or in siege towers.

similar in size

It is similar in size to Madagascar or France.

The petals are similar in size and shape to the lateral sepals.

range in size

Rastacaps range in size and shape, as well as uses.

Beads range in size from under to over in diameter.

The cobbles that it contains range in size from to .

vary in size   (サイズが異なります)

They can vary in size up to long and in diameter.

Its prey can vary in size to close to its own size.

vary in size, and are often as large as in diameter.

maximum size

In total, the maximum size of the Legion was 4,500.

The common length is 40 cm (maximum size 70 cm).

Adult individuals can grow up to a maximum size of .

larger size

Breeding birds may require a nest or breeding box and a larger size cage.

The two are distinguishable by the larger size and longer stipe of "E. constans".

Because of their larger size, HH-53s also carried a second pararescue specialist.

average size   (平均サイズ)

The average size of a census family is 2.4 persons.

The average size of a beagle litter is six puppies.

It grows to an average size of 16.6 cm in length.

size and weight

1921 The R & A limits the size and weight of the ball.

The sexes are moderately dimorphic in body size and weight.

Because of size and weight these doors are usually sectional.

particle size   (粒子サイズ)

As particle size decreases, surface area increases.

This is basically a particle size effect.

The funnel contains a 1 mm mesh screen to limit the particle size.

shape and size

Their structures are varied in shape and size.

Lemlawi is the family of jaw harp but the shape and size are different.

Albanian men traditionally wore hats of various designs, shape and size.

times the size

These would have been three times the size and firepower of flak towers.

It is five times the size of the famed Ring Nebula in Lyra at 6.5 arcminutes.

For example, at age three months the glands are four times the size of the kidneys.

doubled in size   (サイズが2倍)

The following year, the exercise doubled in size to 800.

By the spring of 1919, the council had almost doubled in size.

increased in size

Afterward, the tombs increased in size and complexity.

Andrushivka gradually increased in size and population.

Both cays have increased in size since 1936.

twice the size

Males reach more than twice the size of females.

Saltwater vodyanoi are twice the size of their freshwater brethren.

Nearly twice the size of past years, over 2,300 attendees attended XOXO 2018.

medium size   (ミディアムサイズ)

His canvas work is usually of medium size.

The Surti buffalo is of medium size and docile temperament.

The ears are rounded and of medium size.

grew in size

After the Second World War, destroyers grew in size.

The park grew in size to 14 acres in 1998.

It grew in size due to the construction of the Volga–Don Canal.

half the size

"Traveler" was half the size of the "Oregon".

The Viking was roughly half the size, in terms of mass and power, of the V-2.

The anal fin has 2 spines and 14 soft rays; the first anal spine is half the size of the second.

ranging in size   (サイズの範囲)

It was described as large and robust in form and ranging in size from 20–24mm.

18 isolated teeth were found, ranging in size from in height and in width at the base.

The event happens in school and out of school, with events ranging in size and duration.

original size

Zhangdu Lake dwindled to one quarter of its original size.

The original size of the leaf is unknown.

In the course of time it has returned to its original size.

grain size   (粒度)

The lithological evidence includes rock type, grain size, composition, and texture.

Geologists use the term "lithographic texture" to refer to a grain size under 1/250 mm.

The grain size for these well-sorted, very fine to medium sands is about 0.06 to 0.5 mm.

reduce the size   (サイズを小さくする)

Thus, they produce more male offspring and reduce the size of offspring.

This made it possible to reduce the size (and cost) of the VFD or LCD in the VCR.

The goal of the project was to reduce the size of the state government and decrease spending.

increase in size

The seven whorls increase in size in a regular manner.

The coins of the Czech koruna increase in size and weight with value.

Individual home ranges are relatively small, averaging , and increase in size with age.

increase the size

Replacement grips are thicker and are often used to increase the size of the handle.

Over the years, the City acquired additional acreage to increase the size of the park.

There are new plans that should increase the size of the park to 99,800 km² (36,000 sq.

physical size

The newspaper could now grow both in physical size and publishing figures.

This was accomplished by increasing the physical size of the cartridge (making it longer).

At its estimated distance, this yields a physical size of about 36 times the radius of the Sun.

size varies

Woody's size varies wildly in "Drooler's Delight".

The litter size varies from two to four young.

Group size varies between sites and at different seasons.

smaller in size

The inland form is smaller in size and paler in colour.

The Asian rain quail is smaller in size and has a black breast.

American crocodiles on the islands or coasts are usually much smaller in size.

small in size

Westmont and Lisle are suburbs of Chicago but enrollments are small in size.

Though relatively small in size, Armenia has four UNESCO world heritage sites.

Because microdebris and scrubbers are so small in size, filter-feeding organisms often consume them.

overall size   (全体のサイズ)

The overall size of the council remained the same.

Estimates of the overall size of the subculture vary greatly.

The overall size of the area is .

life size   (実物大)

To the right is a life size portrait of Swami Vivekananda.

There two life size images of Narasimha, the avatar of Vishnu.

Three-quarter- length, life size.

increased the size

This increased the size of the project to twice the original plans.

In 1916, Congress increased the size of the Corps of Cadets to 1,332.

KRLA was pleased, however, because he increased the size of their audience.

equal size

(Normally the two portions have about equal size.

The Russian troops were of equal size.

The data that has to be broadcast is split into blocks of equal size.

average class size   (平均クラスサイズ)

Genoa-Kingston High School has an average class size of 21.

The average class size is 18 students.

The average class size is 13 students.

current size

The refuge's current size is 6,642 acres (27 km).

In the 1960s, the cemetery was expanded to its current size of about 15.4 hectares.

This stipulation permits Russia to increase the current size of the fleet which has fallen below those numbers.

clutch size

In Spain, the average clutch size is about 2 to 2.3.

Typically, the clutch size is around 4–6 eggs.

The clutch size is usually three to four cream eggs which are spotted grey and brown.

size between

The shell attains a size between 17 mm and 60 mm.

It can reach a size between 26 and 30.5 cm.

They vary in size between .

normal size

This is the normal size of a castrum for a numerus.

It can reach a length of but is a more normal size.

John gets back to his normal size and unites with Vani.

brain size   (脳の大きさ)

Compared to other mammals, primates have significantly larger brain size.

France was documented to have a brain size just two-thirds the normal size.

As a rule, brain size increases with body size, but not in a simple linear proportion.

increasing the size

This would be achieved by increasing the size of the culvert under Louisiana Highway 90.

Common modifications include increasing the size of the utensil handle to make it easier to grasp.

The largely mountainous village of Besshi joined the city of Niihama in 2003 greatly increasing the size of the city.

reducing the size

The process of reducing the size of a data file is often referred to as data compression.

Throughout this time, he was interested in reducing the size of the film projection equipment he worked with.

Samsung's "Super AMOLED" technology addresses this issue by reducing the size of gaps between layers of the screen.

doubled the size

The newer dam doubled the size of the reservoir.

In 1970 a -story addition doubled the size of the building.

He reformed the Polish army and doubled the size of the kingdom.

size range

Their size range for extra-small to small, 3mm to 10mm

Cheilocystidia size range: 26–40 × 8–17 μm.

Development activity has been particularly high in the 1–50 kg size range.

file size

It is a way to reduce the file size.

Upon learning of the limitation, Gilbert reminisced about the file size of the first game.

They can be arranged based on title, author, file size, file type, and when they were last opened.

larger in size

At , the country is larger in size than Taiwan or Belgium.

Specifically, males tend to be slightly larger in size when compared to females.

Growing to a maximum length of around , the females are larger in size than the male.

total size   (全体の大きさ)

The development later grew to a total size of .

The total size of the force was reckoned to be 3,000 men.

The country is small with a total size of .

size distribution

This enables the pore size distribution to be determined.

Weaver ants, for example, have a distinct bimodal size distribution.

The size distribution of the aggregate determines how much binder is required.

relative size   (相対サイズ)

The triplet proteins are named based upon their relative size (low, medium, high).

Classification by relative size was common, as this also tended to influence the tanks' role.

Its modest design and materials are in keeping with the relative size of Victoria at that time."

relatively small size   (比較的小さいサイズ)

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

This inn is of a relatively small size, with only one stable room.

They attributed the relatively small size of the effect to individual differences.

present size   (現在のサイズ)

Old oak high pews were cut down to their present size.

The manor house reached its present size during the second half of the 1600s.

In 1927, the comune took its present size, when Treviolo joined other fractions.

reduced the size

If this had been the case, it would have reduced the size of the award.

The fill was used to compress marshy lands but also reduced the size of the lake.

It also reduced the size of the Dewey system by over half, from 1,900 to 700 pages.

shell size

Increased growth means increased shell size, because inhabiting a shell that is too small for the crab's body results in an increase in predation and desiccation.

During the Iran–Iraq War, the Iranian Army developed a similar device, the 37mm marsh mortar, for use on marshy ground, as 37mm was the maximum shell size for which recoil did not drive the mortar into the soft ground.

The sound of a drum depends on many variables—including shape, shell size and thickness, shell materials, counterhoop material, drumhead material, drumhead tension, drum position, location, and striking velocity and angle.

sheer size   (薄手のサイズ)

This is a very laborious process because of the sheer size of these pots.

The Ministry hoped it might be possible to compensate for this by sheer size.

Construction on this scale implies the existence of a coordinated labor force due the sheer size of these posts.

engine size

There was also a diesel version of this engine size.

The tariffs are linked to engine size of the vehicle.

This engine size was continued through to the end of production for Italy alone.

minimum size

The minimum size of a sexually mature lined seahorse is 5.6 cm.

In an Ethernet network, this results in frames of minimum size (64 bytes).

Implementations can implement a smaller virtual address space with a minimum size of 43 bits.

block size

• B is the block size in bytes for parallel hashing.

In the case of DES, the block size is 64 bits.

Blowfish's use of a 64-bit block size (as opposed to e.g.

adult size   (大人サイズ)

Although its average adult size tends to be about .

Its adult size ranges from 22 to 26 mm.

They have a small adult size, with a carapace length of 0.25–0.5 cm.

variable size

These birds are of variable size with slender bodies, long tails and strong legs.

These birds are of variable size with slender bodies, long tails, and strong legs.

Their leaves are of variable size and alternately arranged, or with the upper leaves becoming nearly opposite.

great size   (素晴らしいサイズ)

At 6-2 and 203 pounds, Barney had great size and natural athletic ability.

The term is sometimes (improperly) used to refer to any church of great size.

The Dutch ships, according to the chronicles, were of great size and well-armed.

standard size

Ten-foot tables remain the standard size for carom billiard games.

The industry standard size front number plate is 520 mm × 111 mm (20½" × 4⅜").

A large rear spoiler could be substituted for a standard size as a no cost option.

size and strength

Spies can then return information such as the size and strength of enemy forces.

The MNLA failed to resurge to the size and strength as it was during the Malayan Emergency.

The size and strength of the VMA determine the variety of resulting pathologies or symptoms.

different size

Also, it is less suitable for smoking fish of different size.

Species richness in streams of different size from the same drainage basin.

Soils consist of a mixture of particles of different size, shape and mineralogy.

group size

The average group size for the overall test was .

However, as group size increases among humans, the threat of free riders grows.

Most trips have a maximum group size of 12, yet typically run with 6 or fewer travelers.

double the size

In 1995, voters approved funding to double the size of the library.

For instance if the diatonic semitone is double the size of the chromatic semitone, i.e.

it might be more than double the price of a DC Thomson title but it was also more than double the size).

size and number   (サイズと数)

There is no correlation between female size and number of offspring.

The districts have strictly defined boundaries and they vary in size and number of reindeer.

Synthetic processes can also precisely control the size and number of branches on the dendrimer.

varying size

Also present are several yellow bands of varying size.

As a result, the quadrants are of greatly varying size.

The Reapportionment Act of 1929 allowed states to draw districts of varying size and shape.

size varies between

Group size varies between sites and at different seasons.

size among

Litter size among five gravid females ranged from 3 to 27 (mean 10.6).

By 1990, Aoki ranked around 20th in size among Japanese construction companies.

The humerus was very strongly built, only equalled in size among theropoda by that of "Megalosaurus" and "Torvosaurus".

terms of size

Colleges vary in terms of size, degree, and length of stay.

The Godzilla suit built for this film was the biggest in terms of size and girth.

In terms of size and coordination number, europium(II) and barium(II) are similar.

considerable size

The considerable size of the grave supports this.

Xiong had a considerable size disadvantage, but he was able to drop Naito in round 6.

The first game to gain a modder base of considerable size is widely agreed to be Doom (1993).

grow in size   (サイズが大きくなる)

This would encourage crowds at matches to grow in size.

The cells formed in dark are known as dark to light phase, cells again grow in size.

During this time, the mammary glands grow in size and volume and begin resting on the chest.

genome size

Total genome size ranges from 10.5 to 22.7 kbp.

Some phytoplasmas also have a very small genome size.

The genome size is 2.26 Gb, and contains 21,168 genes.

size and scope   (サイズとスコープ)

given the size and scope of "Haven", such flaws are easy to forgive."

Studies were being conducted to determine sensible technologies this size and scope.

The British withdrew from their camp soon after, and the American camp was reduced in size and scope.

litter size   (ごみサイズ)

The litter size varies from two to four young.

The litter size is one young, called a pup.

The litter size increases with female size.

increasing size

It reflected the increasing size of foreign destroyers that the "Cassin"s might have to fight.

With the increasing size of New York's Latino population, the scope of the museum is expanding.

The simple meaning of economies of scale is doing things more efficiently with increasing size.

size of each

Starting with the 1971–72 season, the size of each division was reduced to 8 teams.

The size of each university's delegation is predetermined according to the size of the school.

The size of each college of delegates is related to the number of electors in the constituency.

market size   (市場規模)

Other chief ingredients are: The market size of chyawanprash in 2010 was Indian Rs 4 billion (about $80 million USD).

Dubbing is rarely done with the other major Indian languages, namely Malayalam and Bengali, due to lack of significant market size.

The global animal healthcare market size in 2018 was estimated at $43.55 billion with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.6% between 2017 and 2025.

pore size   (細孔径)

This enables the pore size distribution to be determined.

Each pore size plays a role in soil's physical functioning.

The pore size of the gel affects the size of the DNA that can be sieved.

comparable in size   (サイズは同等)

It is comparable in size to the asteroid belt.

It is comparable in size to Papua New Guinea.

Bowhead whales are comparable in size to the three species of right whales.

effect size

For MDD, the authors note that the pooled effect size was very low.

One type of effect size estimator was named after Glass by Larry V. Hedges.

Deficits in effortful control also showed a very modest effect size in the male direction.

roughly the size

At , Guinea is roughly the size of the United Kingdom.

The design of the badge measured roughly the size of an old shilling.

Being roughly the size of Eurasia, Essos has geography and climate that vary greatly.

grown in size

Since 1972, Balochistan's gross income has grown in size by 2.7 times.

Since its beginnings, the event had grown in size every year until 2008.

Since those early years, The Experiment has grown in size, scope, destination, and concept.

size and complexity

Afterward, the tombs increased in size and complexity.

The "T"-number is representative of the size and complexity of the capsids.

Within placental mammals, the size and complexity of the neocortex increased over time.

variable in size

The brown bear is the most variable in size of modern bears.

The queen is variable in size, with body lengths between , and wing spans from .

The columella (the central sterile portion of the sporangium) are variable in size and shape.

moderate size   (適度なサイズ)

Coppicing occurs freely up to a moderate size.

A secondary hydrocele is usually lax and of moderate size: the underlying testis is palpable.

The bridge is of moderate size and of concrete construction, serving as a conduit for a two-lane highway.

screen size

The screen size and price remained unchanged.

It measures 26m by 20m with a total screen size of 520m².

Increased screen size can be achieved by reprogramming the CRTC.