figure skater   (フィギュアスケーター)

Tom Naylor is a British figure skater and doctor.

She was married to fellow figure skater Jason Dungjen.

He coached American figure skater Gracie Gold.

speed skater   (スピードスケーター)

The lawyer's son was an elite level speed skater.

In his youth, Bjørnsen was a promising speed skater.

Pegov retired as an elite speed skater in 1985.

pair skater   (ペアスケーター)

Karl Zwack Karl Zwack was an Austrian pair skater.

Idi Papez Idi Papez was an Austrian pair skater.

Pipkin's daughter, Meredith Pipkin, is a pair skater.

competitive figure skater   (競技フィギュアスケーター)

She was a competitive figure skater as a teen and has covered the sport for NBC News.

Michael Chack Michael Chack (born August 25, 1971) is an American former competitive figure skater.

Caroline Gülke Caroline Gülke (born November 3, 1982) is a German former competitive figure skater.

track speed skater   (トラックスピードスケーター)

Marcel Bosker Marcel Bosker (born 19 January 1997) is a Dutch long track speed skater.

Bartosz Konopko Bartosz Konopko (born 6 June 1988) is a Polish short track speed skater.

Annita van Doorn Annita van Doorn (born 26 April 1983) is a Dutch Short track speed skater.

skater who competed

Matej Silecky is an American skater who competed in senior singles and pairs at the national level.

Irina Mironenko Irina Mironenko () is a former pair skater who competed internationally for the Soviet Union.

His mother, a former figure skater who competed for Prince Edward Island at the 1975 Canada Winter Games, taught him to skate.