sketch comedy   (スケッチコメディ)

In satirical sketch comedy "Sois Belge et tais-toi!

He also performed sketch comedy with The Second City.

It helps that Wilson and Raphael both come from sketch comedy.

sketch show   (スケッチショー)

One sketch from Aukerman and Porter's sketch show "The Right Now!

He also played various roles in the sketch show "Man Stroke Woman".

In 2005 it became part of the group of actors sketch show "" (REN TV).

comedy sketch   (お笑いスケッチ)

and "Most Haunted", as well as the television comedy sketch show "Bo' Selecta".

Ze Comedy is the highest ever rated comedy sketch show on Tanzanian television.

There have been a number of spoofs of "Buffy" on notable TV comedy sketch shows.

sketch comedy series   (スケッチお笑いシリーズ)

She launched an online scripted sketch comedy series entitled "That's So Sketch" in 2016.

It was based on the "Good Burger" sketch on Nickelodeon's popular sketch comedy series "All That".

Nunez also made frequent appearances in the Comedy Central sketch comedy series "Nick Swardson's Pretend Time".

sketch comedy show   (スケッチコメディショー)

Prathap is also popular for his character "Kadle Puri"in Colors Kannada's sketch comedy show, "Majaa Talkies".

In addition to their weekly shows, the troupe writes and produces a full-length sketch comedy show every semester.

Cole created his own production company, Coled Blooded, to produce the sketch comedy show "Deon Cole's Black Box".

biographical sketch

He also submitted a biographical sketch written by Sister Annella's parents.

Chapter three, "The Modern Prometheus", gives a biographical sketch of LaVey.

In 1895, the "Indian Medical Record" published a full-page biographical sketch of Dissent.