skill level   (スキルレベル)

Everyone is encouraged to perform, regardless of their skill level.

Instead the GM will apply various modifiers to add or subtract to the skill level.

The term "professional" in skating refers not to skill level but competitive status.

great skill   (素晴らしいスキル)

The process of making charcoal demanded great skill and vast quantities of trees.

Outside of pro-bending, Mako demonstrated great skill in traditional firebending combat.

The city "suddenly organised the manufacture of arms" with great skill and effectiveness.

skill levels   (スキルレベル)

Three different skill levels can be chosen - Rookie, Pro and Baller.

Types of cooking also depend on the skill levels and training of cooks.

There are more than 20 activity combinations and multiple skill levels.

technical skill   (技能)

I admire these pictures most as virtuoso demonstrations of technical skill.

Known for his technical skill as a climber and guide, he died from a fall while free solo climbing in the Teton Range.

Day, whose technical skill matched his business acumen, has been called "the master printer of the English Reformation".

skill set   (スキルセット)

$5,000 bought a player's skill set.

The aim is to develop "career and market-oriented" training that broaden the students skill set.

Industry in the U.S. was advancing up the skill set, innovation knowledge and organization curve.

skill development   (能力開発)

This is combined with education, skill development and work training programs.

KASE is the apex agency for all skill development activities in the state of Kerala.

Therefore, key curriculum elements included practical skill development (typing, dictation, etc.)

skill sets

The surf breaks have a vast array of size and skill sets.

In autism, inertia can be described as a deficit in certain skill sets.

Other societal factors tend to result in men and women having different skill sets.

level of skill

The practitioners of "tessenjutsu" could acquire a high level of skill.

He flew for three years and gained a high level of skill in piloting fighters.

These positions require a high level of skill to ensure accuracy and knowledge of using these basic level programs.