highly skilled   (熟練した)

Virtually warrant were highly skilled technicians.

Most successful conciliators are highly skilled negotiators.

I am a professional, highly skilled, professional astronomer.

skilled workers   (熟練労働者)

Some skilled workers left England hidden in wooden casks.

The emigration rate of skilled workers was about 21.2% in 2000.

He also noted the lack of Africans trained to be skilled workers.

more skilled   (より熟練した)

Belgian Blue cattle require more skilled management and do not thrive in harsh environments.

These African servants did very well for themselves because they were more skilled than their European counterparts.

New machinery developed in the USA installed at Enfield had greatly increased its output without needing more skilled craftsmen.

most skilled   (最も熟練した)

The mission was to be carried out by Iran's most skilled pilots.

The Yoruba blacksmiths were among the most skilled in West Africa.

He shows himself to be the most skilled operator on a number of occasions.

very skilled   (非常に熟練)

The silversmithing of the plates is very skilled.

He is very skilled at basketball and has been seen with Coco.

He is very skilled at the sport and even outdoing some third year students.

skilled labor

The retirement of members of the aging workforce could possibly result in the shortage of skilled labor in the future.

As the canal progressed, the crews and engineers working on the project developed expertise and became a skilled labor force.

It provides highly skilled labor for the local knowledge economy and is a knowledge and research partner for technology companies in the area.

skilled craftsmen

It is home to many businessmen as well as skilled craftsmen.

The walls of the caves display sculptures carved by skilled craftsmen.

Also, another important factor in this phase, was the huge amount of skilled craftsmen.