slave trade   (奴隷貿易)

In 1807, the British abolished the slave trade.

First, foreign slave trade was banned in 1850.

The coast became a center of the slave trade.

slave labor   (奴隷労働)

Portuguese explorers captured the Carijó for slave labor.

Ben-Hur is sentenced to slave labor in a Roman war galley.

However, they are taken prisoner and pressed into slave labor.

former slave   (元奴隷)

He eventually marries a former slave, Pearlie Mae.

Another of her books documented the adventures of a former slave.

A former slave who worked as a mechanic, he was African American.

slave owners   (奴隷の所有者)

Brown became one of the wealthiest planters and slave owners on the German Coast.

As a consequence, overly-brutal patrollers could expect revenge from slave owners.

President Lincoln advocated that slave owners be compensated for emancipated slaves.

slave traders   (奴隷商人)

Three adventurers fight slave traders in the Congo.

However, he is captured by a group of slave traders.

Coll Ohmsford is rescued by Damson Rhee and Matty Roh from the slave traders.

slave ship   (奴隷船)

She made one voyage in 1806-1807 as a slave ship.

She then made two more voyages as slave ship.

She next made one voyage as a slave ship.

slave labour

It provided slave labour to local industry.

In France, they were used as slave labour on farms and in factories.

However he was required to ignore the use of slave labour in the Soviet gold mines.

slave trader   (奴隷商人)

Penny Lane was named after James Penny, an eighteenth-century slave trader.

The head of the post, Hendrik Hertog, had a reputation for being a successful slave trader.

Limbo, a slave trader in captured humans, sees them but is taken prisoner to ensure his silence.

slave trading   (奴隷取引)

The jallaba were also known to be slave trading tribes.

(Washington was a slave trading center.)

He began a career in slave trading.

slave states

Eight remaining slave states continued to reject calls for secession.

New states admitted to the union in this territory would never be slave states.

Not included were the Union slave states of Maryland, Delaware, Missouri and Kentucky.

slave state   (奴隷状態)

After Scott was returned to the slave state he petitioned a federal court for his freedom.

In addition to local animosity, Adams County was close to the border with Missouri, a slave state.

As a slave state, Missouri had many residents with Southern sympathies, but it stayed in the Union.

slave owner

In 1827 he was a landowner and slave owner, and owned an hacienda.

To save Northup's life, Ford sells him to another slave owner named Edwin Epps.

Charles McGarel Charles McGarel (1788–1876) was an Irish born merchant and slave owner.

slave girl

also injured in the fire was a slave girl, who died.

Bashar narrates that as per Ali al-Hadi's request, he handed the letter to the slave girl.

One noble, as he is handing the gift, personally thanks Derenčin for freeing the slave girl.

slave population

The slave population in the United States stood at four million.

The slave population quickly grew larger than that of the land owners.

From 10–25% of any given plantation's slave population joined with them.

slave ships

She had a vested interest in what happened on slave ships."

They resettled in the Bahamas thousands of Africans liberated from slave ships.

in 1845, the Royal Navy started treating Brazilian slave ships as pirates, seizing the ships and freeing slaves.

slave rebellion

It was the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history, but was soon suppressed.

However, Douglass disapproved of Brown's plan to start an armed slave rebellion in the South.

Such anti-literacy laws had been instituted in southern states following Nat Turner's slave rebellion in 1831.

slave revolt   (奴隷反乱)

This was the South's nightmare: a slave revolt supported by the North.

The "Creole" case has been described as the "most successful slave revolt in U.S. history".

As the daughter of a former plantation owner, she is furious about being murdered during a slave revolt in 1733.

slave quarters

Nearby are a one-story slave quarters and a smokehouse.

There are slave quarters, smokehouses, springhouses, corn cribs, and tobacco barns.

James and Lillian ran the Elioak Farm, moving into the updated stone slave quarters.

slave named

Meanwhile, Hammond purchases a Mandingo slave named Ganymede.

As an adult, Mail purchased a black female slave named Nancy.

She also freed a slave named Princess and four mulatto children.

slave market   (奴隷市場)

Our Sobolev Lane is a slave market."

Many of these slaves were shipped to the slave market in Novgorod.

Malta remained a slave market until well into the late 18th century.

fugitive slave   (逃亡奴隷)

The trial dealt with the issue of Personal liberty laws in the North and the fugitive slave crisis.

Moreover, the expectations fostered by the traditional fugitive slave hypothesis go unrealized in the letter.

In 1845, he successfully defended Marvin Pond ("People v. Pond") for harboring the fugitive slave John Hauley.