former slaves

However, free former slaves now felt abandoned.

Enlisting former slaves became official policy.

Most of his parishioners were poor and uneducated former slaves.

freed slaves   (解放された奴隷)

There are few records of how the newly freed slaves fared.

), were descended from freed slaves.

453 freed slaves departed for the island from Fort Monroe, Virginia.

escaped slaves

Numerous accounts were recorded during this period from escaped slaves.

Thousands of escaped slaves followed him as he entered Savannah on December 22.

His cries under the torture could intimidate other escaped slaves in the marshes.

black slaves

It was for this project that he needed the black slaves.

Many black slaves sided with the Loyalists.

By 1650 the island had 6,000 black slaves and 24,000 whites.

runaway slaves   (暴走した奴隷)

Punishment for runaway slaves could be expected.

A repeated concern is runaway slaves.

He thought them a mixed group of runaway slaves hiding in the mountains.

fugitive slaves   (逃亡奴隷)

There was a hidden room for the fugitive slaves.

At various times he posted advertisements for fugitive slaves who had escaped from his plantation.

Punic recruiters toured all corners of the Mediterranean, attracting mercenaries and fugitive slaves.

other slaves   (他の奴隷)

Heads were displayed on pikes to intimidate other slaves.

Although the other slaves attempt to stop him, Mede does as he is ordered.

Hawkmoon and D'Averc free the other slaves on Valjon's ship and scuttle it.

number of slaves   (スレーブの数)

and likely overestimates the number of slaves taken.

An unknown number of slaves were captured.

This number far exceeded the number of slaves who were taken to the Americas.

many slaves

Besides these there are many slaves of all nations in it.

Slavery was common in Mecca, and many slaves accepted Islam.

It played an important role in converting many slaves to Islam.

sex slaves

Women are often raped and used as sex slaves and sold to brothels.

gladiators and sex slaves).

Captured women are treated as sex slaves or spoils of war, some are driven to suicide.

female slaves   (女性奴隷)

Hammond also breeds Mede with female slaves on his plantation.

As late as 1908, female slaves were still sold in the Ottoman Empire.

Islam furthermore endorsed educating, freeing and marrying female slaves.

owned slaves

Woodard owned slaves who worked on the farm.

Some Choctaw identified with the Southern cause and a few owned slaves.

The farmhouse was built for William B. Jordan, a farmer who owned slaves, from 1847 to 1850.

sold as slaves

Those who remained as captives were sold as slaves.

They were then dispersed or, according to some sources, sold as slaves by the Franks.

He also reports that Armenian girls were sold as slaves during the Armenian Genocide.