slight increase   (わずかな増加)

This was a slight increase on McArthur's 2.8% majority in January.

This was a slight increase from the previous week, which had 6.66 million viewers.

This was a slight increase from the previous week, which had 6.60 million viewers.

only slight   (ほんのわずか)

The JMA disagrees, noting that only slight intensification occurred during this period.

"U-563" was attacked by a Bristol Beaufighter on 22 March 1943 which caused only slight damage.

Weather and animals can spread canker, thereby endangering areas that have only slight amount of canker.

slight differences   (わずかな違い)

Some individuals can detect slight differences in color better than others."

There are a few slight differences between the Wii U's Wii Mode and a native Wii system.

While this yields twelve possible isomers, all of them are satisfactory despite slight differences in their properties.

slight variations   (わずかな変動)

There may be slight variations in meter.

Several slight variations of Davis's response have been recorded.

However, there are slight variations in their depictions in folklore.

very slight   (ほんのわずか)

They're very slight and I'm sure many gamers wouldn't notice the differences."

Most of the cabs are leased by drivers, but a very slight few are owner-operated.

He wrote 7,000 articles, some very slight, but many of them laborious, comprehensive, and long.

slight changes

Once the game was submitted to THQ, the publisher requested a few slight changes be made.

And these slight changes make all the difference, turning synth dreams into techno club success."

This initial version was heard by Roberta Flack who recorded it with slight changes to create a number one hit.

only a slight   (ほんのわずか)

The freshest specimens have only a slight luster.

de Souza, meanwhile, escaped with only a slight injury.

Absence seizures can be subtle with only a slight turn of the head or eye blinking.

slight change

Yet there has been slight change in other countries sending most children.

Although the festival had a slight change of name, it kept the same structure as the Brazilian editions.

The main differences between both games are the slight change in physics and the addition of twelve internal levels.

slight decrease   (わずかな減少)

There may be a slight decrease in numbers in eastern, northern, and western Africa.

This marks a slight decrease in the ratings when compared to the previous episode, "Andy's Ancestry".

A report in August 2017 showed only 315 unemployed persons, a slight decrease of five from a year earlier.

slight modifications

remains in use with slight modifications today, where it is now referred to as the "Locomotive".

It used the same body shell as the Saab 96, with slight modifications and with a different interior configuration and equipment.

The acronym and logo used between 2002 and 2004 also came back, but with slight modifications due to the new name of the program.

slight variation

On many Australian beaches there is a slight variation with beach condition signalling.

A slight variation of the European Radio Data System, RBDS is carried on a 57kHz subcarrier on FM radio stations.

Most americium(III) halides form hexagonal crystals with slight variation of the color and exact structure between the halogens.