Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

slightly different   (ligeramente diferente)

Each faction endorsed slightly different policies.

This criticism appears in slightly different forms.

The last 2 were in a slightly different 1:28 scale.

slightly more   (un poco más)

Slovak has slightly more borrowed words than Czech.

It attracted slightly more than 29 million viewers.

However, they are slightly more expensive to build.

slightly larger   (un poco mas grande)

Females are slightly larger, on average, than males.

"R. naso" is slightly larger and has darker fur.

The males are slightly larger than the females.

only slightly   (sólo ligeramente)

They differ only slightly in lexicon and phonology.

The back is only slightly arched or is nearly flat.

The rules in the two countries differ only slightly.

slightly higher   (ligeramente más alto)

Some recommend slightly higher firing temperatures.

It has a slightly higher degree of osmolarity (i.e.

Some models have shown accuracy slightly higher than domain experts.

slightly less   (ligeramente menos)

The female's crest is slightly less well developed.

There a slightly less Muslims in the southern parts of Ghana.

The vertical drop for a men's course is and slightly less for women.

slightly smaller   (Ligeramente más pequeño)

The males are slightly smaller than the females.

The male is slightly smaller than the female.

slightly longer

The fadeout is slightly longer on the mono mix.

The blue trail is slightly longer than the red trail.

The slightly longer combination cars were overall long and wide.

slightly lower

However, some cows' pins do sit slightly lower than the spine.

Bore is and stroke is ever so slightly lower from the 2VZ-FE at .

This is only slightly lower than previous estimates for the species.

slightly modified   (ligeramente modificado)

Fundex Games later produced a slightly modified version of the game.

The title was slightly modified to "Daleks – Mission to the Unknown".

The structure was slightly modified in 1997 to increase its stability.

slightly curved

Costa slightly curved and resemble a hooked tip.

Cleavage faces are up to across and slightly curved.

The columella is slightly curved and unfolded.

slightly better   (ligeramente mejor)

In 1995 he performed slightly better.

Besides North, the plexes in Mumbai should fare slightly better."

The resulting queenless middlegame scores slightly better for White.

slightly above

In total, he only got 12 points , just slightly above the median.

The dropout rate of the Class of 2011 was slightly above 30 percent.

The peristome is continuous and is slightly above and below on the inner side.

slightly altered   (ligeramente alterado)

The film was slightly altered for the U.S. audience.

(A Man After Midnight)" with slightly altered lyrics.

This edition is notable with its slightly altered album artwork.

slightly shorter   (un poco más corto)

The antennae are slightly shorter than the body.

It was also slightly shorter than the album version.

C-N distances are slightly shorter than C-C distances.

slightly below

On the field, he was slightly below average at third base.

She makes a nest on or slightly below the surface of the ground among open vegetation.

However, AVG scored 81.05 in Virus Bulletin's lab tests, which is slightly below average.

very slightly

Liquids are only very slightly compressible.

The lip here is very slightly reflected on the umbilicus.

The jaw is very slightly arcuate, the ends a trifle rounded.

slightly later

Other European countries saw slightly later release dates.

The outer walls are generally believed to have been constructed slightly later.

This event may have happened during the reign of Azes (35–12 BCE), or slightly later.

slightly older

It is probably only slightly older.

The map suggests the universe is slightly older than researchers expected.

In 2010, the character returned, portrayed as slightly older by child actor Garrett Ryan.

slightly darker

The male has a slightly darker throat than the female.

The legs may also be slightly darker.

The skin is slightly darker brown on the upper part of the body.

slightly convex   (ligeramente convexo)

The shell has 5.5 whorls, that are slightly convex above.

These covers were slightly convex and ribbed for stiffness.

The spire is low and conoidal, with 5 slightly convex whorls.

slightly wider

A single barrel vaulted nave with a slightly wider apse.

Jack planes are long and wide, with wooden-stocked planes sometimes being slightly wider.

The carapace is rounded in outline, without any rostrum, and is slightly wider than it is long.

slightly damaged

Furolo slightly damaged the vehicle but was unhurt.

Tianxin Pavilion was slightly damaged during the war.

"Peter Dal" was only slightly damaged.

changed slightly

The opening sequence changed slightly in this season.

The boundaries were changed slightly in 1987.

The track's layout has changed slightly from its original layout.

slightly increased

There is a slightly increased incidence of UCD in women.

There is a slightly increased incidence of iMCD in women.

Compared to 2002, he slightly increased his parliamentary score.

slightly reduced

This results in slightly reduced memory access speed.

Furthermore, the coins were slightly reduced in size.

Her armament was slightly reduced to 81 guns.

differ slightly

The protocols for 5' or 3' RACES differ slightly.

Many drummers differ slightly or radically from them.

Pronunciations can also differ slightly from region to region.

slightly changed

Lopez "loved it", although slightly changed the chorus.

Some levels were also slightly changed to match Chuchel's new colour.

This unit had its name slightly changed to General de la Rey Regiment.

slightly earlier

The high altar of the church was rededicated in 1336; part of the chancel dates from slightly earlier than that.

Some of the musical features used are reminiscent of "L'Orfeo", written slightly earlier for similar instrumental and vocal forces.

Zeus intended his son to rule Greece but according to the rules of succession Eurystheus, born slightly earlier, preempted the right.

slightly further

Going slightly further, "The XVIII.

The current bridge replaced its predecessor, slightly further upstream, in 1924.

Annoatok, once a small hunting station, was slightly further north (at 78°33'N) and about 24 km (15 mi) from Etah.

slightly north

This was opposite and slightly north of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.

Nettleton’s group had pulled out ahead flying slightly north of the intended flight path.

MS 23 shifts slightly north past Pineville Road, and it ends at the Mississippi–Alabama state line.

slightly wounded

Two of the seconds were slightly wounded.

Webb was reported later as "slightly wounded" during the battle.

Mike shows up and helps a slightly wounded Stretch back to her home.

slightly faster

The result was slightly faster ships with greater range.

Female chicks have a slightly faster feathering than males.

Portsmouth handicap numbers, however, place the Laser slightly faster.

differs slightly

Their mechanism of action differs slightly.

The Granada TV adaptation with Jeremy Brett differs slightly.

Buckton's gatehouse differs slightly in having the passage offset to one side.

slightly raised

It has a shallow body, and a slightly raised fingerboard.

They live in large dens in frost-free, slightly raised ground.

A slightly raised area, resembling a low stage is provided facing Waterloo Bridge.

vary slightly

(Actual distance may vary slightly.)

The design of a Dive Coaster can vary slightly from one to another.

Image sizes may vary slightly from one copy to another due to paper shrinkage.

slightly improved

In 1935, a slightly improved model of the CV-33 was introduced and designated CV-35.

Florence slowly intensified as the eye persisted and the structure slightly improved.

The M1917 proved unsatisfactory in service, and a slightly improved version, the M1918, was adopted within months.

slightly greater

The AS-513 mission (Skylab 1) had slightly greater liftoff thrust of .

They each have slightly greater mass than the Sun: 107% and 105%, respectively.

Other modern equations of only slightly greater complexity are much more accurate.

slightly concave   (ligeramente cóncavo)

The castaneous operculum is slightly concave within.

Sides are flat to slightly concave; sutures flush and oblique.

Frons (forehead) slightly concave.

slightly before

At or slightly before 2 (TDC) fuel is injected and burns in the compressed hot air.

From Sergeant's Crag the ridge drops slightly before reaching its terminus at Eagle Crag.

An Egyptian colony stationed in southern Canaan dates to slightly before the First Dynasty.

slightly revised

The lyrics were slightly revised in 1909.

In 2012, in a slightly revised version, it became available as an e/book.

It was slightly revised and reprinted under the title "The Mastiff of Rimini" in 1926.

slightly injured

Mackay was slightly injured in one such attack.

The blasts slightly injured a police officer.

One police officer was slightly injured when Popal was apprehended.

increased slightly

Production increased slightly in 2006 to 465,000 ounces.

By 1962, this had increased slightly to 46%.

Starting in the 1970s, the population increased slightly.

slightly behind   (ligeramente por detrás)

A detached garage is set slightly behind the structure.

The commander sits slightly behind the bow gunner while the gunner sits behind the driver.

It also has a short rear tip and its origin is slightly behind the origin of the anal fin.

slightly elevated

Below there are slightly elevated striae.

Its stichosome has 30–40 stichocytes and it has a slightly elevated anterior vulval lip.

At slightly elevated temperatures, the halogens bromine (Br) and iodine (I) also form diatomic gases.

slightly modified version

Fundex Games later produced a slightly modified version of the game.

The Veterans Administration also adopted a slightly modified version of Medical 203.

The body was a slightly modified version of that used on the earlier Lanchester Fourteen.

just slightly   (solo un poco)

You set up the Tree just slightly in front of the orchestra.

In total, he only got 12 points , just slightly above the median.

Its curb weight was just slightly higher than that of the standard H6-3.0 L.L.

slightly acidic   (ligeramente acido)

The pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.2, slightly acidic.

It is also aromatic and slightly acidic.

It has a sour, slightly acidic taste.

slightly lighter   (un poco más ligero)

Álvarez weighed slightly lighter at 159.4 pounds.

Some have slightly lighter, amber eyes.

The juvenile is slightly lighter, though retains similar coloring.

slightly heavier

Females are slightly heavier than males.

Rainfall was slightly heavier in North Carolina, with a few areas experiencing more than .

Dehydration often produces a more compact, albeit slightly heavier, end result than freeze-drying.

slightly paler

They are slightly paler on their underside.

The labellum is a slightly paler green, lance-shaped, long, wide.

The hindwings are slightly paler sooty brown and darker toward the margin.

slightly differently   (ligeramente diferente)

However, each state codified the federal distinction slightly differently.

It had a similar (but slightly differently derived) sound quality to the DX series.

The term "general election" is used slightly differently in British and American English.

slightly younger

Ethnic Yazidis have a slightly younger population compared to ethnic Armenians.

In issue 54, George makes his full debut as a slightly younger character with light brown hair.

Although larger and denser than the nearby Quintuplet Cluster, it appears to be slightly younger.

located slightly

This station was located slightly north-west to the former station.

On September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack destroyed the World Trade Center, located slightly to the north of South Ferry and the Battery.

Twin Lakes is in the eastern half of the island, located slightly more than north of Pointe aux Pins, the Bois Blanc island dock and settlement.

weakened slightly   (debilitado ligeramente)

By the morning of November 8, Florence weakened slightly to Category 1 status.

Baker weakened slightly before making landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama with winds of on August 31.

Sinlaku weakened slightly before making its final landfall in eastern China near Wenzhou on September 7.

slightly projecting

The lower jaw and premaxillary have small teeth, the lower jaw is slightly projecting.

The front facade has a slightly projecting bay; a porch, enclosed in 1905, abuts the projecting bay.

There is a slightly projecting pavilion with four engaged Ionic columns on the second and third floors.

slightly west

Goat Beach lies below and slightly west of State Route 1.

North of the Wellington Road the expressway was built slightly west of what is now Silvercreek Parkway.

The road's pavement ends slightly west of Ruth, although a dirt road continues back near the former site of Riepetown.