Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

slow down   (Ve más despacio)

This has led to a movement to slow down the zapper.

The bomber asked the tanker to slow down.

Pellinkhof ordered Van Es to slow down to let Huisman pass.

slow start   (comienzo lento)

He started the season in New York but was waived after a slow start.

After a slow start, Kansas State held a solid lead for most of the game.

After a slow start in 2.

very slow   (muy lento)

PACTOR) can send and receive email at very slow speed.

The biggest criticism was the very slow pace.

It is a very slow and painful way to die.

too slow   (demasiado lento)

The result is a search that is too slow or never completes.

He just flew too low and too slow."

Two trainee mechanics are dismissed on the spot for being too slow.

slow pace   (paso lento)

The biggest criticism was the very slow pace.

Negative criticism in the United States cited its slow pace.

The trials at the 36 Foreigners Tribunals proceeded at a slow pace.

slow motion   (camara lenta)

This gives what we would call a "slow motion" effect.

The academy has also introduced the slow motion tool for its videos.

As a result of the storm's slow motion, of rain fell in some locations.

slow movement   (movimiento lento)

The colossal slow movement of Bruckner's Symphony No.

35, has a funeral march as its slow movement.

He finished his sketch of the slow movement ten days later.

relatively slow   (relativamente lento)

Therefore, carbon burial rates are relatively slow in the open ocean.

The relatively slow speed of AppleTalk allowed further reductions in cost.

When gameplay begins, the Vic Viper is relatively slow and has only a weak gun.

slow progress   (progreso lento)

For the next several years, the BPCA made slow progress.

The slow progress of the colour makes the current visible.

That move was widely anticipated due to the slow progress of electoral preparations.

slow moving   (movimiento lento)

Larvae of "T. agrionata" are slow moving.

Sibley wanted to use his Model-T roadster rather than a slow moving horse and wagon.

By reducing the number of elements, Hopper creates a slow moving or even still scene.

slow speed   (velocidad lenta)

The tailplane is slotted for slow speed authority.

PACTOR) can send and receive email at very slow speed.

The relatively slow speed of AppleTalk allowed further reductions in cost.

slow decline   (disminución lenta)

Since then, Aachen went into a slow decline.

This triggered a long, slow decline that continued, in most cases, into the 20th century.

The Port took on an industrial look but its slow decline seemed inexorable in the 19th century.

slow growth   (crecimiento lento)

It has a slow growth rate and relatively long lifespan.

The species has a slow growth rate.

One group of economies in the Malthusian regime with very slow growth rate.

slow process   (Proceso lento)

And it continued to be a frustratingly slow process.

In Aalen, industrialisation was a slow process.

This slow process increases the digestibility of their diet.

slow tempo   (tempo lento)

Performed in slow tempo, this gentle melody depicts quiet joy.

Beginning at a slow tempo, the song builds to a fast-paced conclusion.

The Xenomania production had "layered vocals with its slow tempo despite being more formulaic."

slow rate   (ritmo lento)

B" or "Scud-B") began at a slow rate in 1985.

Because of its slow rate of marching, the 228th became known as the 'Too Too Late Brigade'.

Dolerite's slow rate of erosion results in shallow, low-nutrient soils with an abundance of rock fragments.

slow loris   (Loris lento)

), Thomas's langur ("Presbytis thomasi"), slow loris ("Nycticebus coucang"), and several macaques ("Macaca" spp.)

While some nocturnal primates (western tarsiers Tarsius bancanus and slow loris Nycticebus coucang) and the Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) were locally extirpate or suffered drastic reduction in numbers within these burned forests.

Since opening, Dao Tien has confiscated and/or rescued over 50 endangered primates including golden-cheeked gibbons, pygmy slow loris, black-shanked douc, grey-shanked douc, southern white-cheeked gibbon, northern buffed-cheeked gibbon, white-faced saki and silvered langur.

extremely slow   (extremadamente lento)

Rejection sampling is extremely slow for large sample sizes.

This match was notable for McMichael's extremely slow cadence for a three count.

Next Pelly fitted a small engine and demonstrated the craft's ability to stay aloft at extremely slow speeds.

slow growing   (Crecimiento lento)

They are slow growing plants and are often stoloniferous.

"Alfaroa costaricensis" is a slow growing tree with pink heartwood.

"Exophiala dermatitidis" forms slow growing, brown or black colonies.

not slow   (No despacio)

The split did not slow activity down.

How much the player carries in Outbreak does not slow the character down.

We were not slow to react.

began a slow   (comenzó un lento)

After the defeat in Tampere, the Red Guards began a slow retreat eastwards.

Starting in the 1980s, country music began a slow rise in American main pop charts.

Her admirer, John Coleman, began a slow pursuit of the man, who realised he was being followed.