more slowly   (もっとゆっくり)

The lower the temperature, the more slowly a wine develops.

In the north, the 3rd Panzer Group was moving much more slowly.

The development of the pelagic eggs takes place much more slowly.

very slowly   (とてもゆっくり)

They are eliminated very slowly in animals, e.g.

Hardy's push into health care proceeded very slowly.

The Moose started their second season off very slowly.

slowly began   (ゆっくり始めた)

Anwynn slowly began to evolve into a symphonic metal band.

In the 1930s, they slowly began to be used in a few automobiles.

When he went to middle school, his potential slowly began to show.

moved slowly   (ゆっくり動いた)

The object moved slowly for about three minutes.

Originally, the storm moved slowly towards the west.

The two sloops moved slowly, giving Brand's force time to reach Bath.

then slowly   (その後ゆっくりと)

Batman then slowly smiles at her.

Eventually he brought puppets from England and then slowly started performing ventriloquism.

When freshly prepared, it has a silvery-white metallic lustre, but then slowly tarnishes in air.

grew slowly

The number of SavaCentres grew slowly during the 1980s.

Iota grew slowly and steadily for the next sixty years.

TD's wholesale business grew slowly during the mid-1950s.

started slowly

Compton started slowly but had accelerated as the adjournment approached.

June started slowly for the Indians as they lost eight straight games from June 2–10.

He started slowly in 1994, losing in the first week at the French Open and Wimbledon.

only slowly   (ゆっくりだけ)

Hydrogen chloride cleaves ethers only slowly.

In particular, spelling in English only slowly became fixed.

The flowers only open on warm to hot sunny days and then only slowly.

too slowly

This compound was discontinued because the cation biodegrades too slowly.

He felt that President Lincoln acted too slowly to bring an end to slavery.

Human rights groups have charged that the judicial cases progressed too slowly.

slowly became

In particular, spelling in English only slowly became fixed.

Since then, he slowly became one of the PBA's elite point guards.

In 2010 Krpálek slowly became one of the top judokas in his category.

slowly through

His destroyers were now some ahead, still moving slowly through bad weather.

The link to Vanraaj and the orphange reveals slowly through the episodes in parallel.

These modern central banking functions evolved slowly through the 18th and 19th centuries.

slowly moved

It slowly moved westwards and consolidated into Depression ARB 01 on November 8.

During the 1880s it slowly moved from operating sailing ships to operating steamers.

Since the British started ruling Bengal in 1757, Armenians slowly moved out of this area.

moving slowly

The privatization process is moving slowly (2008).

His destroyers were now some ahead, still moving slowly through bad weather.

The water at this depth is relatively stable and moving slowly towards the south and southeast.

slowly moving

Tectonic plates are always slowly moving, but they can get stuck at their edges due to friction.

Those fields can then affect the force on, and can then move other slowly moving charged particles.

The friction-velocity law (1) is observed for a slowly moving spherical particle in a Newtonian fluid.

began to slowly

Prices began to slowly rise, and then quickly increased.

During the following years, May began to slowly decline.

Later on August 24, the storm curved east-northeastward and began to slowly weaken.