sewage sludge   (下水汚泥)

Vermicomposting can also be applied for treatment of sewage sludge.

News reporters may use the term also for sewage sludge or biosolids.

RDX is degraded by the organisms in sewage sludge as well as the fungus "Phanaerocheate chrysosporium".

sludge metal   (金属スラッジ)

Eggnog (album) Eggnog is an EP by the sludge metal band Melvins.

The record features Soilent Green's mixture of grindcore and sludge metal.

The album is considered as one of the first examples of sludge metal and a blueprint for grunge.

activated sludge   (液状化現象)

They could also be placed after an activated sludge process.

They can form over the course of several weeks from a source of activated sludge exposed to light.

Bioaugmentation is commonly used in municipal wastewater treatment to restart activated sludge bioreactors.