Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

small town   (pequeño pueblo)

The small town of Bishop's Castle is to the south.

The family ran a small town store called The Hub.

Kiryakov was born in the small town of Lesicheri.

small number   (número pequeño)

A small number of Shuwa Arabs live near Lake Chad.

), as well as , and a small number of other words.

That is except for a small number built in the 1860s.

very small   (muy pequeña)

All increments are here required to be very small.

It has a very small population and four businesses.

His funeral reportedly had a very small attendance.

small village   (pequeño pueblo)

Vera travels to a small village in central Italy.

There is a small village store and a health centre.

The horse was named after a small village in Devon.

small group   (grupo pequeño)

However, a small group of adjectives do exist.

It is privately owned by a small group of shareholders.

In 1734, Linnaeus led a small group of students to Dalarna.

relatively small   (relativamente pequeño)

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

These animals were relatively small and aquatic.

The sect is relatively small, with about 70 members.

too small   (demasiado pequeña)

The remaining parts are now too small for canoes.

However, this church soon proved to be too small.

The medieval church Georgskirche was too small.

only a small   (solo un pequeño)

On the actual summit is only a small wooden cross.

Suburbanization played only a small role in Erfurt.

Survived only a small fragment 6 by 3 cm.

small amount   (Pequeña cantidad)

They also may include a small amount of salted cod fish.

Besides, the amount of money he stole is a small amount.

Stains generally can be removed with a small amount of alcohol.

small part

He played his first small part in The Northerners.

However, this book is only in small part a critique.

A small part of the city extends into Warren County.

small size   (talla pequeña)

Abalones reach maturity at a relatively small size.

Of particular note is the building's small size.

He was quite short and was bullied for his small size.

other small   (otro pequeño)

Boiled with other small fish is used for fish soup.

Several other small airlines operate from the airport.

It feeds mostly on insects and other small arthropods.

small businesses   (pequeñas empresas)

All loans must be used to build small businesses.

Kirchheim is home to many small businesses.

Of these, about 75% are small businesses."

several small

Its waterfront has several small wharves and piers.

There are several small reservoirs in this area.

There are several small rooms over the kitchen.

many small

many small island groups surround its beaches.

There are many small temples near this temple.

Body rugose (wrinkled) with many small conical spines.

small portion   (porción pequeña)

Only a small portion of the scheme was ever built.

It also included a small portion of Creek County.

A small portion of that is being grown organically.

small groups

It lives in small groups of two to eight animals.

They are generally solitary or found in small groups.

The canary wrasse lives in small groups.

small area

It is only known from a small area near Rokewood.

District Play is between schools in a small area.

The eye is surrounded by a small area of vivid blue.

small business   (pequeños negocios)

In June small business tax credits took effect.

Her mother is a small business entrepreneur.

Currently it houses small business offices.

small arms   (brazos pequeños)

It has mostly small arms, RPGs, and mortars.

Her crew had conducted no practice at small arms nor of the main battery.

Defences were neglected, guns were worn and small arms were in short supply.

small role   (pequeño papel)

Suburbanization played only a small role in Erfurt.

Originally Hrithik Roshan had a very small role.

She had a small role in "My Week with Marilyn".

small community   (pequeña comunidad)

Renwer is a small community found in the Minitonas RM.

Japanese Americans are a small community in Baltimore.

The small community is largely a satellite town of Valka.

small island   (pequeña isla)

many small island groups surround its beaches.

Riis originates from the small island of Mors.

ʻAtā ʻAtā is a small island in the Tongatapu group of Tonga.

small scale   (pequeña escala)

Rose Coco-Glp-2 from small scale farmers in Kenya.

The town also has different small scale industries.

The operations were however essentially small scale.

small settlement   (pequeño asentamiento)

Dolyhir Dolyhir is a small settlement in Powys, Wales.

Psathi, Ios Psathi is a small settlement in Ios, Greece.

Dousland Dousland is a small settlement in Devon, England.

small towns

Construction may be done by local contractors in small towns.

Wills and the Playboys also played small towns on the West Coast.

Mestizos lived in small towns scattered throughout the countryside.

small amounts   (pequeñas cantidades)

They were used for sending small amounts of money.

The area also produced small amounts of manganese.

Plants make cholesterol in very small amounts.

number of small   (número de pequeños)

Vico Morcote contains a number of small hotels and restaurants.

A number of small townships and villages emerged during his reign.

Joseph's featured a number of small shops assembled under one roof.

small numbers   (números pequeños)

There are also small numbers of other minority groups.

One deals with small numbers, often called subitizing.

Wintering wildfowl include small numbers of whooper swan.

species of small

In the Caribbean region, several species of small goby ("Elacatinus spp.")

Gonatopus jacki Gonatopus jacki is a species of small wasp in the family Dryinidae.

Baetis pluto Baetis pluto is a species of small minnow mayfly in the family Baetidae.

small river   (Rio pequeño)

The village is built along the small river Råelva.

It crosses the valley of the small river Weihe.

It is assumed that the small river is Dusa.

small population

It has a very small population and four businesses.

The village has a small population of around 700 people.

In colonial times, this region had a very small population.

small tree   (árbol pequeño)

It is an evergreen shrub or small tree 3–8 m tall.

It is a shrub or small tree up to 4 m tall.

The specimen is a small tree, at least 5 metres in height.

small islands

It lives on small islands with no human inhabitants.

There are three small islands within the lake.

Three small islands are located in the pass.

small fish   (pez pequeño)

They are small fish, no more than in total length.

The peppered moray eats small fish and crustaceans.

Boiled with other small fish is used for fish soup.

small family   (familia pequeña)

Aulopidae The Aulopidae are a small family of aulopiform fish.

Van Buskirk started a small family cemetery next to his house in 1736.

A small family cemetery is located in a wooded area east of the farmstead.

small percentage

Only a small percentage of the population lived in towns.

A small percentage of early Lydian/Greek coins have a legend.

in fact only small percentage of schools teach written Zhuang.

small city

This small city can be reached by train from Bogotá.

Beinamar Beinamar () is a small city in Chad.

Smalininkai Smalininkai () is a small city in Lithuania.

small roles

Pinal participated in small roles in several more films.

The makers cast thirty three comedians in the film to play small roles.

She was noticed by AB Production, which led to small roles on television.

few small

There are a few small teeth on the edge of the labellum.

Winfrey conceded to a few small changes.

In Britain, it is confined to a few small lochans in Scotland.

large and small

In Kel there are about 200 Lakes including large and small.

The severe winters affected human life in ways large and small.

Copenhagen is a green city with many parks, both large and small.

small villages

Each of these has rural areas or small villages under them.

are the nearby small villages and considered as a part of it.

small enough

Some are small enough to carry in a pocket.

Any tankmates small enough will be eaten.

The power supply is small enough to be carried in the trousers pocket.

small force

They maintained a small force of Sipahi horsemen (Gr.

The small force was represented by only a few regiments.

The Abd al-Masih wing remained a relatively small force.

small children

In small children one or two pills can be fatal.

Babies and small children required more nursing care.

There are small children inside, he protested.

small sea

In the same building there is also an aquarium of small sea animals.

The polyps look like small sea anemones and are orange or bright yellow and about in diameter.

The Aleuts hunted small sea mammals with barbed darts and harpoons slung from throwing boards.

small boats   (botes pequeños)

Fishing from small boats operates in the locality.

It is navigable in small boats for about to near Markovo.

Officials closed schools and advised small boats to remain at port.

small passerine

Order: PasseriformesFamily: Passeridae Sparrows are small passerine birds.

Order: PasseriformesFamily: Passeridae Old World sparrows are small passerine birds.

Order: PasseriformesFamily: Ploceidae The weavers are small passerine birds related to the finches.

small quantities

The American witch-hazel is also present in small quantities.

Calculus is usually developed by working with very small quantities.

In small quantities it can aid animal growth, but is toxic in large doses.

small intestine   (intestino delgado)

They infect the small intestine of mammals.

Bicarbonate also acts to regulate pH in the small intestine.

This tapeworm resides in the small intestine of bush and domestic dogs.

only small   (sólo pequeña)

However, only small vessels can enter the harbour.

These attract only small electoral support.

in fact only small percentage of schools teach written Zhuang.

small rural   (pequeña rural)

It is a small rural bridge in Corson County, South Dakota.

He also defended small rural landholdings.

He grew up on a farm in the small rural locality of Babakin.

small section

It is also difficult to heat a small section of a piece.

A small section of the people are now employed in cottage industries.

Improved grassland communities (a small section at the Sandylands end).

numerous small

There are also numerous small craterlets across the floor.

The skin is covered with numerous small, wart-like protuberances.

The fruit is a dry capsule long, containing numerous small seeds.

small lake   (pequeño lago)

A small lake is situated considerably to the north.

Its grounds covered and included a small lake.

A "wiel" is a pool or small lake formed by a dyke breach.

small clusters

Eggs are laid singly or in small clusters on leaves .

The male flowers are small clusters in the leaf axils.

Females lay small clusters or single eggs.

small mammals

Lower shrubs provide shelter for small mammals.

It is a shelter area for invertebrates and small mammals.

It digs tunnels but also uses tunnels created by other small mammals.

small boat   (Bote pequeño)

There are primitive campsites and a small boat launch.

It is navigable by small boat up to Sairang.

The Muma River supports small boat traffic.

small white

The small white flowers form small umbels, across.

small white spots in the marginal area of the hindwing.

A small white minority of French with other European (i.e.

small minority   (pequeña minoría)

NSBM artists are a small minority within the genre.

Native Americans are a very small minority in Queens.

Before then, a small minority of boys attended school.

group of small

"Mei" is a troodontid, a group of small, bird-like, gracile maniraptorans.

The illusion was bolstered by a group of small vessels towing barrage balloons.

Copepods are a group of small crustaceans found in ocean and freshwater habitats.

small fraction   (pequeña fracción)

This use is a very small fraction of total boron use.

Only a small fraction of plattenkalk is suitable for lithography.

Agriculture represents a very small fraction of the Alaskan economy.

no small

'There's no small bench by the road,' she continued.

This was something which has been recognised, even by his critics, as no small task.

These were no small feats, as convoys could have an average number of over 100 ships.

small parts

He rose to play small parts at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham.

Some small parts of the text vanished.

She was given small parts in several movies while still a student.

small hamlet   (pequeña aldea)

Pierceland, a small hamlet of the Beaver River No.

It includes the small hamlet of Haynes Church End.

The settlement grew from the small hamlet of Weavering Street.

small church

He then began to pastor a small church in Colorado.

Insh no longer has a school but does retain a small church.

of Carmel It is a small church and is located in via Garibaldi.

small animals

The parapet is carved with niches and small animals.

You were small animals earning the right to be human.

They are small animals which grow up to 8 cm in length.

series of small

While at Turkey Point, there were a series of small raids and skirmishes.

In October, he wiped out a series of small French garrisons in the Battle of Cervera.

The wings are dark blackish brown and fasciated with several series of small white spots.

small forward   (pequeño delantero)

He played as a shooting guard and small forward.

He plays as shooting guard and small forward.

), he played at the small forward position.

family of small   (familia de pequeños)

A distinctive element is the family of small flaky pastries called börek.

Throscidae Throscidae is a family of small false click beetles in the order Coleoptera.

When the catalytic threonine residue of glucosyltransferase deactivates a family of small GTPases,e.g.

small house

A small house on the property was built in 1826.

The couple moves into a small house in the town of Yonville in Normandy.

Bill Sr. and Malleville moved permanently into a small house by the lake.

small hill   (pequeña colina)

The village spreads over a small hill having around 200 houses.

This place is on the top of a small hill with eye catching scenery.

Chianciano Vecchia (Ancient Chianciano) is located atop a small hill.

small sea snail   (pequeño caracol de mar)

Granata maculata Granata maculata is a species of small sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Chilodontidae.

Calliostoma mariae Calliostoma mariae is a species of small sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Calliostomatidae.

Alipta crenistria Alipta crenistria is a species of very small sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Cerithiopsidae.

small pieces

Charred small pieces of wood indicating a fireplace.

Matzah farfel is simply matzah broken into small pieces.

In small pieces, this might be the same thing as a repeat.

small chapel   (pequeña capilla)

In 1912, a small chapel was established in Vienna.

Uhry has a small chapel, the Evangelische Freikirche.

West of the transept there is a small chapel long and wide.

small passerine birds

Order: PasseriformesFamily: Passeridae Sparrows are small passerine birds.

Order: PasseriformesFamily: Passeridae Old World sparrows are small passerine birds.

Order: PasseriformesFamily: Ploceidae The weavers are small passerine birds related to the finches.

small communities

There are also small communities of Sunni muslims.

There are very small communities in Cuenca and Ambato.

There are several small communities near the Dead Sea.

small team   (pequeño equipo)

Yulu-Matondo started his career at the small team of R. Ans F.C.

The LFA plant in Motomachi continued making parts with a small team.

A small team performed "kata" and stickwork for appreciative audiences.

small fishing

Only a small fishing port called Porto exists.

Prior to the late 1990s Yenga was a small fishing village.

It is now a small fishing port with an emerging tourism industry.

small museum

The viharn on the west contains a small museum.

The house where he was born in is now a small museum.

The Castle's refectory is also a small museum.

small areas

The Park also contains small areas of swampy habitat.

Several small areas in the Ranges have protected area status.

Blu Tack can be finely shaped and worked into even very small areas.

small black

On the sides of the thorax is present a small black line.

Ventral surface yellow and flecked with small black spots.

"P. elata" also produces small black or dark blue berries.

small and medium   (pequeño y mediano)

They have assisted more than 22 small and medium enterprises.

There are 5,000 other small and medium enterprises in Gütersloh.

B1G1 works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world.

small local

He opened the small local parliament on 29 October 1940.

This line-up secured a number of small local gigs before disbanding.

But major sponsor does not exist in Tokoro because it is a small local town.

small wooden   (pequeño de madera)

On the actual summit is only a small wooden cross.

The lake itself can be reached on a small wooden jetty.

The building also has a small wooden porch.

built a small

In 1887 he built a small woolshed that still stands.

Next to this log cabin he built a small auto repair garage.

In 1948, Miller built a small studio in Roxbury, Connecticut.

so small

For so small a shell it seems remarkably solid and strong.

Since the capsules are so small, the resulting print is very accurate.

Dearman was so small beside Mynn that they were dubbed "David and Goliath".

orchards or small   (huertos o pequeños)

Out of the forested land, 2.3% of the total land area is heavily forested and 3.9% is covered with orchards or small clusters of trees.

Out of the forested land, 95.5% of the total land area is heavily forested and 2.5% is covered with orchards or small clusters of trees.

Out of the forested land, 86.3% of the total land area is heavily forested and 1.9% is covered with orchards or small clusters of trees.

small stream   (corriente pequena)

A small stream runs along the bottom of the valley.

A small stream runs into the lake and exits the lake.

The building is on of land transversed by a small stream.

small child

His family moved to Toronto when he was a small child.

His father taught him Latin as a small child.

She holds the hand of a small child.

small birds

The species feeds on fruit as well as hunting small birds.

However, it will also occasionally eat eggs, lizards, and small birds.

The small birds inject a fungus into the ground which spreads and is deadly to spelunkers.

small farmers   (pequeños agricultores)

Majority of them are small farmers and merchants.

Many small farmers also own cows, water buffalos, and chickens.

Until the 20th century Holzminden remained a provincial town of small farmers and holdings.

through a small

The main entrance is through a small porch with Doric columns.

The liquid was pumped through a small tube attached to the front of the suit.

In the first film, Gizmo's offspring rampaged through a small fictional town.

small invertebrates   (pequeños invertebrados)

It will also take small invertebrates in its diet.

The fountain darter feeds on small invertebrates.

They are predators that feed on small invertebrates.

small building

The small building has an almost square area.

The French had a small building of their own.

Initially it was a small building with a facade facing the valley.

small streams   (pequeños arroyos)

The other two small streams are Waghad and Bhalkhai.

Various small streams contributes to the river.

The River Somer rises in small streams around Chilcompton.

small farm   (pequeña granja)

Atop the plateau are TV antennas and a small farm.

His father owned a small farm and worked another one.

"Near the desolate village is a small farm.

small private   (pequeño privado)

Costa Rica also has several small private universities.

Beal College Beal College is a small private college in Bangor, Maine.

The island also has a small private airport run by the state of Georgia.

small arms fire   (fuego de armas pequeñas)

It detonates only with a detonator, being unaffected even by small arms fire.

The police later said that they believed they were under attack by small arms fire.

A company-sized counterattack by the Soviet forces was wiped out by German small arms fire.

extremely small

The island is extremely small at only 8.4 hectares.

It has an extremely small nucleus and a very short stellar bar.

Three of these were medium-sized and a fourth, a side room, extremely small.