much smaller   (ずっと小さい)

The much smaller West End branch remained closed.

Crossbows have a much smaller draw length than bows.

The fins were made much smaller and triangular.

several smaller   (いくつかの小さい)

It was flanked by several smaller forts to the east.

The area formerly included several smaller districts.

There are 3 major waterfalls, and several smaller rapids.

slightly smaller   (少し小さい)

The males are slightly smaller than the females.

The male is slightly smaller than the female.

other smaller   (他の小さい)

The other smaller church is located in Cabouco.

Many other smaller schools are present throughout the area.

There are three other smaller financial districts in Amsterdam.

smaller scale   (小規模)

Wilkinson revised the project to a far smaller scale.

The industry continues today, though on a smaller scale.

The work is on a smaller scale than the other late quartets.

number of smaller   (より小さい数)

The lake also forms a number of smaller bays and inlets.

There are two main rival parties and a number of smaller parties.

There also are a substantial number of smaller cooperative groups.

many smaller

The suburb has many smaller residential colonies.

There are also many smaller neighborhood parks.

There are many smaller fjords which branch off the main fjord.

smaller number   (小さい数)

It also uses a smaller number of other newer DMUs.

She competed in 3000m races, as well as a smaller number of 1500m races.

In Sweden, after the World War I, a smaller number of tanks were procured.

smaller ones

The smaller ones happen where A(ω) changes sign.

Large families lost more than smaller ones.

It is also one of the smaller ones, one full city block in size.

smaller size

It is a throwback to the old Zen Xtra, but in a much smaller size.

Certainly it does not shrivel or symmetrically reduce to a smaller size.

Thanks to their smaller size, they could be mounted on or in siege towers.

smaller groups

There are smaller groups of Hozo speakers in Mana Sibu woreda.

More commonly, however, they are found in smaller groups or pairs.

Divided into smaller groups the tribe has spread and settled in Volyn.

smaller numbers

Hindus are exist in comparatively smaller numbers.

smaller islands

The island is surrounded by dozens of smaller islands.

Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited.

Ferries or small aircraft connect to the smaller islands.

smaller towns

In smaller towns, there are mostly hiaces and/or taxis.

The firm was based in Coolgardie and also had branches in various smaller towns.

There were also some 3-star hotels in smaller towns, such as "Hotel Elephant" in Weimar.

smaller version

There was also a smaller version (SCPH-111).

Spackle knives are a smaller version, used for patching small holes.

After the war, a smaller version of the monument was erected on the square.

even smaller

However, some ssDNA viruses can be even smaller.

miles, while Kruszwica County was even smaller, with 6 sq.

Nearby was an even smaller village of the same name — Filibeller-i Küçük.

significantly smaller

They are, however, significantly smaller than prokaryotic genomes.

They were significantly smaller than most living species of otters.

It is a village adjacent to Bilad Al Qadeem but significantly smaller.

smaller units

Over the years, the unit has been split into 3 smaller units.

Some currencies do not have any smaller units at all, such as the Icelandic króna.

Peter Jusczyk argued that infants use prosody to parse speech into smaller units for analysis.

smaller vessels

However, some of the smaller vessels were unable to keep up.

There is a second pier for smaller vessels and support craft.

Other, smaller vessels, such as chalupas, have also been recovered from the waters.

smaller and more

Point centromeres are smaller and more compact.

A third variant received smaller and more swept wings.

"Model C" was smaller and more portable than its predecessors.

smaller communities

There are also smaller communities in Western Europe.

Many smaller communities are only connected to this network via county roads.

There were also smaller communities of Vlachs, Mordvins, Ossetians, Udis, and Tats.

smaller parties

These included nominees of smaller parties and independents.

There are two main rival parties and a number of smaller parties.

The remaining seats were won by independents or by smaller parties.

considerably smaller

Cairns A - F are at or near the rim, and are considerably smaller.

Barrow and the UDP were re-elected in 2012 with a considerably smaller majority.

The form restricted to freshwater is considerably smaller than the amphidromous form.

numerous smaller

UCBC owns 3 VIIIs, 8 IVs, and numerous smaller boats.

although there are also numerous smaller villages used for plantations.

Following numerous smaller and demo productions, he and Schmidt parted ways.

smaller cities

The rest are smaller cities and towns.

However, by 1960 Braniff had ceased serving many of the smaller cities listed above.

In large cities baiting appears to be more common than in smaller cities or villages.

somewhat smaller

The somewhat smaller crater Tisserand lies just to the east.

Females reach up to in total length and males are somewhat smaller.

The sandbox in front of the radiator is somewhat smaller on the SW1.

smaller ships

In addition, many (if not most) smaller ships did not maintain passenger lists.

Including smaller ships, bulk carriers have a total combined capacity of almost 346 million DWT.

Guns were thereafter used in single-gun mountings, typically on smaller ships as the main armament.

smaller in size

The inland form is smaller in size and paler in colour.

The Asian rain quail is smaller in size and has a black breast.

American crocodiles on the islands or coasts are usually much smaller in size.

smaller companies

He co-founded Canada Steamship Lines in 1913, through the merger of 11 smaller companies.

The intention was to bypass the high street banks, which were reluctant to lend to smaller companies.

In 2009, smaller companies such as Phusion fell under investigation because of their rise in market share.

smaller group

Northeast Detroit has population of Hmong with a smaller group of Lao people.

It can then be divided into a smaller group of individuals within the niche itself.

In addition to the classical choir there is a smaller group that recites polyphonic songs.

well as smaller   (小さいだけでなく)

The area also became the center for the city's large laundries, as well as smaller machine shops.

Ensembles typically use different types of barrel-shaped "nagadō-daiko" as well as smaller "shime-daiko".

Beginning 2005, Dragon upgraded a number of its kits to include new features, as well as smaller parts for added details.

smaller pieces

Components are designed to be smaller pieces of the overall project.

Broken into smaller pieces, Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed was introduced in 1912.

The pulper chops the paper to smaller pieces; water and chemicals are added.

smaller area

With these differences, Neanderthal brains show a smaller area was available for social functioning.

In 2018 part of the company's Cardiff site was sold for redevelopment as operations consolidated into a smaller area.

The Zagwe dynasty controlled a smaller area than the Aksumites or the Solomonic dynasty, with its core in the Lasta region.

smaller amounts

The town is in the center of a large coal field and there are also smaller amounts of oil in the area.

The area also produced smaller amounts of coffee and rice, however, both were primarily imported from Padang.

Much of this growth is happening in developing countries in Asia, with much smaller amounts of growth in Africa.

far smaller

Wilkinson revised the project to a far smaller scale.

After 1925, the Presbyterian presence in Ottawa was far smaller.

"Dry docks", which were far smaller, took individual ships for repairing.

smaller and less   (より小さく)

The male is smaller and less colorful than the female.

Honduras' infantry was smaller and less well equipped.

Already there was a desire for smaller and less power-hungry machines.

smaller settlements

Other smaller settlements nearby are Balkeerie, Kirkinch and Kinloch.

In the United States "city" can be used for much smaller settlements.

In the countryside share taxis are in operation between smaller settlements.

divided into smaller   (より小さいに分割)

Stages can be divided into smaller stratigraphic units called chronozones.

cannot be divided into smaller parts) and thus forms the extreme end of a line is a point.

To prevent over grazing along the route the pioneers divided into smaller traveling groups.

smaller and lighter   (小さくて軽い)

Notably, this variation is smaller and lighter.

Red Snow was smaller and lighter than the earlier warhead proposals.

This permits a smaller and lighter halfshaft and internal drivetrain.

smaller villages

District Councils supply water to more than 200 smaller villages.

although there are also numerous smaller villages used for plantations.

Some villages consisted of smaller villages, which are listed separately.

smaller areas

A much smaller areas were gained by Yaldhurst from the and electorates.

There, vegetable and mineral matter accumulate, creating bogs or smaller areas of deep soil.

However, five smaller areas were reserved for the Chippewas of the Saugeen Ojibway Territory.

generally smaller

CMOS cameras are also generally smaller than the CCD type.

It is generally smaller than long and feeds on small invertebrates.

As a result, harmonic filters are generally smaller or may be omitted altogether.

smaller venues

The A-7 and A-8 were designed for smaller venues.

Much smaller venues than what he had been used to with Backstreet Boys.

Many dates were cancelled due to poor ticket sales or moved to smaller venues.

smaller species

A smaller species, "D. skinneri", was found in southern Wyoming.

The female lays her eggs in nests of other, smaller species of bird, one per nest.

Many of the smaller species are often called "sandpipers" and include curlews and snipes.

smaller amount

This is due to the smaller amount of memory available in the Xbox.

However, in totality it made a much smaller amount during its run-time.

Inside lamas, rainwater also flows on its surface, but in a smaller amount.

smaller rooms

The original structure had one large room with two smaller rooms.

In addition there were (and are) many smaller rooms for classes, organizations, etc."

On the interior, a center entrance hall runs through the building, opening onto a parlor and two smaller rooms.

smaller states

The MCGM's annual budget exceeds that of some of India's smaller states.

The Copa do Brasil is an opportunity for teams from smaller states to play against the big teams.

Following the death of Turco-Mongol ruler Timurlane, his empire begins fragmenting into smaller states.

smaller boats

Other smaller boats may be chartered in advance.

UCBC owns 3 VIIIs, 8 IVs, and numerous smaller boats.

Only smaller boats are running and they are irregular.

smaller part

The second smaller part of the library was built with a Carnegie Foundation grant.

The remaining smaller part of reindeer herders are of the Sami nationality, Russians and Ukrainians.

Pinafore" and Gianetta in "The Gondoliers", and in the smaller part of Kate in "The Yeomen of the Guard".

smaller diameter

The skirt angle is steeper at both the front and rear and the hemispheres have a smaller diameter.

This evolved into the 7.62×40mm CETME M53, which was identical aside from the smaller diameter bullet.

This is mostly because snooker uses balls of a smaller diameter and smaller pocket entrances than pool.

few smaller

Located around the parvis are a few smaller structures.

There are many main worlds, with a few smaller side ones that are optional.

The farmstead once consisted of a 1927 house, four barns, and a few smaller outbuildings.

smaller buildings

Six smaller buildings on the estate are let as holiday cottages.

The bank then constructed four smaller buildings on the current site.

In addition, a number of smaller buildings are located around the complex.

usually smaller

These strandflats are usually smaller than the Norwegian.

The first litter is usually smaller than subsequent litters.

They were usually smaller and targeted at selected audiences.

smaller parts

She was also cast in smaller parts 1987's "P.K.

A native antigen is an antigen that is not yet processed by an APC to smaller parts.

cannot be divided into smaller parts) and thus forms the extreme end of a line is a point.

various smaller

The firm was based in Coolgardie and also had branches in various smaller towns.

However, the Catholic Church has achieved union with various smaller eastern churches.

It was only sold in the third generation Civic in European and various smaller markets where the taxation structure suited this version.

much smaller scale   (はるかに小さい規模)

As governor of New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had run a similar program on a much smaller scale.

The insurrection broke out in the other revolutionary districts, as well, though on a much smaller scale.

While a biome can cover large areas, a microbiome is a mix of organisms that coexist in a defined space on a much smaller scale.

smaller population

A smaller population (the "hot population") is characterised by highly inclined, more eccentric orbits.

The river system is used by a smaller population of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) for spawning in summer.

The main factor that stopped the project was the evidence of a much smaller population growth than was projected.

series of smaller

A series of smaller redoubts protected these two forts.

Prior to 1958, the district was served by a series of smaller rural schools.

Finally, the system would perform another series of smaller maneuvers intended to be more accurate movements.

smaller fish

The dominant male snaps at smaller fish of other species.

It feeds on zooplankton, mainly crustacean and smaller fish.

For example: bacon, chicken, cuts of steak, and smaller fish.

smaller role   (より小さな役割)

She appears in a smaller role in Ridley Scott's "Body of Lies".

Pepler appears in a smaller role on the album and used to play live with Hinton and Ed.

Though she is always seen with Sela, she has a much smaller role than the other characters.

smaller animals

The giant shrews have run out of smaller animals to hunt and devour.

On smaller animals, such as dogs, a leash is attached to the halter.

This also permits them to subsist on food with lower nutritive value than smaller animals.

smaller and smaller

After the war, strips continued to get smaller and smaller because of increased paper and printing costs.

Hammer-milling involves smashing material into smaller and smaller pieces until they can pass through a screen.

'In recent years, our meetings have become smaller and smaller,' says Lord Mowbray, one of the league's leading lights.

smaller roles

He also had smaller roles on several other soap operas.

The British actors in smaller roles handle the material better .

Notable smaller roles were played by Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, Adoor Bhavani, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, and Bharath Gopi.

smaller font   (小さいフォント)

When available, seat projections are displayed below the percentages in a smaller font.

When available, seat projections are also displayed below the voting estimates in a smaller font.

smaller streams

There are also smaller streams ("i.e.," branches, creeks, drains, forks, licks, runs, etc.)

The Aabach has its origin in Lake Baldegg, which is fed by the Ron and a number of smaller streams.

Among smaller streams, Beal Slough, a primary tributary to Salt Creek, passes through Wilderness Park.

smaller building

A smaller building, west of the church, served as a baptistery.

It became known as "New Street" and provided road frontages for smaller building development plots.

However, roughly southwest there is a smaller building by Ricardo Velázquez, the Palacio de Cristal.

smaller aircraft

Two interior hangars would hold smaller aircraft.

Most kits were static models and used scale 1/100 for airliners, and later for smaller aircraft.

However, only smaller aircraft could use it, and it would serve rather domestic and business traffic.

smaller schools

Many other smaller schools are present throughout the area.

In 1930, several smaller schools consolidated with Rochelle High School.

When Lohn Central School was completed in 1896, smaller schools in the nearby communities of Cow Creek and Salt Gap were consolidated with it.

smaller force

He also believed that if a smaller force had been sent, there would have been bloodshed.

The French and Bavarian commanders eventually agreed on a plan and decided to attack Eugene's smaller force.

The French were routed by this smaller force, with significant losses and all of their leaders captured or killed.

smaller portion

Redcedar, douglas fir, hemlock, and larch make up a smaller portion of the chip furnish.

On that day, most of it was added to the City of Senneterre and a smaller portion to the City of Val-d'Or.

After we had done so, he shook his head in disbelief, still thinking that he had received the smaller portion.

smaller quantities

Lighter latigos in the 3-7oz range are also manufactured, although in smaller quantities.

The "B" model was the major production model, with the "A" and "C" produced in much smaller quantities.

Benin sells its products mainly to France and, in smaller quantities, to the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, and India.

smaller local

Before joining Rhapsody he played in smaller local bands in Trieste, Italy.

They exist to allow network television stations to send content to smaller local stations.

The environmental movement today consists of both large national groups and also many smaller local groups with local concerns.

become smaller   (小さくなる)

As strips have become smaller, the number of panels have been reduced.

Even indoor volleyball costumes followed suit to become smaller and tighter.

The leaves are largest at the bottom and progressively become smaller the higher they are on the stem.

smaller lakes

Other, smaller lakes, including Silver, Waneta, and Lamoka lakes, dot this region.

There are also several thousand smaller lakes, often called "inland lakes", within the basin.

Before the reservoir was created there were several smaller lakes, including one called Lake Tapps.