İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

so far   (şimdiye kadar)

The only such cube constructed so far is order 8.

The album has so far been well received by critics.

Only four teams have won the championship so far.

so much   (çok fazla)

I don't care so much what the papers say about me.

His showmanship adds so much flair to a live gig."

there was so much to enjoy in "The Last Weekend".

doing so   (Bu şekilde)

They separated from the Creek Nation by doing so.

Not doing so can reinforce feelings of isolation.

In doing so, she hopes to regain their reverence.

so many   (çok fazla)

There are so many institutions under this diocese.

There are so many things that I can not understand.

But it can be so many things to different people.

did so   (öyle yaptı)

And it did so because it was a true collaboration.

She did so in the hope of changing his behaviour.

He did so, replacing it with a sparkling "Allegro".

not so   (öyle değil)

So are "F" and "Z", but these two are not so rare.

Two traits are not so obviously linked to ontogeny.

In China, however, credit cards are not so popular.

so long   (Elveda)

Liu Dong states, "You have been away for so long".

It is little wonder that compromise takes so long.

Strange that this album has been obscure for so long.

done so   (öyle yaptı)

But what he has done so far has been very positive.

One of the youngest riders to have ever done so.

The guards replied that they had not done so.

so named   (İsimlendirildi)

The system is so named due to its use in astronomy.

This was so named for part of a vessel 6 or 700 tons.

Big Island was so named on account of its size.

so well   (çok iyi)

"That's the reason Applied Biosystems did so well."

He would not fare so well later on in the war.

Their slightly crazy voices work so well on the chorus.

more so   (daha çok)

This holds even more so with stocks, oil and gold.

But it was even more so for Muslims."

Antenna: Brown except segment 1 yellowish, more so on underside.

so called

Chitanbeh is famous for its Rice so called Champa.

13 of the districts are so called Sámi districts.

became so   (öyle oldu)

She stated the abuse became so severe that she contemplated suicide.

It became so popular that it was moved to the big stage in January 2009.

Captain Georges Lecointe and Gerlache became so ill they wrote their wills.

does so

As the slug does so, it absorbs the alga's poison.

In short, why does so much planned development fail?

Whoever does so, their souls will reach heaven.

so popular

In China, however, credit cards are not so popular.

He thanked Leon Lai for making his songs so popular.

But it was exactly Bernes's performance that made it so popular.

so did

The hotel changed its policy and so did the Order.

As the press grew, so did the size of the volumes.

Geumwa's seven sons resented Jumong, and so did he.

much so   (çok çok)

So much so they added fireworks in 2015-16 celebration.

So much so that, in early 1960, Harlan quit.

He was uncompromising on his principles, perhaps too much so.

so when   (Öyleyse ne zaman)

This slug can swim, and will do so when disturbed.

The profane are unable to accumulate good deeds, so when they die it is truly death.

The babies receive no parental care, so when they emerge, they start to hunt for food.

so successful

It was so successful, paint became a bottleneck.

His studio albums released after 1992 were not so successful.

Silk production was not so successful.

so forth   (çok ileri)

The versions are 2, 2.7, 2.71, 2.718, and so forth.

So it means "and so forth" or "and other things".

The next is labeled as β (beta), and so forth.

not so much   (çok değil)

"[T]he debate was not so much about Mary as about Jesus.

Some people love him, others not so much.

Mrs. Clinton has a lot of experience; Ms. Palin, not so much.

so great   (harikulade)

The merchant is blessed for having so great a treasure.

She is so professional and so great.

His interest was so great that he wanted to be a wildlife presenter.

so as not   (o şekilde değil)

Lychas persuades him to stay until nightfall, so as not to invite gossip.

Yet it was carefully crafted so as not to change the underlying benchmark.

We need to mature as a society so as not to repeat those historical errors."

so impressed   (Çok etkilendim)

Some artists in Sydney were not so impressed.

This so impressed Pratt that he hired 26-year-old Rogers immediately.

Kiel was so impressed, they offered him a contract for the following season.

so much so

Ellie is in love with Russ, so much so she proposes marriage to him.

He was renowned for his slide tackling ability, so much so this became his trademark ability.

The ship's bow section was badly damaged, so much so that her propeller was raised out of the water.

so close   (çok yakın)

Fifty-one to fifty, we were so close.

Tony and I talked about it, and we came so close to messing it up.

Why see our neighbors as enemies when we are so close to each other?"

become so   (öyle ol)

He had no idea it would become so widely known.

It has become so many other things.

It is a Grade II listed structure, having become so on 5 February 1970.

so often   (sık sık)

It was delayed so often it was nicknamed "Apocalypse When?"

Learning from others’ mistakes because they are so often our own.

It seems that there was no other painter for whom Bialik sat so often.

so named because   (böyle adlandırılmış çünkü)

The church was so named because of its proximity to Oxford Castle.

It was so named because it was originally thought to control abscission.

McDeek) Avenue in Terrace is so named because of Wright's totemic affiliation.)

so doing   (öyle yapmak)

In so doing, Wallenda set his sixth world record.

In so doing they modify, maintain and create habitats."

In so doing, the MPG lost its slim majority of one seat.

remained so

It has remained so, subject to one change that was made in 1986.

The rivalry began highly competitive and remained so for many years.

By 1934 these had changed to LENR, and remained so until at least 1939.

so large

Its ears are so large that they hang over its face.

Attendance was so large, the party spilled out into the street.

Livy wrote: ‘hardly ever before had they raised so large a force’.

so because   (yani çünkü)

And it did so because it was a true collaboration.

He was named so because Upari - Upwards and Chara - Going i.e.

Pillow lace, called so because of the pillow used to produce handmade bobbin lace.

so hard   (çok zor)

People work so hard to pass an examination!

I felt sorry for my crew because they had worked so hard!"

I was deeply saddened at so hard a fate."

went so   (öyle gitti)

He even went so far as "[...defending] Italian policy."

He then went so Royal Ascot for the Golden Jubilee Stakes again.

Hut even went so far as to predict a 1528 coming of the kingdom of God.

so good   (çok iyi)

Its title: "So far so good" "(Zatim Dobry)".

"Do you see now why it feels so good to be a critical mind?"

This sawtooth wave is so good that no linearity control is needed.

not do so   (öyle yapma)

As IcyFive was not viewing the stream, he did not do so.

But the ministry of health did not do so.

The various factors that affect zap time do not do so in the same way.

so strong

But when that incident happened, it fired up so strong, it had to be over.

The collision was so strong that "Marcellus" had her bow practically cut off.

Stokes' interest in the Prize was not so strong as to prompt her to enter again.

going so

Since joining Dan, Iceman has matured considerably, going so far as to forgive Falcon.

As soon as stuff stopped going so perfectly, I was like, 'I know what to do with this energy.

The well-known artist has fallen into oblivion, things are not going so well as in the old days.

so high   (çok yüksek)

However, Einfeld denied he was aware his points were so high.

The pup's diet is so high in calories, it builds up a fat store.

The production is so high that the UK is an exporter of cannabis.

so no

"F" was never finished, and so no music was ever added.

They are more like kites than airplanes, so no harm done.

A new annual list is used every year, so no names are retired.

so bad   (çok fena)

It really got so bad that we didn't do anything.

The bias against women was so bad at that time.

Well, he said, the food got so bad, he said.

went so far   (çok uzağa gitti)

He even went so far as "[...defending] Italian policy."

Hut even went so far as to predict a 1528 coming of the kingdom of God.

He went so far to state Roosevelt "never met an animal he didn't kill."

less so   (daha az)

The climate is more oceanic in the west, and less so in the east.

The females in a group tend to be closely related and males less so.

Its ears are somewhat rounded, but less so than the African wild dog.

going so far

Since joining Dan, Iceman has matured considerably, going so far as to forgive Falcon.

The translator becomes obsessed with the imagery, going so far as to see himself depicted within the ancient work.

Bill has gone more into darkness, going so far as to control the Authority and injure Jessica and put her in a cage.

so badly   (çok fena)

Otherwise, why would we treat them so badly?"

But I wanted it so badly and I achieved it!"

Scully had been so badly wounded that he was unable to move.

so all   (yani hepsi)

No qualifying round was needed, so all entrants were finalists.

Every character is featured equally, so all preferences are covered.

It was published in 2018, so all of its implications are yet to be seen.

so little   (çok az)

It decided so little, and it was such an important case.

Having read so little he is quite at the mercy of his one book!"

I never worked so little on something and I was never congratulated so much."

so important   (çok önemli)

Fishing was the main activity but now is not so important.

Now, we understand why colonies are so important to Poland".

It doesn't cost anything to do and I think it is so important."

so only   (sadece)

6), so only knowledge of Spanish is virtually universal.

If any one was to be a true clue, any one could be so only leading nowhere."

At a young age, they can also gallop but do so only in emergency situations.

so that all   (böylece hepsi)

The room is arranged so that all the women are sitting in a circle.

One Joker lies turned up cross under the closed deck so that all players can see it.

A related function makes an image of an object rotate, so that all sides can be examined.

designed so   (öyle tasarlanmış)

The rules are designed so that rarer events require larger drinks.

Sin Wenz was designed so that every dialect had its own form of the alphabet.

The Deseret alphabet was purposely designed so as to not have ascenders and descenders.

so quickly   (çok hızlı bir şekilde)

But Seketoa jumped up so quickly that it missed him.

No one could be filled with it so quickly!"

The Age of Man, so quickly heralded, is already under siege.

up so   (yukarı öyle)

But Seketoa jumped up so quickly that it missed him.

Miller, however, would not give up so easily.

But when that incident happened, it fired up so strong, it had to be over.

so does

Soni first goes into labour, then so does Rano.

For instance, if "g" generates "G", then so does "h".

As language differs, so does the developmental process.

so that when   (böylece)

In 1948, the rules were changed so that when this occurs the match is declared a draw.

The bronze tiles are tuned so that when danced upon it is possible to play "Hot Codlins".

Mercury included the cohesive principle, so that when it left in smoke the wood fell apart.

so that each

Population soared so that each year more than 1,000 new students entered the schools.

The upper ends are cut open at different length so that each tube has different notes.

Human units persist between missions, so that each loss is a loss for the rest of the game.

just so   (sadece bu yüzden)

It just so happens that ours is out in the public.

I'm just so brokenhearted about all those people."

It was just so magical I was like ‘that’s enough.

so too

Fermi and Anderson did so too a few weeks later.

JoMo thinks so too, but he hopes all of them are wrong.

Since has winding number , so too does .

even more so   (daha da fazlası)

This holds even more so with stocks, oil and gold.

But it was even more so for Muslims."

Although Magruder had been conservative about his attack, Sumner was even more so.

so many people   (cok fazla insan)

Ward becomes the landlord when there are so many people.

Just like so many people have spent the night awaiting fear.

I am sure if they had glass walls not so many people would be eating flesh.

so small   (çok küçük)

For so small a shell it seems remarkably solid and strong.

Since the capsules are so small, the resulting print is very accurate.

Dearman was so small beside Mynn that they were dubbed "David and Goliath".

so called because   (sözde çünkü)

Mont-Royal), so called because it leads to the foot of Mount Royal.

It is so called because the dancers wear face masks which look like .

The Cathedral Quarter is so called because St Anne's Cathedral lies at its heart.

so severe   (çok şiddetli)

The blow was so severe that her bow was almost wrenched off.

This ailment was so severe that it was thought to be leprosy.

However, when the slew rate of the current is not so severe (e.g.

so that no

This required adding a third tank so that no tank would go below half full.

He attempted to kill Julia, or to drive her mad so that no one would believe her accusations.

A schedule is needed so that no processor has to send or receive two messages in the same step.

so different

It's so different from a lot of his other stuff.

She suggests that perhaps human and Cylon are not so different after all.

But are they so different?"

so low   (çok düşük)

He never again allowed his cash position to fall so low.

Grose wrote: "if 900 or 1100 died, why were the numbers of injured so low?

The raiders flew so low over the North Sea that they made a propeller wash.

so few   (çok az)

and "Why are there so few women in tech?

It is now considered collectable because so few were pressed.

Since there is so few left in the breed it is not used commercially.

proved so

She expresses surprise that her life has proved so mundane after all.

The work proved so popular that there were 35 editions produced that year.

The show proved so popular that Northlanders wanted to encourage the young dancers.


George's reply was "well he only has one leg – so he must be an athlete."

God buried the dead – for says, "And He buried him in the valley" – so should we also bury the dead.

Peter is disappointed since Francis did not care about him – so he gives up drinking and does crack instead.

so without

They did so without bassist Dougie Thomson.

Finally, Arcita gains the victory, doing so without killing Palemone.

On being requested to make a drawing of it, he did so without hesitation."

time so

The last time so many patches had survived all year was 1994.

There was no local kiln at the time so bricks had to be shipped in.

There was no UKIP candidate this time so the swing from UKIP to Labour was 26.5%.

so powerful   (çok güçlü)

Ilyoung grows so powerful that only So-hwi can beat him.

And the sounds are so powerful.

The blast was so powerful that its force left one of the victims decapitated.

years or so

For three years or so they lived in peace on their new planet.

Considine worked in Boston for two years or so before moving to California.

I would not be surprised if Sid will practice Tuvan throat singing in five years or so.

changed so

Skateboarding’s changed so much now.

I changed so much over the show and Guy definitely helped with that."

In 1948, the rules were changed so that when this occurs the match is declared a draw.

so fast   (çok hızlı)

He recalled of the limited time frame, "it went by so fast.

It came so fast that she wasn't sure that she had done her best job.

It all happened so fast that no one on land fully understood what had happened.

so closely   (çok yakından)

The flyby was the first time an unmanned spacecraft had imaged the asteroid so closely.

During copulation both slugs cling together so closely that no everted genitalia are visible.

why are the Higgs doublets so light) and doublet–triplet splitting are so closely intertwined.

so people

It needed more information so people would know exactly what took place.

There was no warning of the first wave so people had no idea it was coming.

I thought I would go back so people could see I was older now and it worked."

so easily

A victory against the city wasn't so easily achieved.

Miller, however, would not give up so easily.

He just covers the ground so easily."

so that only   (böylece sadece)

Parental chloroplasts can be sorted so that only one type is present in each offspring.

Entrance was subject to a fee, so that only wealthy zanzibaris could use them regularly.

Both constraints fix the overall scale of the indices so that only their [[ratios]] can vary.

so most   (bu yüzden çoğu)

The entire set of computable numbers is countable, so most reals are not computable.

Parking is problematic, so most people ride their bikes and use the free valet parking.

There are relatively few adverbial roots, so most words ending in "-e" are derived: "bele" (beautifully).

even so   (yine de)

As the Will of God is in Heaven, even so let it be."

It turns out the clock's ticking is incredibly loud, even so it can be heard upstairs.

The religious text: "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

so far only   (sadece şimdiye kadar)

This is the first and so far only time that Namibia won the pageant.

It was the first, and so far only, occasion in which Cyprus placed last.

That title was the university's first and so far only national team title.

so much more   (çok daha fazla)

She brought in the hat rule and she organised so much more.

I am so much more than a belly dancer.

It could have been so much more."

made so   (öyle yaptı)

All of the figures were made so acutely and delicately.

We would have made so much money together ten years ago.

so many years

All of that after so many years, can you believe that?

He added that "perhaps I was burned out after so many years.

You only have so many years to live, and you want to see a different way."

became so popular   (çok popüler oldu)

It became so popular that it was moved to the big stage in January 2009.

The number became so popular that it would serve as the title to a later Temple film of the same name.

Achi's practice became so popular that she has been included in other lineages, such as the Karma Kagyu.

work so   (öyle çalış)

Their slightly crazy voices work so well on the chorus.

There is a problem at work so the daughters go solve it.

People work so hard to pass an examination!

so he decided

Jeon was aggrieved and upset, so he decided to hunt down the true culprit.

Zmazek didn't want to seek another singer, so he decided to sing by himself.

Ollie didn't want to send Jake, an original member, so he decided to send himself to Limbo.

so common   (çok yaygın)

The "-fels" ending was so common, "e.g."

Olives were so common that they were used as a measure ("zayit").

Hinterland displays a not so common example of a bilingual production.

so each

It later become the tradition for pop artistes doing so each year.

They decide to create a "no-no list" so each one can't do certain things.

Deltas are stored in a delta table, so each SCCS file has its own record of changes.

so to speak   (tabiri caizse)

It keeps them ‘in the market’ of ideas, so to speak.

Justification is, so to speak, "turtles all the way down."

They have had the art political power in Norway so to speak.

so that people

They emphasize the importance of small groups so that people can connect.

The idea of this structure is to minimize judgement so that people can learn.

She said it was named so that people might think "That's one of her secrets".

so soon   (çok yakında)

The war ended so soon that the single was never released.

Could be very soon or not so soon at all!"

I didn’t know my dream would come true so soon in my career but I feel blessed.

enough so   (yeterince)

Her mom is shocked, enough so she needs a Valium.

... A solid game, but not enough so to overshadow its predecessor."

Later, Rosa reveals she got evidence enough so Boyle can get the credit.

population so

The town does not have any Schedule Tribe population so far.

year or so

That happened six times, I think, altogether – seven reschedules in a year or so ...

His parents divorced when he was aged five, with his mother remarrying a year or so later.

Allan Ross had left a year or so earlier, but Hare declined his entreaties to leave with him.

so happy

When I met her I embraced her, I was so happy to meet her."

and Michael Dougherty who stated: "I left so happy and inspired.

Dark cannot survive in such close contact with someone so happy.

so poor   (çok zavallı)

His conditioning had become so poor that he could barely trot around the bases.

The standard was so poor, that Sky Sports stopped broadcasting it halfway through.

so even   (hatta)

The rules are simple, so even young children can play.

It does so even at cytotoxic levels.

They decided to do so even though they knew that to appeal was forbidden.